Martial Champion Chapter 1788

“Chu Feng, not only did you take away my supreme treasure, but you also humiliated me like this, I will definitely not let you go, I will definitely not let you go !!!!”Leng Yue roared in anger.

That voice of resentment continuously reverberated in this blockaded Heaven and Earth for a long time.

“I am merely doing to you what you did to my friend, returning the favour in the same way as I did to my friend.”Chu Feng said in an unimpressed manner.

“Chu Feng, you’re dead, you’re absolutely dead, even if I can’t kill you today, as long as you leave this fortress, you will definitely die.”

“I will report to the Heavenly Dao Palace and say that you used despicable means to steal my Half-Complete Imperial Soldier and stole my Qiankun Pouch, and my Heavenly Dao Palace will not let you go.”

“The Four Great Imperial Clans cannot catch you, but if my Heavenly Dao Province were to deal with you, it would be as easy as crushing an ant.”Knowing that he could not deal with Chu Feng, Leng Yue began to bring out the Heavenly Dao Palace to intimidate Chu Feng.

You are at least a girl, how can you be so shameless?”

“A soldier is never too deceitful, that’s what you said, if you return my treasure to me right now, I can still consider letting you off the hook.”Leng Yue said viciously, although she said on her lips that she would let Chu Feng off the hook, the killing intent in her eyes did not diminish at all.

“You just went back on your word once, and now you’re even saying such words, do you think I’ll believe you?”Chu Feng said.

“Believe it or not is up to you, but you already have no way out, going against me, Leng Yue, you are destined for this end.”Leng Yue said.

“No,” Chu Feng shook his head and then said, “I still have a way out.”

Hearing those words, Leng Yue’s nerves immediately tightened, and even though Chu Feng said those words without any proof, looking at Chu Feng’s emboldened appearance, she vaguely felt uneasy.

“Egg, it’s your turn.”Chu Feng cast his gaze towards Egg.

“No problem.”Eggman took off the ring in his hand and threw it towards Chu Feng.

And after Chu Feng got that ring, Chu Feng then pinched his knuckles with one hand, and that was not a means of a martial art, but a means of the Boundary Technique.

Under Chu Feng’s catalysing, that ring glowed greatly, and within that glow, images actually began to surface.

Not only were there images, but there were also sounds ……

Leng Yue You said that as long as I came to fight you, you would send me a gift, I wonder what kind of gift it is?

Of course.

Such a little thing, what are you sending to the beggars?

You even think it’s too little, this one is ten dragon level boundary spirit stones.

“You bastard!!!”Seeing this, Leng Yue’s face had long since changed drastically, because what was displayed within that light was exactly what he had agreed with Chu Feng, and that image was still continuing, indicating that Chu Feng had used a special boundary formation to record the entire process of her fight with Chu Feng.

Although, it was unknown how Chu Feng had done that, he had indeed done it.

“Do you still want to continue watching? Truth be told, from the beginning to the end, I have records here, even you bathing in a cesspool, ooh.”

“If you want everyone to know that not only did you, Leng Yue, lose to me, Chu Feng, but you also bathed in my Chu Feng’s dung, and ultimately went back on your word and wanted to bite me, Chu Feng, back.”

“Then you can go ahead and try, try to tell the Heavenly Dao Palace about me taking your treasure, and as long as you dare to tell, I will dare to make everything recorded here public.”Chu Feng fiddled with the ring in his hand and said with a smile.

“Chu Feng, these images, you can completely forge them, even if you spread them out, no one would believe you.”Leng Yue said.

“It’s true that the images can be forged, and the sound can also be forged, but can the might of the Heaven Forbidding Dao Light Seal also be forged?”Chu Feng laughed again, then he put that ring on his hand and looked at Leng Yue and said:

“Leng Yue, if you have the guts, let’s have some fun, I bet that as long as I make it public, eighty percent of the people, will choose to believe it.”


At this moment, Leng Yue stopped talking, she couldn’t speak anymore, she naturally knew that if this image was spread out, there would definitely be people who would believe it.

And even more so, she could not allow, everything that happened today, to be known by outsiders, in that case, her Leng Yue’s reputation would be completely stinky, and there was no way for her to be the first disciple of the Heavenly Dao Mansion, no way for her to be the head of the Heavenly Generals, and even more so, there was no way for her to stay in the Sacred Soil of Martial Arts.

But she was very unwilling, being humiliated by Chu Feng didn’t count, being taken away by Chu Feng’s treasure didn’t count, and now Chu Feng still held a handle on her in his hands, and today, she had really lost too miserably.

“Chu Feng, you are truly despicable to the extreme.”Unwillingly, Leng Yue angrily lost.

“Despicable? You’re wrong, I, Chu Feng, originally acted in a bright and open manner, but for a despicable person like you, I can only use some despicable means.”Chu Feng said with a disbelieving face.

Chu Feng’s face had always had a smile on it, and it was an evil smile, but it left Leng Yue speechless.

Leng Yue knew very well that if it wasn’t for Chu Feng keeping his hand in, today she would really have to go back on her words, and not only would she go back on her words, but she would also borrow the power of the Heavenly Dao Mansion to deal with Chu Feng.

Although she was very unwilling, and hated Chu Feng to the bone, but Leng Yue was also very admiring towards Chu Feng, just like Chu Feng said, her Leng Yue’s defeat was not unfair, it was not that Leng Yue was weak, it was just that Chu Feng’s opponent was a little too strong.

Seeing that Leng Yue did not say anything, Chu Feng knew that she had compromised, so Chu Feng took one step at a time and walked towards to Baili Xinghe’s near front.

Seeing Chu Feng approaching, Baili Xinghe’s nerves immediately tightened, having personally seen Chu Feng use various means to tease Leng Yue around.

Baili Xinghe had already deeply realised his own terror, even Leng Yue was not Chu Feng’s opponent, what virtue could he, Baili Xinghe, have?

“Baili Xinghe, what did you say earlier, come, say it again for me.”Chu Feng looked at Baili Xinghe and said.

“Gulp,” at this moment, Baili Xinghe first deeply swallowed a mouthful of saliva before nervously saying, “Brother Chu Feng, I was wrong before, please be a good person and let me off.”

Although he was begging for forgiveness, while Baili Xinghe was begging for forgiveness, he did not dare to meet Chu Feng’s eyes at all, he was truly terrified, afraid that Chu Feng would kill him.

“Heh, look at this wimpy face of yours.”Seeing that, Baili Xinghe was trembling in fear of himself, Chu Feng smiled contemptuously and said, “For the sake of the Soldier Refining Immortal, I will not kill you.”After saying those words, Chu Feng turned around and left.

“Whew-” And hearing those words, Baili Xinghe finally breathed a sigh of relief, looking at Chu Feng as he drifted away, and said in his heart, “Chu Feng, I knew that you wouldn’t dare to kill me, heh, I admit that you have some means, and that I am not a match for you in single not your opponent. But I have ways to deal with you.”

“Everything that happened today, Leng Yue is hiding it, but I will not hide it, as long as I spread this matter out, although Leng Yue will be infamous, the Heavenly Dao Palace will definitely not let you off.”

“Chu Feng, if you don’t kill me today, in the future, I will let you know, my Baili Xinghe’s methods, your woman, sooner or later, will be mine.”Thinking of this, the corner of Baili Xinghe’s mouth, lifted up a sinister arc, and he had already planned out, a method to deal with Chu Feng.

Stepping – However, right at that moment, Chu Feng suddenly stopped his forward steps.

Seeing that Chu Feng stood there, Baili Xinghe’s heart instantly tightened, and even his soul almost flew away in fear as he secretly said in his heart, “It can’t be, could it be that he could hear the words I said in my heart?”

Thinking of this, Baili Xinghe was already sweating like rain ……