Martial Champion Chapter 1771

“Chu Feng is second, then who exactly is first?”Amidst the excitement, people also all looked towards the sky once more.

Buzzing – under the attention of all the people, the word Leng Yue, emerged.

“Leng Yue, a disciple of the Heavenly Dao Palace.”

The crowd was shocked, after all, Leng Yue’s name had long been heard like thunder, she had always been the best of the contemporary juniors.

Seeing the word Leng Yue, people from the Heaven’s Path Mansion, their faces were overflowing with complacent arcs, while the Hell Mansion was frowning slightly, somewhat sullen.

Compared to the Hell Mansion, the Human King Mansion’s emotions, on the other hand, were not as low, but they were equally not too happy.

After all, the three Mansions were originally aligned, but now, among the disciples of the three Mansions, the Heavenly Dao Mansion’s occupied the first place, which more or less caused them to be a little less balanced, and they felt that their faces were not honoured.

“Take action, since Chu Feng has come, we must not let him leave alive.”

However, while the crowd was marvelling at Leng Yue taking first place, the Four Great Imperial Clans’ Clan Chiefs, however, led their respective elites and quietly concealed themselves in the sea of people.

They had long ago planned that it would be just as well if Chu Feng did not come, but if Chu Feng came, they would definitely have to uncover Chu Feng.


Within the fortress, people were still speculating about the identity of the three Pepper people.

Swish – But suddenly, a figure exploded out of a tall tower, and then, like a meteorite, landed under Chu Feng’s tall tower.

This scene attracted the attention of many people, and the people on top of the various high towers all cast their gazes over.

And at that moment, the person who landed under Chu Feng’s high tower was a man.

This person’s face was handsome, yet chilling, and it was no other than Ximen Feixue.

Ximen Feixue’s eyes, which were already chilly and unsympathetic, were even colder at this moment.

A moment later, a moment later – suddenly, he violently drew out his Heavenly Immortal Sword and aimed it at the high tower where Chu Feng was located, and in an instant, the raging coldness transformed into a Dao of cold wind that ravaged the heavens and the earth.

And in the end, that Dao Coldness that was visible to the naked eye, like a fierce beast, swept through the high tower where Chu Feng was located, and yes, Chu Feng’s high tower, too, trembled slightly.

Originally, at this moment, Ximen Feixue, is no longer a fifth grade half emperor, but a sixth grade half emperor, he …… actually broke through.

“Chu Feng, I, Ximen Feixue, came here for no other reason than for you.”

“And you, since you have also come, then this time, I will make sure that you lose under my Heavenly Immortal Sword, to wipe out your former shame.”Ximen Feixue’s voice was like thunder, and he loudly heckled When he said those words, although Ximen Feixue was full of hatred, he was also full of self-confidence.

He did not feel that Chu Feng was able to make a breakthrough in such a short period of time as he had, so he felt that Chu Feng would undoubtedly lose if he fought him again.

“Yo, so it’s a battle for revenge, that’s somewhat interesting.”

The crowd of people understood Ximen Feixue’s intentions, so they all watched in earnest.

There were even some who took out the snacks prepared within the high tower and ate the food while watching the hilarity.

That day, they had no chance to see the battle between Chu Feng and Ximen Feixue, but today, it was not bad to be able to see the battle of revenge that Ximen Feixue had initiated against Chu Feng.

“Oh no, it’s actually Ximen Feixue, why did this fellow come to challenge Chu Feng before the competition even started?”Although the outsiders were looking forward to this hilarious event, this was an emergency for the Big and Little Radishes.

Although they were disciples of the Hell Mansion, they knew how powerful Ximen Feixue was.

“What are you afraid of, you guys stay here and don’t go out, I’ll be a moment with this Ximen Feixue.”As Yan Xie spoke, he turned into a stream of light and swept out.

As he appeared, the same Sixth Grade Half-Emperor’s aura swept out, suppressing Ximen Feixue’s cold aura that was sweeping across the tower.

“Brother Chu Feng’s defeated opponent also dares to provoke like this, if you want to challenge Chu Feng you can also do so, first pass through me.”After landing, Yan Xie drew his Fire Dragon Emperor Gun, pointed at Yan Xie, and angrily shouted.

“Who are you?”Yan Xie’s aura of being a fellow Sixth Grade Half-Emperor gained Ximen Feixue’s proper attention.

“I am Yan Emperor’s heir, Yan Xie.”Yan Xie said.

“Who else did I think it was, but it turns out that you are that Yan Emperor’s Successor. Originally, I thought that the Yan Emperor’s Successor was so outstanding, but I never imagined that the Yan Emperor’s Successor was nothing more than Chu Feng’s lapdog.”Ximen Feixue said sarcastically.

“Cut the crap, either fight or get lost, everyone is watching, you’re less of a disgrace here.”Yan Evil spoke.

Hearing this, Ximen Feixue also looked around, only to find that the top of each tower, are standing a figure, each body posture, each extraordinary, these people in the dragon and phoenix, the pride of the sky … actually came out to watch the fun.

Seeing this scene, the corner of Ximen Feixue’s mouth, instead, lifted up a faint smile, the reason why he challenged Chu Feng at this time, in order to let people know that Chu Feng was inferior to him.

“As well, it’s not too late to exterminate you first, and then exterminate Chu Feng.”

Swish, swish, swish – at those words, Ximen Feixue had already struck out, and as cold light shot out in all directions, the Heavenly Immortal Sword had already transformed into a murderous weapon and stabbed at Yan Xie.

“Hmph” At the same time Ximen Feixue struck, Yan Xie also struck, holding the Fire Dragon Emperor Gun, and Ximen Feixue fought in one place.

Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom – the two of them each held a half-completed Imperial weapon, their moves were ever-changing, and their power even shook the heavens.

Ximen Feixue has an emperor level bloodline, Yan Xie has a heavenly divine body, the two of them fought with all their might, and for a while, it was hard to tell the winner from the loser.

Drink ah – another furious drink, suddenly the wind rises, golden awns shoot out in all directions, Ximen Feixue use emperor level bloodline, will cultivation to the seventh grade half emperor.

Rumble – followed by purple flames sweeping in, Yan Xie also used his Heavenly Divine Power, similarly raising his cultivation to a seventh-grade half-Emperor.

Both of them had already used their killer moves, but when they exchanged blows again, they were still indistinguishable, and it was hard to tell the winner from the loser.

One hour, two hours, a full three hours passed ……

Ximen Feixue and Yan evil is still not divided into winners and losers, and look at that way, two people if you want to distinguish between winners and losers, can only see who’s stamina first exhausted.

But to two people’s cultivation and strength, want to wait until the physical exhaustion, not a few days and nights, afraid of no play.

And after a few days and nights, I’m afraid that this Strongest Junior Competition will be over.

Swish – Suddenly, Ximen Feixue made a false move, and then she retreated backwards, withdrawing from the battle circle, and droned, “No more fights, what I’m looking for is Chu Feng, not you, Yan Evil.”

And Yan Xie also retreated back, he also did not want to fight anymore, if this continued, even if they split the victory and defeat, there was no way to participate in the official competition.

Since Ximen Feixue had already stopped, there was no need for him to continue to fight, or else even if he won, it would still be more than he lost.

“Chu Feng, you are truly another disappointment to me.”

“I thought that you were a man, but I never imagined that after my cultivation level rose, you wouldn’t even have the courage to fight me.”

“But remember this for me, if you can hide from the eleventh, you can’t hide from the fifteenth, you’re cowering in the tower today, but you’re also going to fight me tomorrow.”

“I will let everyone know that you, Chu Feng, were able to defeat me, Ximen Feixue, by relying on luck.”

“But you absolutely cannot defeat me a second time, from now on, I, Ximen Feixue, will all deathly suppress you, so that you will always be below me, so that everyone will know that you, Chu Feng, are inferior to me, and even more so, I will let you know the true gap between you and me.”

Ximen Feixue continuously humiliated Chu Feng, and although he was not prepared to continue competing with Yan Xie, he had no intention of letting Chu Feng go.

And seeing that Yan Xie had spoken such unpleasant words, yet Chu Feng still did not show his face, many people’s hearts were also flooded with mutterings.

Could it be that it was truly as Ximen Feixue had said, that Chu Feng’s ability to triumph over Ximen Feixue in the first place was merely luck?

Now that Ximen Feixue’s cultivation had risen, Chu Feng did not dare to fight?

That Chu Feng in the rumours was nothing more than that.

Boom – However, right at that moment, a loud bang suddenly exploded from the tower where Chu Feng was located, and at the same time, a majestic pressure flew out from the tower.

As soon as that mighty pressure came out, the faces of all those present changed greatly, that mighty pressure circled in the sky, seeming to be an invisible bloodthirsty beast, looking down at the prey below, that …… was actually the breath of a seventh grade half emperor.

Boom – Suddenly, that mighty pressure pooled one out, turned into a rainbow light, towards the Ximen Feixue below, then pressed down.


Seeing this, Ximen Feixue let out a cold snort, and then waved the Heavenly Immortal Sword in her hand, exerting her strongest means, and went to fight against that mighty pressure.

Oooh wow – however, the mighty pressure was unstoppable, not only did it destroy Ximen Feixue’s attack, but it also pressurised Ximen Feixue into collapsing onto the ground.

His clothes were destroyed, blood was dripping, his entire physical body, was destroyed for the most part.

Ximen Feixue, exerting his strongest means, was actually unable to defeat a mighty pressure, and was badly injured.


At this moment, the dragons and phoenixes amongst the people on top of the various towers couldn’t help but suck in a mouthful of cool air.

Fourth grade battle power, the owner of that mighty pressure was a fourth grade battle power, which led to Ximen Feixue’s defeat.

Seventh grade Half-Emperor, fourth grade battle power, this kind of strength, it was somewhat extraordinary.

Swish – just at this moment, a figure swept out from the tower and steadily landed in front of Ximen Feixue’s body.

Seeing that figure, people’s eyes lit up, because that person was no other than Chu Feng.

Chu Feng, looking at the blood-covered, physically mutilated Ximen Feixue at his feet, did not have a trace of sympathy in his gaze, and the only thing that was there was an upturned arc hanging from the corner of his mouth as he said:

“Now you know, the gap between you and me?”