Martial Champion Chapter 1774


However, while others couldn’t distinguish it, the Ximen Patriarch could, and after hearing Ximen Feixue’s miserable scream, he knew it was his son.

And after taking a closer look, he was even more shocked, he didn’t care to line up his troops, with a single leap of his body, he came above the sky and took Ximen Feixue into his arms.

“Feixue, what happened, who seriously injured you?”Ximen Patriarch, looking at his son in his arms, was angry and furious, while more emotions, was heartache.

Ximen Feixue, was his Ximen Imperial Clan’s most outstanding genius over the tens of thousands of years, as well as his most beloved son, he had always treated Ximen Feixue, like a treasure.

In fact, the reason why he hated Chu Feng so much was because Chu Feng, in public, had made his son look bad.

Right now, his son had been beaten up like this, how could he not be angry?

“Father, my son has disappointed you, and was actually the first to be eliminated from the competition.”Ximen Feixue let out a bitter smile as he felt that he had no face to face his father.

“Eliminated from the game?”Hearing this, Patriarch Ximen first froze, then became furious, and with a voice that was several times better than that of a shocking thunder, he shouted angrily at the fortress below, “Why have you eliminated my son?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

As soon as this voice rang out, many of the people present, rushed to cover their ears, as the sound was simply too ear-piercing.

“Eliminated? How could it be eliminated?”

Although the sound was ear-piercing, people also heard clearly that Ximen Feixue had been eliminated.

“Ximen Feixue, breaking the rules, provoking others, insulting others, and forcing others to fight with him even before the tournament started, according to the rules, I must eliminate him.”

Within the fortress, the man’s voice was heard, the voice was so loud that it was far above the Ximen Clan Chief, but the voice was loud, but it did not hurt anyone.

“Awesome.”At this moment, people’s hearts were all startled, just one sentence, people already knew that the man within that fortress, his cultivation was to be above the Ximen Clan Chief.

“Elimination is elimination, why did you seriously injure my son?”Patriarch Ximen asked again.

“Your son was not injured by me, but rather, he provoked Chu Feng and was injured by Chu Feng.”Within the fortress, the man’s voice also came once again.

“What? It was actually Chu Feng?”

“In that case, Ximen Feixue was eliminated because he provoked Chu Feng?”

“Holy shit, provoking Chu Feng and being eliminated is even worse, but as a result, he was also beaten by Chu Feng to this shit?”

That man’s words were also heard clearly, and for a moment, many people could not help but sneer.

This matter was really humiliating enough.

“Chu Feng, it’s that Chu Feng again.”And after hearing Chu Feng’s name, the Ximen Clan Chief was even more furious as his veins rippled, and majestic killing intent surged within his eyes.

“Woohoo” However, right at this moment, Ximen Feixue suddenly opened her mouth wide, and then only heard a “pff” sound, a large mouthful of fresh blood was sprayed out.

Because he was caught off guard, this mouthful of fresh blood directly sprayed on the face and body of the Ximen Clan Chief.

“Feixue, what’s wrong with you?”Being spat on by his own son, not only did the Ximen Patriarch not get angry, he instead had a worried look on his face.

He found that no matter how heavy Ximen Feixue’s previous injuries were, they were always external injuries, but after spitting out this mouthful of blood, Ximen Feixue’s entire aura, became incredibly weak, this was an internal injury.

“Father, child is incompetent, the Heavenly Immortal Sword was snatched by that Chu Feng.”

“Now that Heavenly Immortal Sword, it no longer belongs to child.”Ximen Feixue let out a bitter smile, and an incomparable loss emanated from his gaze.

In this battle, he had not only lost, but he had also lost completely and utterly, it was truly a defeat.

“Did I hear it right? Ximen Feixue’s Heavenly Immortal Sword was snatched by Chu Feng? And it was also Chu Feng who severed his connection with the Heavenly Immortal Sword? That’s why Ximen Feixue vomited blood?”

“But looking at this, the fight between Ximen Feixue and Chu Feng should have just ended, and the Heavenly Immortal Sword should have just been snatched as well.”

“My mummy, what kind of demon is this Chu Feng, how is he so strong that he was able to sever the connection between Ximen Feixue and the Heavenly Immortal Sword in such a short period of time? The Heavenly Immortal Sword is not an ordinary half-completed Imperial Armament!!!”

At this moment, the onlookers all had their ears perked up, so people were hearing every single sentence and word from Ximen Feixue clearly.

Learning about what had happened, they did nothing but marvel or marvel, marvelling at all of Chu Feng’s various things.

However, the marvelling of the onlookers, when it entered the Ximen Clan Chief’s ears, it was like countless sharp blades poking him in the spine, making him feel very humiliated.

“Asshole !!!!!”

Suddenly, the Ximen Clan Chief bellowed out, then angrily stared down at the fortress below, questioning with incomparable anger:

“My son broke the rules and you eliminated him, that Chu Feng also broke the rules, why didn’t you eliminate him?”

“My son breaks the rules and you control it.”

“But why did you not care when my son was injured by Chu Feng?”

“Why don’t you care when my son’s Heavenly Immortal Sword was snatched by Chu Feng?”

“What kind of organiser are you? Do you still have any fairness left?”

The voices shook the sky and echoed continuously, the Ximen Clan Chief was truly furious, he was completely enraged, enraged without a wolf.

“Your son took the initiative to provoke, it’s all his own fault.”Inside the fortress, only such a sentence came out, but it was such a sentence that had already shown his attitude.

“You fucking fart !!!!”

Ximen patriarch, finally exploded out, under the fury, he could not bear it anymore, not only cursed, but also moved his body, transformed into a stream of light, clenched his right fist, with the might of a third grade Martial Emperor, blasted towards that fortress.

Boom – a fist fell, immediately roaring four, ripples shook, many onlookers, are like a kite with broken strings, by that ripples shocked rolling.

However, under such a punch, the fortress was intact, but on the contrary, the Ximen patriarch, just like a stringless arrow, was the fortress shocked back tens of thousands of metres, shooting straight into the sky.

When Patriarch Ximen stabilised his body, not only was blood flowing from the corner of his mouth, his fist, which he had blasted out earlier, was even more bloody, even the bones were shattered.

“Hmph” And at the same time, within that fortress, a voice of contempt was also heard.

However, at this moment, the furious Ximen Patriarch, faced with the mocking fan voice coming from within the fortress, but only the corners of his mouth twitched, instead of striking again.

With just that one punch, he had already recognised the gap between him and the other party.


Seeing this scene, everyone present could not help but suck in a mouthful of cool air.

Even before, they felt that the owner of this fortress was not simple, and now that they saw it, it was really true.

At least the clan leader of the hallowed Ximen Imperial Clan was unbeatable in front of him.

“Alas, this Ximen is also the head of a clan, why is his temperament still so strong, this is a good thing, making a fool of himself in public, what he has lost is not only the people of the Ximen Imperial Clan, but also the people of the four great imperial clans of mine.”

Deep in the ground outside the fortress, the four great emperor clans’ supreme elders were also watching what was happening above the ground.

At this moment, the Taishang Elders of the Eastern, Northern Tang, and Southern Palace clans were all shaking their heads slightly, feeling that the Ximen Clan Chief, was really too impulsive.

Only the Ximen Imperial Clan’s Supreme Elder did not say a word, but a cold aura surged in his pair of pale eyes.

“Chu Feng, I will definitely have you broken into pieces.”

Suddenly, the Ximen Imperial Clan’s Supreme Elder, gritting his teeth, uttered these words.