Martial Champion Chapter 1790

After that voice full of anger fell, two figures also descended from the sky, these were two men, a middle-aged man and a young man.

These two people were Zhang Tianyi and that mysterious man, Zhang Tianyi’s biological father.

At this moment, Chu Feng really discovered that Zhang Tianyi and that mysterious man were very similar between their eyebrows, and it was indeed like a biological father and son.

However, Zhang Tianyi’s face was tense, and he kept making eyes at Chu Feng, while the mysterious man’s face was calm, it was even more filled with anger at this moment.

Chu Feng did not need to think about it to guess that Leng Yue’s three golden bowls were not that powerful, and although they had been concealed from others, they obviously had not been concealed from Zhang Tianyi’s father.

That was why Zhang Tianyi’s father, was so angry.

“Chu Feng, Leng Yue, the two of you have disobeyed the rules, are you ready to be punished?”Zhang Tianyi’s father’s sword brows rose up as he stared at Chu Feng and Leng Yue.

“Punishment? What punishment, even if you break the rules, you will at most disqualify us from tomorrow’s qualification, where is the punishment?”Leng Yue questioned.

“The two of you, if you were only competing privately naturally do not need to be punished, but you killed someone in my territory, killing a disciple of the Refined Soldier Immortal, how do you expect me to explain to the Refined Soldier Immortal, you naturally need to be punished.”Zhang Tianyi’s father said.

“…… “At this moment, Leng Yue couldn’t say anything because she also knew that the matter of killing Baili Xinghe was not right.

“Father, Leng Yue killed someone, but Chu Feng didn’t, he doesn’t need to be punished, right?”Zhang Tianyi stepped forward and said.

“Tianyi, precisely because Chu Feng and you are friends, so in order to avoid giving the impression that we are siding with Chu Feng, Chu Feng must also be punished today.”Zhang Tianyi’s father said.

“But ……,” Zhang Tianyi still wanted to speak.

“Senior Zhang, Chu Feng is willing to be punished.”Before Zhang Tianyi could finish his sentence, Chu Feng spoke, not wanting to make things difficult for Zhang Tianyi.

“Since that is the case, the two of you should prepare yourselves.”Zhang Tianyi’s father, from within his sleeve robe, took out a gourd.

This gourd, was worn out and even had tiny cracks, but the moment this gourd appeared, Chu Feng and Leng Yue were both brightened.

On top of this gourd, it was engraved with special patterns, and they were patterns that they could not understand, and on top of that, this gourd emitted a strong ancient aura, and this was an ancient object.

“What do you want to do, how exactly are you going to punish us?”Leng Yue panicked, she sensed the danger of this gourd.

“Stay inside for an hour, after an hour, release you all.”Father Zhang Tianyi, first opened that gourd, then with a probing hand, a powerful suction force sucked Chu Feng and Leng Yue, all of them, into that gourd.

Woohoo – in an instant, Chu Feng felt that the sky shook and the ground shook, not only was the surroundings pitch black, but the space was also constantly distorted, and most importantly, in this kind of place, Chu Feng could not even move.

Well – at the same time, Chu Feng began to clench his teeth, because an unbearable pain began to sweep through all parts of Chu Feng’s body.

Especially his head, it was exceptionally painful, as if countless sledgehammers were constantly hammering Chu Feng’s head at a rate of three thousand times a second, so painful that Chu Feng also clenched his fists tightly, making it difficult to endure, and even his soul was trembling.

One hour, could it really be survived?

Chu Feng Fan muttered in his heart, and thought to himself that Zhang Tianyi’s father, was really selfless and truly ruthless enough.

This kind of place, what was contained was an ancient formation, even Chu Feng could not break it at all, not to mention him, even a dragon level imperial robe boundary spirit master could not break it.

Entering this place, one could only choose to endure, to endure the torment of this formation, because Chu Feng knew that this formation was originally used to torment people.

Although an hour, to put it mildly, was not a long time, but after simmering in this kind of place for an hour, one would most likely suffer a mental breakdown, and as long as one suffered a mental breakdown, one would die here.

Buzz – However, just as Chu Feng was suffering from pain, he was shocked to find that his senses became clear, and in that otherwise dark space, he sought out an object.

“What is that?”Although, he had not yet been able to see the object clearly, Chu Feng’s heart was already stirred as he perceived that it was definitely not a mortal object.


“Father, you’re doing this, it’s too much, right? Chu Feng is at least my brother, and furthermore, you and I both know clearly that Chu Feng is doing this for my sake.”Outside, Zhang Tianyi looked at his father with a face full of unwillingness.

He had always respected his father and had never dared to be disrespectful to his own father, but this time, he had not been able to hold back because he did not want his brother to suffer because of himself after helping him.

“Tianyi, you saw the scene earlier, Leng Yue and Chu Feng’s methods, what do you think?”Zhang Tianyi’s father asked.

“All of them are above me, I lament myself.”Zhang Tianyi looked at his father, “Why are you asking this, could it be that you want to be unfavourable to Chu Feng?”

“You have underestimated your father me too much.”Zhang Tianyi’s father smiled faintly and said, “Tomorrow, if you run into Chu Feng, Chu Feng will give in to you, but if you run into Leng Yue, Leng Yue will definitely not give in to you.”

“Chu Feng is helping you, you can see that, can’t I see that? You’re grateful to Chu Feng, could it be that I’m not?”

“Tianyi, know that in this world, there is no one who cares about you more than I do, and I naturally wish for you to become stronger.”At those words, Zhang Tianyi’s father, placed his hands on Zhang Tianyi’s shoulders, and with that scorching gaze, gazed at Zhang Tianyi, and said, “Therefore, I am not harming Chu Feng, but rather, I am helping him.”

“But father, I’ve been in there, even you have been in there before, you should know how hard it is in there, it will kill you after a long time, one hour, how can they possibly make it through.”Zhang Tianyi was still very worried, having experienced it first hand, he knew the horror of it.

“Indeed, you and I both failed, but Chu Feng and Leng Yue’s talent is above our father and son, especially Chu Feng, I think he has a chance to get the benefits there.”Zhang Tianyi’s father said.

“But father, this gourd is already a legend, whether it possesses the benefits of the legend or not, no one knows at all, at least since the ancestor, no one has obtained the benefits of this gourd, not even that senior.”Zhang Tianyi was still worried.

“No, the legend is true, it’s just that my generation is incompetent.”

“Don’t worry, I have my own measure and will not let Chu Feng die in it.”At those words, Zhang Tianyi’s father, looking towards the gourd in his hands, said:

“I’m just giving him a chance, a chance to have a brand new understanding of martial arts cultivation.”


At the same time, Chu Feng’s gaze became clearer and clearer, and he had already gradually seen what exactly that object was.

Bamboo slip, that was a piece of bamboo slip.

Although it was a bamboo slip, that bamboo slip was hanging in mid-air, supreme, like a king who ruled over all things, looking down on everything.