Martial Champion Chapter 1778

“That’s right, now that I’m only at the Immortal Flame First Transformation, my cultivation has risen tremendously, reaching the point I’m at today.”

“As for my father, he has already cultivated to the Immortal Flame Second Transformation, although in the Holy Land of Martial Arts, it’s not yet invincible, but there are still few enemies.”

“As for my ancestor, the Bow Emperor of that year, he was the Triple Transformation, the Triple Transformation of him, even if the ancient elves at that time, was also quite scornful, was the true invincible hand of the world in that era.”

“My father said that as long as I am able to win the title of this strongest junior, he will help me to open the Second Transformation, as long as the Second Transformation is successfully opened, I dare not say anything else, I will at least step into the Martial Emperor.”As the words came to this point, Zhang Tianyi also had a look of anticipation on his face.

“Stepping into a Martial Emperor directly? What a subtle gong method.”Hearing this, Chu Feng was also a little envious, opening a Heavy Transformation would allow his cultivation to skyrocket, this could be a little too miraculous.

“Actually, the gong method is not subtle, the one who is powerful is still my clan’s ancestor.”Zhang Tianyi said.

“Wow? I wonder what that means?”Chu Feng asked.

“The Immortal Flame Triple Transformation, one is more difficult than the other, cultivating it is comparable to ascending to the heavens, back then, the old ancestor’s heavenly beauty was outstanding, it was one step at a time that he cultivated to the Triple Transformation, and accomplished the name of an emperor.”

“As for the descendants, it is merely thanks to the blessings of the ancestor.”Zhang Tianyi said.

“Thanks to the blessings of an ancestor, could it be that your ancestor did something?”Chu Feng asked.

“That’s right, although the ancestor cultivated into the Immortal Flame Triple Transformation, he was also well aware of the difficulty of the Immortal Flame Triple Transformation, and in order for his descendants to be able to cultivate into the Immortal Flame Triple Transformation without any difficulty, the ancestor inherited his own power by a special means.”

“That power combined with the Immortal Flame Triple Transformation would allow the descendants to make a quick breakthrough, and I don’t know how much simpler it would be compared to allowing the descendants to cultivate on their own.”Zhang Tianyi said.

“I see, your ancestor was truly a person with a heart.”Chu Feng said.

“Yes. With his ancestor’s prowess, he could have lived for as long as ten thousand years, or even longer, but in order to preserve his power for the benefit of his descendants, he died before he reached the age of five hundred.”Zhang Tianyi said.

Hearing this, Chu Feng’s expression also moved, what the Bow Emperor did was clearly sacrificing himself for the sake of his descendants, this kind of spirit was truly rare.

“Not only that, but the ancestor also left behind an ancestral instruction that, in order to be able to allow my clan to always pass on, anyone who is able to cultivate to the Triple Transformation must use the same method as him at his peak to preserve his power for the benefit of future generations.”Zhang Tianyi added.

“This ……,” Chu Feng did not know what to say, although the spirit of the Bow Emperor was admirable, this request of his could be truly somewhat difficult for his descendants.

It didn’t matter how a person, himself, was, but forcing others was always wrong.

What’s more, cultivating to the Immortal Flame Triple Transformation, one would have the might to be called an emperor, so who would be willing to sacrifice themselves to make others successful when they were at their peak?

“Then, later on, could anyone cultivate to the Immortal Flame Triple Transformation?”Chu Feng, still, could not help but ask.

“Although the ancestor left behind the method of inheritance, only those with the strongest talent in the clan would have the opportunity to receive that power, which is why there is this eighth generation of my heir.”

“However, the Immortal Flame Triple Transformation is just too difficult, even though the ancestor sacrificed himself, but most of the descendants, they only cultivated to the Immortal Flame Double Transformation.”

“Since my ancestor’s death, to this day, counting a total of eight generations of my heirs, there is only one senior who has cultivated to the Immortal Flame Triple Transformation.”

“It’s just a pity that this senior was born at the wrong time, even though he cultivated into the Immortal Flame Triple Transformation and gained the same might as his ancestor, he happened to catch up with the era in which the Green Emperor was born.”

“The Green Emperor?”Hearing those two words, Chu Feng’s expression also changed.

“That’s right, it is that Qing Emperor, the one who is known as the strongest of the Five Emperors. In his presence, no one dares to call themselves an emperor.”Mentioning this, Zhang Tianyi’s face had a touch of regret.

As for Chu Feng, he was also moved in his heart, he was able to guess who that senior that Zhang Tianyi was talking about was, it was most likely the one who had left a mark within the Seal Seal Ancient Village that day.

“The might of the Green Emperor is only a rumour, so why are you so certain that that senior of your clan is inferior to the Green Emperor?”Chu Feng asked.

“The two of them once dueled privately, although that duel was very secretive, and no one knew about it except for my clan’s seniors and the Qing Emperor, but the final result, you should know without me saying it.”Zhang Tianyi said.

“Understood.”Chu Feng truly understood, that result, it was clearly that the Qing Emperor had won, otherwise, the emperor of that era would not have been the Qing Emperor, but rather, it would have been the predecessor that Zhang Tianyi spoke of.

“That senior, after losing to the Cyan Emperor, had also cultivated bitterly for a period of time, wanting to attempt to defeat the Cyan Emperor, but unfortunately, the Cyan Emperor was getting stronger and stronger, and had already become so powerful that he was unable to reach.”

“With no hope in sight, he listened to his ancestor’s ancestral teachings and chose to sacrifice himself, inheriting his power, but unfortunately …… no one of his descendants ever cultivated to the Immortal Flame Triple Transformation again.”Zhang Tianyi said.

Hearing those words, although Chu Feng also felt sorry for the Zhang Family, what he thought more in his heart was, just how strong was the Qing Emperor back then?

How could he actually cause someone who had cultivated to the Immortal Flame Triple Transformation to feel despair?

“Senior Brother Zhang, then tomorrow’s peer-to-peer duel, you are the one who must win?”Chu Feng asked.

“Yes. However, it is not that my father is making things difficult for me, it is just that this is also a rule left behind by my ancestor, and according to my ancestor’s rules, one must be up to a hundred years old and be the strongest of the juniors of his clan before he can use his power to open the Immortal Flame Triple Transformation.”

“Otherwise …… one would have to use their own strength to defeat the Sacred Soil of Martial Arts, all of their contemporaries’ juniors in order to do so.”When Zhang Tianyi reached this point in his words, he looked towards Chu Feng and said, “Senior Brother Chu Feng, that day, before we prepared to travel to the Eastern Seas, we had fought once in the Green Dragon Sect.”

“I lost that battle to you, and ever since then, you and I have grown farther and farther apart, and I originally thought that I would never have the opportunity to compete with you again.”

“But I never thought that my ancestor, had given me the chance to be able to fight with you again, and honestly, what I’m looking forward to the most, is to fight with you, no matter if I win or lose, I’m looking forward to it.”

“I look forward to it as well.”Chu Feng said with a smile.

“That’s right Senior Brother Chu Feng, tomorrow’s competition is a selective duel, that demoness Leng Yue, you must not choose, you must leave it to me.”

“Although I can’t kill him, I must, however, return the insults he gave to me and Brother Wuzheng, return them all to him.”

At this point in the conversation, Zhang Tianyi’s gaze became complicated, as if the scene of being humiliated that day, had surfaced again.

“Dealing with that Leng Yue, how much certainty do you have?”Chu Feng asked.

“Honestly speaking, only five points.”Zhang Tianyi laughed bitterly, “With the same cultivation level, the same battle power, and her means, which may not be weaker than mine, it can only be five points of certainty, but even so, I must win against her.”

“Will do.”Chu Feng smiled and patted Zhang Tianyi’s shoulder.

Although he said that on his lips, Chu Feng sighed in his heart, “Senior Brother Zhang, that Leng Yue’s battle power might not just be a Reverse Battle Third Grade, but might very well be a Reverse Battle Fourth Grade.”

“Senior Brother Chu Feng, the tournament will begin tomorrow, we brothers can take our time to chat if we have something to say, today, you’d better take a good rest.”

“That’s right, when we face off tomorrow, don’t hold back your hands.”Zhang Tianyi said before he left.

“Definitely.”Chu Feng nodded.

However, after Zhang Tianyi left, Chu Feng had a saddened look on his face, and for a moment, he did not know what to do, he did not expect that tomorrow’s duel would be so important to Zhang Tianyi.

Only after a few moments did Chu Feng smile in relief, as if he had already made a decision.

“Hey, what are you fools thinking about?”And right at that moment, a sweet voice suddenly came in Chu Feng’s ears.

Hearing that voice, Chu Feng was overjoyed, “Egg, you’re awake!!!”

“Nonsense, if I hadn’t woken up, was a ghost talking to you?”Egg said with a smirk.

Hearing this familiar flirtation, Chu Feng was even more ecstatic, and with a movement of his mind, he projected his mind, into the Realm Spirit Space.

Sure enough, at that moment, that beautiful silhouette was standing in it, looking at himself with a playful gesture and a smile.