Martial Champion Chapter 1795

Nangong Beidou wanted to kill the impostor Chu Feng, but he was slow to do so, and was completely pretending.

“An old ancestor is an old ancestor, it seems that the old ancestor is not going to show up, the four great emperor clans, you guys take your time playing by yourselves.”

Chu Feng faintly smiled, if Baili Hangkong had fallen for it, he would have made his move at the first opportunity, but Baili Hangkong had delayed in showing up, and he knew that Baili Hangkong would not show up.

If Baili Hangkong did not take the bait, the drama that the Four Great Imperial Races had taken great pains to put on would be for nothing, and not only would it be for nothing, but it would also be a waste of a lot of manpower, giving Chu Feng a chance to escape.

Therefore, Chu Feng was prepared to take advantage of this opportunity to use the talisman paper that Zhang Ming had sent him to quickly escape.

And as long as he left this place and avoided the various formations set up by the Four Great Imperial Clans, Chu Feng would have many ways to let Baili Hangkong know that he had already safely evacuated, and at that time, with Baili Hangkong’s means, he would naturally be able to safely evacuate as well.

“Nangong Beidou, if you dare to hurt a single hair on Chu Feng’s head, I will not be finished with you.”

However, right at this moment, suddenly a furious shout rang out, and at the same time, an Emperor’s might also emanated out, turning into a golden sword that rushed towards Nangong Beidou.

“Huh?”Hearing that shout, Chu Feng was instantly startled, and as he watched in accordance with the sound, a figure appeared in Chu Feng’s line of sight.

“Senior Hong Qiang?”Seeing this person, Chu Feng’s body even trembled, and the one who had struck out was Hong Qiang.

And it was not an impostor, but the real Hong Qiang, at this moment, Hong Qiang was no longer at the peak of a Half-Emperor, but a First Grade Martial Emperor, it seemed that he had managed to break through the bottleneck, and had finally stepped into the Martial Emperor Realm.

But just this cultivation level of him, where is Nangong Beidou’s opponent, Nangong Beidou sleeve robe flung, the surrounding force are for its use, turned into a path of golden whirlwind.

As the whirlwind swept away, the golden sword that Hong Qiang transformed into was like a maple leaf, spinning in the wind, and eventually shattered.

Afterwards, Nangong Beidou probed his hand and grabbed that Hong Qiang into his hand.

When Hong Qiang fell into Nangong Beidou’s hands, he had almost lost his fighting strength, it wasn’t that he was weak, it was just that Nangong Beidou was too strong.

“Damn it, what a poor move.”At this moment, Chu Feng fiercely slapped his thigh, he was hating himself for being useless.

Baili Hangkong had not been tricked, but he had not expected Hong Qiang to be tricked, and Chu Feng had not thought that Hong Qiang would come before.

This was negligence on his part, with Hong Qiang’s heart, if he learnt that Chu Feng was in danger, he would definitely come, how could he not think of that?

But thinking about that now was also useless, Hong Qiang had been captured, Chu Feng absolutely could not just sit back and do nothing, otherwise Hong Qiang would definitely be tortured.

“Hahaha, Chu Feng, you still don’t show yourself? Do you want to watch this senior of yours, live a life worse than death?”As expected, when Hong Qiang was captured, Nangong Beidou shouted loudly.

“What is Patriarch Nangong talking about, isn’t Chu Feng in his hands?”The crowd did not understand.

Until, Nangong Beidou let go of the impostor Chu Feng in his hands, and as soon as that impostor Chu Feng’s body shifted, his face dispersed and he transformed into a person whose body was black.

This person was very disgusting, although it was a human form, it was as if it was moulded from mud, no nose, no mouth, only a pair of eyes without pupils, it was very scary.

“Ah? It turns out to be fake, but it is …… a hundred changes of mud people made.”

“So it’s a ploy, a ploy laid by the four great imperial clans to capture Chu Feng.”

“To think that even the Hundred Changes Mudman was invited, in order to capture Chu Feng, the Four Great Imperial Races really went through a lot of trouble.”Seeing that black man, the crowd came to a sudden realisation.

And from the crowd’s murmurs, Chu Feng also learnt of the origin of that so-called Hundred Change Mudman.

The Hundred Changes Mudman was, in fact, not a human being, but a heaven and earth strange creature that had been cultivated to a great extent, and his strength was similar to that of Pill’s, both being First Grade Martial Emperors.

Only, because of the Hundred Changes Mudman’s ability to change into anyone, making him very famous in the Holy Land of Martial Arts.

Precisely because of the Hundred Change Mudman’s special ability, there had been many people who wanted to find the Hundred Change Mudman and work for him, only that the Hundred Change Mudman came and went without a trace, so no one was able to find it, and even if they did, they would be rejected.

Now that the Four Great Imperial Clans had actually invited the Hundred Change Mudman, people felt that the Four Great Imperial Clans must have haemorrhaged money and spent a lot of money.

However, Chu Feng did not care about that, what he cared about was Hong Qiang.

“Chu Feng, still not showing yourself? It turns out that you are also a villain who is greedy and afraid of death.”Nangong Beidou burst into a cold laugh, then looked at Hong Qiang and said, “This is the first time we’ve met, but I know that your name is Hong Qiang, and that day when Chu Feng went to Immortal’s Island, you were the one who escorted him there.”

“You are truly sentimental and righteous, knowing that you are not strong enough, yet you still came to send yourself to death, this friendship, I admire.”

“It’s just a pity that although you are sentimental and righteous, Chu Feng is greedy and afraid of death.”With those words, Nangong Beidou intended to sow discord, wanting to ruin Chu Feng’s reputation in public.

“Bah, if you want to kill, then kill, if you want to die, then die.”Hong Qiang coldly snorted, then he shouted, “Chu Feng, don’t go out of …… poof !!!!”

Hong Qiang was trying to warn Chu Feng not to go out, but before he finished speaking, he spat out a large mouthful of blood.

It was Nangong Beidou, Nangong Beidou used his hand as a blade and penetrated Hong Qiang’s heart.

“Chu Feng, since you are so thin-skinned, then I will fulfil you and show you how this senior of yours is worse than death.”

Between Nangong Beidou’s cold laughter, he took out a jade bottle from within his Qiankun bag, the jade bottle opened, black gas rolled out, and from within that black gas, several small worms like earthworms floated out, the worms were black, long and slender, and although they were very small, they were full of black hairs, and they were very creepy.

“It’s a black hair poisonous worm that enters from the heart and runs through the whole body through the blood, making one’s life worse than death.”Someone recognised the bug’s origin.

And at this moment, Nangong Beidou was about to stuff those worms, into Hong Qiang’s pierced heart within.

“Damnable.”How could Chu Feng sit idly by and do nothing, and at that moment, he was about to appear.

“Chu Feng, if you can leave, then leave, just leave this place to me, I will definitely bring Hong Qiang to leave peacefully.”

However, right at that moment, a majestic aura rose up from the ground, and in the blink of an eye, it arrived in front of Nangong Beidou.

This person wore a bucket hat, holding a golden pen, extremely strong, actually took Hong Qiang from Nangong Beidou’s hands, and came up to suppress Nangong Beidou.

This person, naturally, is Baili Hangkong, only Baili Hangkong’s strength now, even more powerful than that day in the Moon Worshipping Cloud City, of course, his strength, relying on that pole of killing pen.

“You finally showed up.”Seeing this, the three patriarchs of Ximen, Beitang, and Dongfang all had cold glints in their eyes, and then each of them lit up their half-completed Emperor Armaments and surrounded Baili Hangkong.

“How impressive, to actually use one’s own strength to battle the four clan chiefs, is this the backer behind Chu Feng?”

The crowd was astonished, as Baili Hangkong had indeed battled the four Clan Chiefs with his own strength, and had not lost the slightest bit of ground.

“Chu Feng quickly leave, I can keep Hong Qiang in peace.”Baili Hangkong shouted once again.

“Go? Do we really have to go?”Chu Feng’s brows were furrowed at the moment, although Baili Hangkong was strong, he always felt that the Four Great Empyrean Clans wanted to kill him so badly that it was definitely more than just sending the four Clan Chiefs.

“None of you will be able to leave.”As expected, from the depths of that earth, a majestic voice suddenly came out.

In an instant, the earth shattered, the soil tumbled, and several golden awns shot up into the sky like backwards shooting meteors, and a raging might enveloped this heaven and earth.