Mysterious Heir Chapter 1688


The entire Hengdian Street was completely dead silent at this moment!

Almost everyone in the room was in the same position, their eyes wide open and their mouths wide open, frozen in place like statues.

The scene just now was too shocking for them, leaving everyone present in a state of shock for a long time.

If it wasn’t for the smell of burning still in the air and the scorched ground in front of them, the crowd would have wondered if that scene had really happened!

At this moment, Jin Feng was completely dumbfounded and unable to extricate himself.

He had only heard some legends about this Nine Thousand Year old before, but had never really seen it.

Only today did he truly feel the terrifying power of this Nine Thousand Years!

With a single thought, he was able to invoke thunder and five thunderbolts!

This kind of skill was beyond the limits of what ordinary people could imagine!

Moreover, that was Cao Jincheng!

It was the son of Grand Commander Cao Yuanbai, and he had killed him just like that, no different from killing a chicken.

This kind of tactics, this kind of wisdom, simply made people feel awe from the bottom of their hearts!

It was not only Jin Feng who was in awe of Li Nan, but also all the people around him in the imperial capital.

The thunderbolt just now was beyond the comprehension of someone like Jin Feng, who was a strong martial artist, so it was even more incomprehensible to the ordinary people of the imperial capital.

And for something that could not be understood, these people usually had only one opinion.

“A miracle! This is a miracle of the gods!”

“This is divine tactics! So the Nine Thousand Years is not a man, he is an immortal!”

“An immortal! This is a true immortal!

After the people had reacted from the shock, they shouted out in shock and excitement.

That’s right, to these people, the scene in which Li Nan had just blasted Cao Jincheng with five thunderbolts with a single thought could only be described as a divine act.

Immediately afterwards, the excited people knelt down towards Li Nan!

If they were kneeling to Li Nan out of courtesy to the Nine Thousand Years, then at this moment, their kneeling to Li Nan was tantamount to worshipping an immortal god!

While the people were excited, Cao Yuanbai was in a state of shock and anger!

Cao Yuanbai had never dreamed that this Nine Thousand Years would dare to kill his son!

Moreover, in front of him!

A fury as hot as lava filled Cao Yuanbai’s chest.

At this moment, Cao Yuanbai could not wait to kill! To kill!!!


A roar, like the roar of a lion, rang out like a thunderclap, deafeningly loud!

Even the entire air was shaken by Cao Yuanbai’s roar, turning it into substance!

Under this roar, the surrounding people all felt so frightened and disturbed that they almost fainted.


The aura of the great commander Cao was so strong that people felt fear from the bottom of their hearts!

Sitting on his horse, Cao Yuanbai looked down at Li Nan, and said with a sinister expression, “My family has always been loyal to the Great Qian because of the grace of the late emperor, but now, His Majesty has been deluded and has mistakenly trusted such a treacherous person as you! Today, I, Cao Yuanbai, will do my duty as an important minister and cleanse His Majesty’s side and clean up the Great Qian!”

Cao Yuanbai’s words rang out in everyone’s ears like the beating of a drum.

As Cao Yuanbai spoke these words, the thousands of city defenders standing behind him all let out a roar of anger at the same time.

“Roar! Roar! Roar!”

This roar was as if it was coming from the mouth of a group of beasts, carrying a powerful killing aura.

For a time, the entire Hengdian Street was filled with a strong, slaughtering intent that was so horrifying that the people were so frightened that they all huddled down and did not dare to say a word.

But at this moment, Li Nan was directly coldly snorting.

“It’s really interesting. If you want to rebel, just say so, and you have to find some grand reason to do so. Based on this, you really can’t even compare to the Marquis of Zhen Nan!”

Li Nan looked at Cao Yuanbai and sneered disdainfully.

“You ……”

Hearing these words, Cao Yuanbai’s face turned red with anger, and the mist of air that came out of his nose was almost like two spears.

“Good you treacherous sycophant, how dare you slander me!”

Cao Yuanbai shouted angrily.

Li Nan snorted coldly, “Slander? If my guess is correct, you should have already made plans to rebel long before you came here, right? Your reliance must be on the four gate guards and the 36 army chiefs, right? Aren’t they all following your orders and are ready to rebel? How about that, am I wrong?”


“Rebellion?! This Grand Commander Cao really wants to rebel!”

When the surrounding people heard Li Nan’s words, they were all thrown into a great panic.

Even Jin Feng, at this moment, was also in a bit of panic in his heart.

He knew very well that if it was as Li Nan had said, then if Cao Yuanbai gave the order, the whole empire would be thrown into chaos in an instant!

For a moment, Jin Feng did not know what to do.

At this moment, Cao Yuanbai’s face also changed abruptly.

He hadn’t expected that all the plans he had made ahead of time would have been known to this Ninth Millennium!

But how could this be possible?

The other party had clearly stayed here all along, so how could he possibly have known about his deployment?

How could he even know about the four gate guards and the 36 heads of the army?

Could it be that there was some kind of spy among his own people?

In fact, things were not as complicated as Cao Yuanbai had thought.

The reason why Li Nan knew these things was entirely because just now he had used his divine mind to scout the entire imperial capital.

Although he could not see everything, Li Nan was able to clearly feel that there were dozens of military camps in the imperial capital that were mobilising and assembling their troops at the moment!

With Li Nan’s current cultivation level as a Golden Immortal, he was able to clearly sense all the auras.

And there was an essential difference between the aura of these soldiers and ordinary people.

On the one hand, there was the difference in cultivation, and on the other hand, there was the difference in qi and blood.

These soldiers’ hands were all stained with blood, and they all carried the aura of killing. Such a multitude of killing auras were simply as clear as a candle flame in the dark night under Li Nan’s divine perception.

After checking the location of the barracks, Li Nan immediately identified the identity of these people, who were from the four gates and the 36 barracks of the city defence forces!

The leaders of these people were naturally the four gate guards and the 36 military chiefs!

To Li Nan, this was just simple reasoning.

At this moment, Cao Yuanbai’s face changed slightly.

At random, a voice rang out directly in Li Nan’s mind.

“Good boy, it seems that I really misjudged the old man before! However, what can you do even if you know about my deployment? I will kill you now, and then lead my men to storm directly into the palace. I will take the throne of Great Qian today!”

Cao Yuanbai said to Li Nan with a divine thought transmission.

His gaze that looked at Li Nan was also filled with smugness and ruthlessness.

The corners of Li Nan’s mouth smiled faintly.

“It seems that you still haven’t understood my words. I already said earlier that you are even worse than the Marquis of Zhen Nan. Now, the throne that even the Marquis of Zhen Nan can’t snatch away, do you think that with a fly-by-night scum like you, you have the ability to do so?!”

Li Nan did not use divine thoughts to transmit his voice, but looked at Cao Yuanbai and said directly.

Cao Yuanbai’s face sank.

The divine thought transmitted voice and said, “Then try it!”

Then, Cao Yuanbai opened his mouth and said angrily, “You killed my own son and slandered my Cao family, today, I will cut you into pieces!”

With these words, Cao Yuanbai did not hesitate any longer, and with a sudden leap, his whole body was like a flying arrow, and he flew up from the back of his horse, directly towards Li Nan.

Cao Yuanbai was extremely fast and arrived in a flash.


When Cao Yuanbai’s fist hit him, a huge vacuum orb burst out of the air!

This was Cao Yuanbai’s cultivation technique, the Returning Yuan Fist!

Just when Li Nan thought that Cao Yuanbai’s punch was empty, the vacuum orb actually exploded a second time.


A huge vortex was blown out of the entire air, and everything was instantly strangled wherever it touched!

Not only that, this huge whirlpool carried a powerful suction force, and it was fortunate that Li Nan’s strength was strong enough to forcefully break free from this suction force.

Otherwise, even Li Nan would have been sucked into the Qi vortex of the Returning Fist at this moment!

At this moment, Li Nan finally felt the powerful force of the Returning Fist, and was slightly surprised in his heart, it seemed that the strength of Cao Yuanbai was indeed not weak.

The surrounding people were also astonished at this moment.

Although they had heard of this Grand Commander Cao’s superior strength, they had never seen it with their own eyes.

Now that they had seen it, they were all deeply shocked.

Jin Feng’s brow was also furrowed.

Five years ago, Jin Feng had had the honour of seeing Cao Yuanbai’s strike once.

On that occasion, Cao Yuanbai had killed a peak Heavenly Immortal powerhouse of the enemy with a single punch.

The scene at that time had left a deep impression on Jin Feng.

Now, Jin Feng could truly feel that the strength of this Grand Commander Cao had improved compared to five years ago!

At least, with Jin Feng’s strength today, it was absolutely impossible for him to be his opponent!

For a moment, Jin Feng’s heart was incomparably worried.

This Nine Thousand-Year-Old must have the strength to end up in such a big situation!