Mysterious Heir Chapter 1691

At this moment, the people around them did not know what was going on, and Cao Yuanbai’s words left them in a state of confusion.

Even the cavalrymen Cao Yuanbai had brought with him were all staring at each other, not understanding what had happened.

At that moment, Li Nan also returned to the ground from the air.

Just now, he had already confirmed that the forty commanders of the army camp had all died under that fiery flying sword!

“How about it, now, do you still think that you can still sit on that throne today?”

Li Nan looked at Cao Yuanbai and said with a cold smile on his face.

At this moment, Cao Yuanbai’s heart was furious to the extreme.

This Nine Thousand Years had not only killed his son, but had also killed his four gate guards and thirty-six military leaders, completely destroying his plan to usurp the throne!

Originally, Cao Yuanbai was determined to win the throne of the Great Qian, but now, because of this Nine-thousand-Year-Old, all this has become a luxury!

It was all because of this Nine Thousand Year old!

At this moment, Cao Yuanbai wanted to kill this Nine Thousand Years old and eat him alive!

“Dog, if I don’t kill you, I swear I won’t be a man!

Cao Yuanbai roared in anger like a lion.

Although he knew very well that with his current strength, he might not be a match for his opponent, Cao Yuanbai’s heart had already been filled with rage.

Even if he had to fight to the death, Cao Yuanbai would still want to avenge this death!

Immediately afterwards, Cao Yuanbai shouted angrily at his men behind him, “Kill him, kill this dog, and I will give him the first merit!”

“As you command! Grand Commander!”

When Cao Yuanbai gave the order, the thousands of men dismounted at the same time, and were about to surround and kill Li Nan.

Seeing this scene, the people around them all retreated, lest they might be affected.

Li Nan looked at the city defense army in front of him, but said without haste: “The four gate guards and the 36 army heads have all been killed by me, do you still think he can continue to usurp the throne?

“What ……”

When Li Nan said this, those city defenders stopped at once.

They looked at each other, all seeing the shock on each other’s faces.

They all just wondered if they had heard wrong.

What did this Ninth Elder just say?

That the four gate guards, as well as the thirty-six army chiefs, had all died in his hands?

Just now?

How is this …… possible?

These city defenders could not believe this.

At this time, Jin Feng also stood out and said directly: “Ninth Thousand Year is right, just now I have used my divine mind to sense that the four gate guards and the 36 military leaders have indeed all been killed! I think that your Grand Commander Cao, with such a high level of cultivation, must have sensed this as well, which is why he was so annoyed and angry!”

At these words, those city defenders looked at Cao Yuanbai behind them.

They only saw that Cao Yuanbai’s face was gloomy at this moment, and he did not say a word.

Although Cao Yuanbai did not say anything about Jin Feng’s words, everyone was not stupid, so they all knew very well that silence at this time was tantamount to acquiescence!

In other words, the four gate guards and the 36 military chiefs had all died at the hands of this Ninth Thousand Year!

For a moment, the city defenders were all in a state of shock.

The people around them were also in disbelief.

They were still curious just now as to what this Ninth Thousandth Year was trying to do as he flew into the air and distracted himself with his sword technique.

Now, they finally understood that it turned out that this Ninth Chosen One was actually killing people!

In just a few seconds, he had killed a whole forty people!

Moreover, each and every one of them was a strong commander under Cao Yuanbai!

This …… was unbelievable!

Liu Xueya Xu Jiao Ran and the others, too, were all open-mouthed with surprise.

Such extraordinary means were something they didn’t even dare to think about.

At this moment, only to hear Jin Feng continued, “Cao Yuanbai now has no way out, do you say that you people, still want to continue to accompany him on a path until dark! If you don’t want to die, surrender immediately, otherwise, kill, without pardon!”

Jin Feng looked at the city guards with a cold gaze, at this moment, he was the captain of the Silver Lin Guards, the way he should be!

When the city guards heard that the four gate guards and the 36 military chiefs had died, they were already shaken in their hearts, because they all knew very well that these people were in fact all the military power that Cao Yuanbai held in his hands, and they were also Cao Yuanbai’s biggest reliance.

However, now that all these people have been killed, Cao Yuanbai is left with a lone tree that cannot be supported, and it is completely difficult for him to achieve success.

Now, after hearing Jin Feng’s words, they all had no more hesitation.

“Clap, clap, clap ……”

With a sound, countless weapons and shields fell directly to the ground.

Immediately afterwards, those city defenders fell to their knees directly on the ground.

“We are willing to surrender and beg the Ninth Millennium to spare our lives!”

Those city defenders shouted.

There was no wonder why these city defenders surrendered so quickly.

In the True Martial Realm, the Empire’s punishment for rebels had always been very harsh, almost always punishable by death for all nine clans!

These people just wanted to earn some money to support their families, so naturally they would not risk the lives of their entire families just to fight for the throne for others.

However, at the front of these city defenders, there were still seven or eight people standing there.

These men were all the leaders of the city defenders, and also Cao Yuanbai’s inner circle.

Although they knew that the situation was very bleak for Cao Yuanbai, they still had illusions about him and wanted to fight to the death.

Cao Yuanbai also ignored the surrendered soldiers, who were only of ordinary strength, and Cao Yuanbai himself had no hope for them.

As far as Cao Yuanbai was concerned, as long as he had these powerful men on his side, that would be enough!

“Kill them for me!”

Without any hesitation, Cao Yuanbai roared directly.

With this order from Cao Yuanbai, those seven or eight believer’s directly attacked towards Li Nan.

As far as they were concerned, as long as they killed this Ninth Thousand Year, they would still have a chance to turn the tide.

This was indeed the case, but unfortunately, they did not have the strength to do so!

“What a bunch of fools! Since you all want to be cannon fodder, then I will fulfill you!”

Said Li Nan, holding the Lingxiao Sword in his hand, as he took a direct step out.

The crowd could only see that this Nine-thousand-year-old’s figure was like a swimming dragon, almost instantly weaving through the middle of those people, and in one step, he arrived directly in front of Cao Yuanbai at the end.

Just when the crowd was wondering why this Nine Thousand Year old had not yet made his move.

“Clap, clap, clap ……”

A messy sound rang out.

They saw that several of Cao Yuanbai’s inner circle had fallen to the ground at the same time, their necks had all been severed and they had all become corpses!

One sword sealed their throats!

“Hiss ……”

When the people around them saw this scene, they could not help but suck in a breath of cold air.

These people were all Cao Yuanbai’s inner circle!

Each and every one of them was bound to be a first-class martial arts powerhouse!

But now, this Ninth Elder had killed them all with just one sword.

The kneeling city guards all had a look of horror on their faces at this moment.

At this moment, their hearts were secretly glad that they had surrendered in time, otherwise, if they thought that this Ninth Elder was killing people like dogs, they were afraid that no amount of people would be enough to kill each other!

When Cao Yuanbai saw the corpses in front of him, he was also appalled.

He had thought that with the help of his inner circle, he could still have a chance to take revenge if he saw the right moment to strike.

But now, he finally realised that the other side’s strength was far stronger than he could have imagined.

With his own strength, there was no way he could be a match for his opponent!

Without any hesitation, Cao Yuanbai’s feet slammed down and his entire body was about to fly up and escape straight away!

“Nine Thousand Years!”

Jin Feng warned.

Lai Nan, however, sneered.

“If you want to escape, how can it be that easy!”

After saying that, the long sword in Li Nan’s hand shot out fiercely, directly towards Cao Yuanbai’s back heart.

“Not good!”

Cao Yuanbai sensed something and immediately dodged sideways.

Cao Yuanbai still had some strength, and the sword that came from behind was actually dodged by him.

However, before Cao Yuanbai could rejoice, the Ling Xiao sword, which had already flown a few metres away, turned abruptly in the air and directly reversed its direction towards him again!


Cao Yuanbai was violently shocked.

He had never expected that this flying sword would be so tricky and fast!

Before Cao Yuanbai could react, that Ling Xiao sword had already attacked.


There was a muffled sound.

Cao Yuanbai’s chest was directly pierced by the long sword.

Cao Yuanbai’s entire body was directly brought back towards the ground below by the tremendous force.

“Boom!” There was a thud.

The sword crashed to the ground with a huge force, while Cao Yuanbai’s entire body was nailed to the ground by the sword!

Cao Yuanbai struggled desperately, but unfortunately, with his strength, he was unable to escape from the suppression of the longsword.

“How about it, are you dead now?”

Li Nan came to Cao Yuanbai and asked with a cold smile.

Cao Yuanbai was so furious that his face was grim, his anger was at its peak.

“I have counted on a thousand things, but I never thought that my plan would be defeated at the hands of you, a pariah of the secular world!”

Cao Yuanbai said viciously.

Li Nan snorted coldly, “Your Cao family is bullying people with their power, putting the people in fire and water, and even daring to plot against the dynasty and usurp the throne, this is already unforgivable! Even without me today, the heavens will not agree to let someone like you sit on the throne!”

“Well said, Ninth Year!”

“Well said!”

Those people shouted.

Over the years, being in the imperial capital, they had indeed been bullied by the Cao family, and at this moment, they all looked very excited to see that Cao Yuanbai had finally been brought to justice.

Cao Yuanbai’s tiger eyes widened, “Cut the crap, since ancient times, kings have been defeated. Today I am defeated by your hand, I admit my bad luck, if you want to kill me, I will do as I please!”

At this moment, Cao Yuanbai clearly had his heart set on certain death.