Martial Champion Chapter 1800

What? A mere first grade Martial Emperor, you really have a big mouth, today, I will let you know the difference between a Martial Emperor and a Half-Emperor .”

Seeing Chu Feng being so arrogant, other than the two Martial Emperors who were being held back by Hong Qiang, the remaining five Martial Emperors all attacked Chu Feng.

“What, do you mean that a First Grade Martial Emperor is terrific?”

“Then you guys come and kill me to see.”With a movement of Chu Feng’s thoughts, under the interplay of water and fire, the Water Immortal Upanishad and Fire Immortal Upanishad stood on either side of Chu Feng like guardian gods.

Moreover, their auras were all first-grade Martial Emperors.

“Quickly look, what is that thing? It’s actually capable of fighting a Martial Emperor?”

“That is a secret technique, the Water Fairy Upanishad.”

“That water is a Water Immortal Upanishad, wouldn’t that fire be a Fire Immortal Upanishad?”

“How could that be, didn’t Chu Feng only obtain the Water Immortal Upanishad, how is it that the Fire Immortal Upanishad is also in his possession, isn’t that a long lost secret skill?”

Seeing that the Water Immortal Upanishad and the Fire Immortal Upanishad had resisted the attacks of those five First Grade Martial Emperors on Chu Feng from the front, the crowd was astonished.

At this moment, even the Elders of the Three Prefectures, one by one, narrowed their eyes, the Water Immortal Upanishad and the Fire Immortal Upanishad were both in Chu Feng’s possession, this was truly somewhat extraordinary.

The others did not know, but they were clear that, the five elemental secret techniques, it was very difficult to be mastered by a person at the same time, and one secret technique was nothing more than that, but if two secret techniques fell into one person’s body, then it would create an enormous pressure, and that pressure was so strong that an ordinary person would not be able to withstand it at all.

And now, looking at it, Chu Feng had clearly withstood, the Water Immortal Upanishad and the Fire Immortal Upanishad, the power of the two Secret Skills, otherwise it would be impossible to use them freely.

Rumbling – clattering – however, very quickly, the Water Immortal Upanishad and Fire Immortal Upanishad exploded, and even though the physical body was soon reunited once again, it was immediately blown apart again.

“It can’t be done, a secret technique is ultimately a secret technique no matter how powerful it is, it can’t stop a true Martial Emperor.”People cried out in alarm.

Even though the Water Immortal Upanishad and the Fire Immortal Upanishad were both the auras of Martial Emperors, they were simply unable to block the attacks of those five.

“Chu Feng, do you really think that with your secret techniques, you can save your life? Now do you know the strength of the likes of us? A Martial Emperor is not something you can take lightly.”

At that moment, three of those First Grade Martial Emperors had already broken through the defences of the Water Immortal Upanishad and Fire Immortal Upanishad and were attacking Chu Feng.

These three First Grade Martial Emperors all had Half Grade Imperial Armaments in their hands, and their might was quite strong.

A tinkling of gems – in this situation, Chu Feng did not dare to be slow, and as he retreated, he lit up his Heavenly Immortal Sword to come against the enemy.

“Heavenly Immortal Sword?”

“This is Ximen Feixue’s Heavenly Immortal Sword that was taken away? Surprisingly, it has already been recognised by Chu Feng?”Seeing the Heavenly Immortal Sword, there was a commotion in the sea of people.

“Hand over the Heavenly Immortal Sword.”And seeing the Heavenly Immortal Sword, that one of the three people chasing Chu Feng was even more furious, and it turned out that he was a member of the Ximen Imperial Clan.

“Humph,” Chu Feng coldly snorted, and casting the Heavenly Immortal Sword Technique, he swept back.

Boom Boom Boom – Golden awns shot out in all directions, force was exchanged, and the five people were already battling into a mess.

However, even though Chu Feng had reversed the fourth grade of battle power, and under the cultivation of a ninth grade Half-Emperor, he was already able to fight against first grade Martial Emperors, but fighting three first grade Martial Emperors with one against three, it was still extremely strenuous.

“A Martial Emperor is a Martial Emperor, it seems that I have underestimated the power of Martial Emperors.”

Chu Feng’s brows were slightly furrowed, after the battle with Leng Yue, he had thought that he was already able to kill a First Grade Martial Emperor, but now that he looked at it, it was him who had overthought it.

No matter how strong Leng Yue was, he was ultimately a half-Emperor, but the one before him was a true Martial Emperor.

Even if Chu Feng and Leng Yue’s battle prowess could contend with a First Grade Martial Emperor, it would be difficult to defeat a First Grade Martial Emperor.

As for where it was wrong, he could not tell, in short… the power of a true Martial Emperor was just stronger than him, as if there was an insurmountable line dividing Half-Emperors and Martial Emperors.

As long as Chu Feng was still a Half-Emperor, even if his battle power was close to that of a Martial Emperor, or even surpassed that of a Martial Emperor, he would not be able to cross that line, and would not be able to defeat a Martial Emperor.

In the end, a Half-Emperor was still inferior to a Martial Emperor.

“Chu Feng is so powerful that he was able to battle three Martial Emperors with the cultivation of a Half-Emperor.”

“Hmph, so what, he was still suppressed by three Martial Emperors?”

“That’s different, if an ordinary peak Half-Emperor went to fight three Martial Emperors, he wouldn’t even be able to sustain a single round. But Chu Feng fought against three First Grade Martial Emperors with his cultivation of a peak Half Emperor, if this were you, would you be able to?”

“I …… this ……”

Even though Chu Feng was at a disadvantage, his strength was recognised by the people, after all, to fight against Martial Emperors with the cultivation of a Half-Emperor, since ancient times that had been a legendary deed.

However, right now, this thing that was like a legend was happening in front of people, how could people not be shocked?

“With strength like Chu Feng’s, if he were to fight with Zhang Tianyi, I’m afraid that Zhang Tianyi wouldn’t be his opponent.”

“But unfortunately, if this continues, Chu Feng will not be able to hold out, he is a mere Half-Emperor, and no matter how strong the force gathered within his dantian is, how can it be stronger than a Martial Emperor?”

At this moment, some of the older generation’s powerhouses once again shook their heads in regret and sighed, they did not wish for such a talent as Chu Feng to die like this, but they, however, did not dare to go against the four clans, and could only watch all of this happen.


At that moment, within that fortress, Zhang Tianyi knelt in front of Zhang Ming and bitterly begged, “Father, please, save Chu Feng, my son is buckling his head for you.”

When the words came to this point, Zhang Tianyi violently hit the ground with his head, because that ground was made of a special material, Zhang Tianyi exerted so much force that a few times down the line, his head broke and bled.

“Tianyi, it’s not that your father I’m heartless, why would I not want to save Chu Feng?”

“It’s just that you should also be clear as to why my Zhang Family was wiped out, and I want you to return to the throne of the Emperor, and although you cannot bow down to anyone, you cannot make enemies at will either.”

“This son Chu Feng is destined to be extraordinary, and as long as he is extraordinary, there will be people who will want to deal with him.”

“If I make a move today, I will only be making an enemy of the Four Tribes, but what if the Three Mansions and the Ancient Elves also want to move against him in the future? Are we still going to be enemies with the Three Mansions and the Ancient Elves?”Zhang Ming said.

“Fine, my son won’t bother my father to take action, but I absolutely cannot see my brother die, even if we die, we have to die together.”Zhang Tianyi got up violently and was about to go out.

Buzz – however, just as Zhang Tianyi got up, it was as if he was petrified, he could not move, he could not even speak, he was bound by his father.

“Tianyi, even if you hate me now, there will always be a time** when you will understand that for my father, I have taken great pains.”Zhang Ming closed his eyes as he spoke, he had already made up his mind that he would stand by and watch today.

Boom Boom Boom Boom – And at this moment, the attacks of those three First Grade Martial Emperors were already becoming more and more ferocious, and they even began to use their Emperor Grade bloodline to execute Earth Forbidden Martial Techniques, and crazily bombarded and killed Chu Feng, with moves that wanted to kill Chu Feng to death.

However, even so, it was extremely difficult for them to kill Chu Feng.

In that situation, that Martial Emperor of the Ximen Imperial Clan actually threw out a talisman paper, and when that talisman paper was thrown out, it transformed into a ferocious beast that was exceptionally ferocious.

This was an attack and kill treasure, and although it could only be used once, it was infinitely powerful.

“At least he is a Martial Emperor, but he is so shameless that he can’t do it himself and still has to use a supreme treasure.”Chu Feng dodged the fierce beast that was transformed by that talisman paper, and a flash of contempt flashed across his eyes.

“You have means you can use as well, I’m just afraid that you don’t.”The Martial Emperor of the Ximen Imperial Clan said sarcastically.

“Hmph.”Hearing those words, Chu Feng lightly hummed.

Swish – Suddenly, Chu Feng’s palm flipped, and an azure-coloured longbow appeared in his hand, and as soon as that longbow came out, a blue pressure visible to the naked eye swept out, not only overshadowing the half-formed Imperial Armaments in the hands of those five.

Even the three First Grade Martial Emperors were shaken back!