Martial Champion Chapter 1770

Within the fortress, people’s hearts rose and fell, and outside the fortress, it was equally unsettled.

At this moment, above the fortress, a body of light actually appeared, the body of light neatly arranged into twenty numbers.

And in the latter numbers, the names of the Eastern Sacred Deer, the Sea Crocodile Clan, the Golden Roc Clan, the Demonic Jiao King Beast, Ximen Feixue, Feng Sanmei, Feng Erhong, Baili Xinghe, and so on had appeared respectively.

“Amazing, almost all of them are existences on the invitation list, the most influential juniors of the Sacred Land of Martial Arts.”

“Actually, even Ximen Feixue has come, I wonder if Chu Feng will come.”One of them, with an expectant face, said.

“Hmph, the Four Great Imperial Clans have sent so many people to come and have already surrounded this fortress, if Chu Feng dares to come, he is looking for death.”The other, between his words, scanned the surroundings.

As expected, tens of thousands of troops from the Four Great Imperial Races, arranged in an orderly fashion, had blocked off the entire fortress, and the ones leading those troops were none other than the Four Great Imperial Races’ four Clan Chiefs.

And in addition to the human huts of the four great emperor clans, the affiliated forces of the four great emperor clans had also sent out many elite troops, added together, the troops that had appeared at this moment were as many as millions.

However, this was still only the troops on the surface, the real elites were actually hidden deep underground, led by the four Supreme Elders, who had yet to appear.

“Alas, it is unexpected that the Four Great Imperial Clans, who hated Chu Feng so much, would go so far as to send out such elites in order to capture a Chu Feng, that even the four Clan Chiefs have all personally appeared.”

“That Chu Feng, who is merely a junior, just how capable is he?”Seeing the four great imperial clans, with such a large number of people, many people were aware of the importance that the four great imperial clans placed on Chu Feng, as well as the extent of their hatred.

“Brother Nangong, do you think that Chu Feng will come?”The Beidou Clan Chief stood above the sky and asked Nangong Beidou beside him.

“I think he will come.”Nangong Beidou said.

“Will come? Heh… I don’t think he’ll come at all, last time he dared to go to Worship Moon Cloud City to cause trouble, that was because he knew that we didn’t take precautions.”

“But this time, almost everyone knows that we will come here to squat on Chu Feng, that Chu Feng isn’t stupid, so how could he come.”The Beidou Clan Chief laughed lightly and said, although this time, he did not feel that Chu Feng would come, in his opinion, they had merely made a trip for nothing.

“I also feel that Chu Feng will not come, and even if he did come, he would probably have run away long ago.”When the Eastern Patriarch spoke here, he looked at the Ximen Patriarch again and asked, “Ximen Patriarch, what do you think?”

“It’s best if he doesn’t come, if he does, I will definitely let him have no return.”The Ximen Clan Chief said in a cold voice.

“I also hope that he comes, only I’m afraid that he won’t come.”Clan Chief Bidou sighed.

“I think he will definitely come.”Nangong Beidou said firmly, “You guys still don’t understand that Chu Feng, but after what happened before, I already have an understanding of him, this son is very ballsy, and his guts are beyond your imagination.”

“Moreover, the backer behind him may not be the only one who used the Execution Pen that day, so we definitely cannot be careless.”At these words, a flash of gravity and unease flashed across Nangong Beidou’s eyes.

He was very clear that the battle force sent out by the four great empire clans today was already very impressive, even the four great empire clan’s supreme elders had sent out a full four of them, and it would not be an exaggeration to say that this was the strongest battle force of the four great empire clans.

However, even so, he still did not have absolute certainty that he would be able to behead Chu Feng.

Because ……

That day, in the Southern Palace Imperial Clan, the scene in which Chu Feng had released the Cultivating Evil Spirit was still fresh in his mind.

That day, in Moon Worshipping Cloud City, the scene of Chu Feng sweeping away the juniors of the four clans was still fresh in his mind.

As for him, he could only watch as his interests were damaged and feel his self-respect humiliated, but there was nothing he could do about Chu Feng.

At this point in time, with regards to Chu Feng, he really did not dare to take it lightly.

“Hahaha ……”

“Brother Nangong, as I see it, you are scared by that Chu Feng, even if his talent is no longer good, he is still a junior, as for?”The Eastern Patriarch, laughed softly.

“That’s right, this is not like the Nangong Beidou we know.”The Beidou Clan Chief also had a face of teasing.

“If I can, I also hope that my worries are redundant, otherwise ……,” Nangong Beidou didn’t say any more, because he also didn’t want to appear otherwise.

“Quickly look, the rankings have been announced to the seventh place, the rankings behind, almost all of them have been occupied by the three houses ah, the three houses are worthy of being the three houses, it’s really remarkable.”Patriarch Beidou, looking at the names that kept surfacing above the sky, sighed.

“The juniors of the Demon Race and the Human Race, have pretty much been announced, so the ones at the front of the line should be the Ancient Elves, right?”The gaze of the Eastern Patriarch, too, became serious.

Buzz – right at this moment, there was a flash of light, and Little Radish’s name, surfacing in the sky, appeared below that sixth place.


“Little Radish? What the fuck is this?”

Upon seeing those three words, not to mention the four Clan Chiefs, almost everyone present froze, their mouths opening wide in surprise, a bewildered look on their faces.

Buzz – and after this, there was another flash of light, and Big Radish’s name emerged, appearing below the fifth place.

“What? Another Big Radish, actually a pair of radishes!!!”

Buzz – before people’s surprise could be tempered, the name of the chilli pepper, appeared in the fourth place.

“Holy shit, is this Vegetables in General? Turnips and chillies, they can all be fried into a dish.”People were completely speechless, what the hell was going on?

They already knew that this ranking, was arranged according to the name of the first to arrive at the centre of the fortress, the more advanced the ranking, it meant that the faster the speed of breaking through the barrier, and the more powerful the strength.

The disciples of the three mansions and the representatives of the demon race, have already appeared more or less, they had thought that the ones who appeared behind them, would be the juniors of the Ancient Elves, or what kind of big names, but right now this size of radish and chilli, what’s going on?

“Could it be that this is the junior of the Ancient Elf, who doesn’t want to use his real name, so he uses a fake name?”At this moment, people could only think this way.

Buzz – right at this moment, underneath the third place, the words “Successor of the Yan Emperor” appeared.

“Successor of the Yan Emperor? Could it be that Yan Clan patriarch who fought against the Qing Emperor and brought the Yan Clan to the pinnacle of the human race ten thousand years ago?”

“Didn’t the Yan Clan die out a long time ago after the Yan Emperor’s death, pursued by his enemies, how come there is still an heir, could it be that the Yan Clan is still around?”

Seeing these four big words, it was only on people’s faces that they revealed both excitement and surprise, compared to the previous names of the big and small radish and chilli, these four words of Yan Emperor’s heir were the surprise they wanted.

“Surprisingly, even the Yandi Emperor’s heir has come out, it really is a great era that has never been seen before, the juniors of this era are really terrifying.”Patriarch Beidou sighed.

“Yes, even amongst my four clans, the strongest junior Ximen Feixue is only ranked at the sixteenth position, so one can imagine how strong those juniors who are ranked in front are.”The Eastern Clan Chief also said.

“Hmph, my son’s strength is definitely more than what you guys have seen, the disciples of the three mansions, may not be his opponent either.”The Ximen Clan Chief said.

“Hiding his strength? This is also like Little Friend Feixue’s character.”The Eastern Clan Chief smiled bashfully, then said, “If Chu Feng had come, his ranking would have been outside of the top ten, after all, the Soldier Refining Immortal’s shut-in disciple was only ranked thirteen.”

“And the current list, it’s already been announced to the third place, in my opinion, Chu Feng really didn’t come, Brother Nangong, what do you think?”At those words, the Eastern Patriarch looked at Nangong Beidou again.

“Probably.”At this point in time, Nangong Beidou also began to suspect that his own guesses might be wrong, after all, it was already the third place, could the remaining two have been Chu Feng? Even if Chu Feng was even stronger, that would be impractical.

After all, back then, Chu Feng had only narrowly defeated Ximen Feixue, and the characters that had appeared right now were all clearly far above Ximen Feixue in terms of strength.


In fact, they were not the only ones who thought that way;many of the people present felt that Chu Feng had not come.

As long as one thought that Chu Feng had not come, a colour of disappointment surged in the eyes of quite a few people.

Regardless of how the Four Great Imperial Clans wanted Chu Feng, it was fine, but they had all hoped that Chu Feng would come, hoping to be able to take a look at how heaven-defying that rumoured son of heaven-defying was.

But now, it seemed that there was no such opportunity.

Buzz – And just at that moment, the light below the second place flickered, and then two large, piercing characters appeared in the sky.

Chu Feng !!!!!!!




“Chu Feng?”

“Surprisingly, it’s Chu Feng?”

“Chu Feng, he actually came?”

“Not only did he come, but he’s actually second place?”

“But Ximen Feixue, who fought with Chu Feng, was only sixteenth, but Chu Feng was second, so it turns out that the gap between Chu Feng and Ximen Feixue is actually so great!!!”

“Could it be that Chu Feng’s strength is even stronger than the rumours?”

“Hahaha, it’s too much, it’s really not in vain that I came all the way here, this time, there’s really a good show to watch.”

For a moment, outside the fortress, the people in heaven and on the ground all boiled over, and almost everyone, was talking about the two words Chu Feng.

“Chu Feng, he actually did come.”And at that moment, the four Clan Chiefs were all frowning.

The previous ease had long since disappeared, and what replaced it was a face full of gravity.