Martial Champion Chapter 1781


However, just as the two of them were about to make their move, a majestic mighty pressure landed on Baili Xinghe’s body without a sound, and then it was like a chain, binding him firmly.

Powerful force, so that Baili Xinghe could not resist, even more unable to break free, by that pressure, was directly pressed into the ground.

Subsequently, that pressure moved again, just like a dragon coming out of the sea, leapt out from the ground, and at the same time, Baili Xinghe’s figure also came out with it.

Only at this moment, Baili Xinghe is actually pale as paper, face hard colour, the body also continuously issued, crunching sound.

That is the sound of bones broken ……

That pressure, although it didn’t cause him to suffer a serious injury, it brought him a huge pressure that pressed all parts of his body, including his dantian and soul.

Swish – right at this moment, a woman’s figure suddenly descended from the sky, floating and landing in front of Baili Xinghe.

This woman was no other than Leng Yue.

Leng Yue’s expression was cold and indifferent as she looked at Baili Xinghe without a trace of emotion and said, “My opponent is not something you can touch.”

Hearing those words, Baili Xinghe’s expression froze, and although it was only a flash, Chu Feng also caught the emotion of panic in his eyes.

“Heh ……”

Seeing this scene, Chu Feng then let out a light laugh, at first, he felt that Baili Xinghe was the strongest genius of the Sacred Land of Martial Arts, but today, after seeing it, it was nothing more than that.

Putting aside his martial cultivation talent, a fellow like Baili Xinghe was far inferior to Yan Xie, Zhang Tianyi, and the others who had backbone.

This kind of person, even if his talent was no longer good, he would still be unable to escape the fate of scum because he bullied the weak and acted by any means necessary.

At this moment, Chu Feng’s anger had slowed down a lot, although Baili Xinghe had acted excessively, but just from the perspective of his heart, he was destined to be a minor character, and was not yet worthy of Chu Feng’s fussing over him.

Buzz – right at that moment, that Leng Yue threw out three golden bowls, and after the three golden bowls were thrown into midair, they disappeared.

However, Chu Feng was able to feel that three invisible forces enveloped this heaven and earth.

That was the three golden bowls were supreme treasures that had blocked off this place, and under the shelter of those three golden bowls, Chu Feng and Leng Yue had fought to the death, and the outside would not be aware of it.

This Leng Yue, really did come prepared.

“You and that Zhang Tianyi are senior siblings?”Leng Yue asked.

“Yes.”Chu Feng said.

“That senior brother of yours is really something, actually a Bow Emperor’s heir.”

“But no matter what kind of shit luck he’s had, I despise him.”

“Do you know why I said that he is not worthy of being my opponent?”

“Even though he, back then, was just a small person, I do remember him.”

“Back in the day ……”

“You don’t have to say it, this revenge, I will report it for him.”Before Leng Yue finished speaking, Chu Feng snatched his words and said.

He knew what Leng Yue was going to say, Leng Yue was going to say the matter of Zhang Tianyi’s humiliation in front of him and Baili Xinghe.

This matter, if it were to be spread out, would affect Zhang Tianyi’s reputation, and Chu Feng would naturally not allow it.

“So that’s how it is, no wonder this Chu Feng would run here in the middle of the night, it turns out that he had already made an appointment with Leng Yue.”

And hearing this, Baili Xinghe had already come to the realisation that this Chu Feng had come here to make an appointment with Leng Yue to fight ah.

Thinking of this, the corner of Baili Xinghe’s mouth lifted up a sinister cold smile.

Although he could not deal with Chu Feng, if Leng Yue killed Chu Feng for him, that seemed even better. After all, in that case, he would not even have to carry the charge.

As for Leng Yue’s strength, he was clear, Leng Yue dealing with Chu Feng would be like an adult bullying a child, after all, even he, Baili Xinghe, was afraid of this Leng Yue.

“Heh …… to avenge him, you have to take out your real skills.”Leng Yue laughed sarcastically, although she wanted to fight Chu Feng, she similarly did not place Chu Feng in her eyes.

“Against you, I won’t be able to keep my hands off you, but my Realm Spirit, wants to see my engagement with you, I wonder if it’s possible.”Chu Feng asked.

“Want to see how you lost? Anyway, there is already an audience, don’t care about one more, you release it.”Leng Yue said indifferently.

“Remember, it’s not release, it’s invite.”After Chu Feng corrected himself, he opened the Realm Spirit Gate.

“Stinky girl, this Queen sat and watched how you were abused.”After Egg walked out, he first glanced at Leng Yue with contempt before walking over to Baili Xinghe.

Seeing Baili Xinghe, looking straight at himself, Egg had a bored look on his face, “What are you looking at, haven’t you ever seen a beautiful woman?”

“I’ve seen a lot of beautiful women, but this is the first time I’ve seen a realm spirit as beautiful as you.”Baili Xinghe faintly laughed, and although he was hostile to Chu Feng, he was quite kind and even somewhat attentive to Egg.

Seeing this, Chu Feng’s impression of this Baili Xinghe had already undergone a 180 degree turn.

When he thought about it, the first time he saw Baili Xinghe, he was condescending and arrogant, as if he were a saint, not placing all of his peers in his eyes.

But unexpectedly, this guy who was apparently not close to women was actually a standard big lecher, from the way he was looking at his balls, one could tell that he was moving.

“People who have seen this queen say so, but this is also the first time this queen has seen, someone as disgusting as you, yuck.”After saying that, Egg took a mouthful of spit and landed on Baili Xinghe’s body, then said, “Move your disgusting gaze away, if you look at me one more time, I will be disgusted for one minute.”

After saying that, the egg was high and mighty, walking towards the distance.

At this moment, Baili Xinghe was shivering with anger, to think that he was a closed disciple of the Soldier Refining Immortal, how had he ever suffered such humiliation.

But right now, his body, bound by Leng Yue’s power, could not break free at all, even though he was angry, there was nothing he could do.

“Is this the Cultivation Realm Spirit, it’s arrogant enough, but with this kind of character, I’m afraid that sooner or later, he will suffer.”Leng Yue said.

Chu Feng’s deeds had long since spread, so by now, almost everyone in the Sacred Land of Martial Arts knew that Chu Feng, leaving aside his martial cultivation talent, was a legendary Cultivation Realm Spiritist.

“Leng Yue, you said that as long as I came to fight you, you would send me a gift, I wonder what it is?”Chu Feng did not rush to strike, but instead opened his mouth and asked.

“Of course.”Between Leng Yue’s words, she raised her hand and threw it, and a Qiankun bag fell into Chu Feng’s hands.

After inspecting it, Chu Feng discovered that within the Qiankun Bag, there were actually ten Dragon ranked Boundary Spirit Stones.

“Such a small amount of stuff, you’re sending out beggars?”Chu Feng coldly laughed, and then threw that Qiankun Bag to Leng Yue.

“You actually think it’s too little? This is ten Dragon ranked Boundary Spirit Masters.”Leng Yue’s willow brows frowned, she truly did not expect Chu Feng to be too little.

“Naturally, it is too little.”Chu Feng said.

“Then tell me, what do you want?”Leng Yue raised her eyebrows and asked.

“I want all the treasures on your body.”Chu Feng looked at Leng Yue and said.

“You’re really big-headed, to want all of my treasures, are you the one who’s head was pinched by the door when you left the house today?”Hearing those words, Leng Yue burst into a cold laugh, in her opinion, what Chu Feng said was very unrealistic and whimsical.

“I didn’t say that I want your things for no reason, let’s have a fair duel, and the one who loses will hand over all the treasures on their body to the other party.”

Between his words, Chu Feng opened his Qiankun Bag, and placed the Heavenly Immortal Sword, Evil God Sword, and other rare treasures, one by one, in front of Leng Yue.

Seeing the treasures within Chu Feng’s Qiankun Bag, Leng Yue’s gaze was constantly changing, and especially after seeing the Evil God Sword, her eyes were even more glazed over.

“Good, since you, Chu Feng, have such vigour, then I will get on a bet with you, if you are able to defeat me, I will give you all of the treasures on my body, but if you lose, you will have to give me all of your treasures.”Under Chu Feng’s temptation, Leng Yue successfully fell into the trap