Martial Champion Chapter 1785

Baili Xinghe was also a Heavenly Providence God Body, so he deeply knew the power of Heavenly Providence God Power, that was a kind of power that resided in the body, you could master it and manipulate it, but it was very difficult to master it, and even more difficult to manipulate it.

Because, heavenly divine power, is a kind of endless, difficult to measure the power, no matter how much you can master to it, but as long as it is in your body, that power is also in your body, this power even if you can not master, but also your body must be able to withstand.

It was already the limit for a person to be able to have one type of Heavenly Divine Power residing in their body, how could there be two types of Heavenly Divine Power? How could it be possible to withstand it? And it was skilfully mastered to such an extent.

“Leng Yue, are you a demon or not? How can you be strong to such a degree.”Baili Xinghe was filled with shock, in her opinion, what Leng Yue had done was no longer something a human could do.

“Chu Feng is finished, Chu Feng is absolutely finished, even if Chu Feng were to be even more celestially outstanding, it is absolutely impossible for him to be the opponent of this demoness.”

“Because Chu Feng’s opponent is no longer a human, it is a demon, a true demon!!!”Baili Xinghe, sighed in his heart.

Although, he had always wished for Chu Feng to die, at this moment, he also felt some regret for Chu Feng, he had already seen Chu Feng’s talent, and he firmly believed that if Chu Feng continued to grow, he would most likely become the strongest amongst their juniors.

Unfortunately, before Chu Feng had completely grown, he had encountered Leng Yue, who was also a demon.

And at least from the current point of view, this Leng Yue’s degree of being a demon was even higher than Chu Feng’s.

In fact, at this moment, Chu Feng was indeed suppressed by Leng Yue, whose cultivation and battle power were not below Chu Feng.

Moreover, both of their half-completed Emperor Armaments were also of quite good quality, and were equally indistinguishable.

Leng Yue, on the other hand, possessed two types of Heavenly Divine Power, and this person’s two types of Heavenly Divine Power were perfectly fused by him, increasing his power by several times.

In that case, even if Chu Feng summoned, again, the Water Immortal Upanishad and Fire Immortal Upanishad, there was no harm in blocking Leng Yue.

“Leng Yue, since you have already surrendered your old self, then I will also let you see my means.”

Chu Feng retreated instead of advancing, and then four rays of light erupted from within his body.

Roar – In an instant, a roar resounded through the heavens and earth !!!!

Green Dragon Sprinting Technique.

White Tiger Attacking Technique.

Vermilion Bird Resurrection Technique.

Xuanwu Transported Armour Technique.

The four supreme secret techniques, like four holy beasts, vividly appeared in Chu Feng’s surroundings.

The appearance of the four supreme secret techniques not only made Chu Feng no longer weaker than Leng Yue in terms of might, but in terms of aura, Chu Feng was even better.

“This feeling, it is a Supreme Secret Skill, Chu Feng… you actually still possess four Supreme Secret Skills.”At this moment, Leng Yue was also greatly surprised, secret techniques… how precious were they? Even though she possessed two heavenly divine powers, she did not even possess one supreme secret skill.

As for Chu Feng, not only did he master the Water Immortal Upanishad and the Fire Immortal Upanishad, but in addition to that, he also mastered four secret techniques, and looking at this situation, it seemed that the power of these four secret techniques was even higher than that of the Water Immortal Upanishad and the Fire Immortal Upanishad.

Chu Feng, mastered a full six secret techniques, but she, Leng Yue, did not have any of them, how could she not be surprised?

In fact, Leng Yue’s surprise was nothing, when Chu Feng displayed four supreme secret techniques, the Baili Xinghe, who was observing the battle, had long since been stunned.

Baili Xinghe, for better or for worse, was also a closed disciple of the Soldier Refining Immortal, and had seen the world, but at the moment, being stunned into this state was indeed out of character.

However, that was also a side indication of how astonishing it was for Chu Feng to possess six secret techniques.

At this moment, relying on the supreme divine might of the four secret techniques, he had already blocked Leng Yue’s attack, and the two of them had once again formed an equal position.

“Chu Feng, interesting, truly interesting.”

“It is said that if the master does not die, the secret techniques do not die, and even if the master dies, the secret techniques will not die, but if the master dies, the secret techniques will change masters.”

“Today, if you dare to humiliate me, I will behead you, not only will I behead you, I will also gouge out your eyes, I will also snatch your weapons, I will also seize your treasures, and I will also subjugate your secret techniques.”

“Everything that you have, everything that you have desperately acquired, will be mine, Leng Yue, and the efforts that you made before were all just risks for me, Leng Yue.”

Looking at Chu Feng’s divine Four Great Mysterious Skills, Leng Yue’s eyes flashed with a touch of greed, and at the same time, she, who rarely laughed, even more rarely laughed, only at this moment, her smile was so evil.

Swish, swish, swish – then, her hands began to change rapidly, Dao complex hand seals, constantly surfaced in her hands, with the speed of light, a flash.

And at the same time, a powerful aura emanated from within Leng Yue’s body.

“This aura.”Feeling this aura, Chu Feng also frowned, because this aura was simply too unusual.

“This Leng Yue, what sort of means is he going to perform?”

Feeling bad, Chu Feng hurriedly lifted his Heavenly Immortal Sword and executed the Earth Forbidden Crowning Slash.

Swish, swish, swish, swish – in the heat of the moment, the nine Chopping Beheadings were unleashed, and Chu Feng no longer held back.

As the nine Chopping Blades were superimposed, the heavens and earth were pitch-black, and the only thing that shone the brightest was the blood-red blade of light.

However, just as those nine chopping strikes had already broken through the several walls formed by the wind and thunder, and were close to Leng Yue, the corner of Leng Yue’s mouth suddenly lifted up a cold smile, “Heh, wanting to make a surprise attack, but it’s a pity that you’re too late.”

Boom – as the words rang out, Leng Yue violently raised his hand, and a golden light suddenly appeared.

And that golden light, which was truly radiant, actually hardened Chu Feng’s Nine Chopping Chopping Chopping of Cang Moi, and intercepted all of it.

“This is?”

That golden aura was truly too dazzling, and even Leng Yue’s body was obscured, and under such circumstances, Chu Feng could only use his Heavenly Eyes.

Under the Heavenly Eyes, everything became clear, and Chu Feng was able to see that above Leng Yue’s palm, there was a golden seal suspended, and this seal was four-square and half the size of a palm, but that overbearing golden aura was exactly what was emitted from this seal.

And, this seal around the void, also in the constant trembling, that kind of trembling, not like being intimidated by the pressure of the trembling, but more like the fear of the same trembling.

This golden seal, actually let the void to its fear!

The excellence of this seal no longer needed to be said, but the most important thing was that Chu Feng had discovered that this seal was not a supreme treasure, not a half-completed Emperor Soldier, but was pure force.

“Mo Fei!”Seeing this seal, Chu Feng’s eyes also lit up and his heart tightened.

“Chu Feng, this martial skill of yours is so powerful, it is considered to be the most powerful Earth Forbidden Martial Skill that I have ever seen, but it is a pity, even if this Earth Forbidden Martial Skill of yours is even more powerful, it would be difficult to injure me in the slightest, because what I am performing at this moment is a Heaven Forbidden Martial Skill.”

“Heavenly Forbidden Dao Light Seal!!!”Leng Yue uttered those five words out loud.

“Heavenly Forbidden, it really is a Heavenly Forbidden Martial Technique, the Heavenly Dao Mansion deserves to be one of the three Mansions, to have a Heavenly Forbidden Martial Technique for its disciples to cultivate.”Looking at Leng Yue’s hand, that powerful golden seal, a rare flash of envy surged in Chu Feng’s eyes.

The Heaven Forbidden Martial Skill ah, that was like a legendary martial skill, Chu Feng had been slow to see it, but today, he had seen it, but it was in the hands of his opponent, which was not good news for Chu Feng.

“Chu Feng, give it up, if you kneel down and beg for forgiveness from me now, I can refrain from gouging out your eyes and leave you with a whole body.”Leng Yue said.

“What if I don’t?”Chu Feng said.

“Hmph, if you do not submit, I will let you not even know how you died.”Leng Yue said viciously, and at this moment, in the tone of her voice, she was speaking with absolute confidence.

However, self-confidence also had the capital of self-confidence, Leng Yue was indeed the most powerful peer that Chu Feng had met so far.

It could even be said that facing such a Leng Yue, Chu Feng was already at an absolute disadvantage.

But even so, Chu Feng was not panicked, and only smiled blandly and said, “Then you can come and try.”