Martial Champion Chapter 1483

The Sect Leaders, who had been waiting at the exit of the Ancient Ruins, all wanted to see with their own eyes which disciple, able to hold the battle flag in his hand, walked out from that exit.

Finally, Chu Feng and the others, walked out with great vigour, and when the various Sect Masters, as well as the Elders, saw the battle flag in Chu Feng’s hands, even though they had already had some expectations, they still felt very surprised.

After all, earlier, when Chu Feng had defeated the twenty disciples of the Cursed Earth Sect, they had only heard about it and had not seen it with their own eyes, and not having seen it with their own eyes, it was natural for them to be suspicious.

But right now, Chu Feng held the battle flag in his hand and walked at the front. The scene of the disciples of the other powers, following closely behind, was a scene that was hardened in front of their eyes.

The most important thing was that Chu Feng walked at the front end with an overwhelming aura, with the aura of a king, as if he was the king amongst the disciples, with no one being able to match him, no one being able to fight against him, being the true king.

As for the disciples of the other powers, they even accepted the situation, their faces, no matter what expression they had, but the veteran Sect Masters all saw a common point on their faces, submission. They had all chosen to submit to Chu Feng, not daring to disobey.

Even the two sisters, Nie Ying’er of the Ten Thousand Flower Xiu Academy, had such emotions.

What did that indicate? It showed that Chu Feng was using strength to obtain the first place in this Nine Potential Hunting, and it should be absolute strength, otherwise, on the faces of this group of disciples, it would be impossible to submit like this.

After all, they were the most arrogant and conceited existence amongst the disciples of the Nine Potentials. If they hadn’t met someone who had convinced them, it would be impossible for them to be like this.

“Congratulations brother Dugu, your Greenwood Mountain is truly a heavenly wonder, congratulations.”

“This little friend Chu Feng, is really a batch of dark horses, to think that even the Nie Yan’er sisters, lost to him, no wonder Brother Dugu is so confident, it’s really unexpected that little friend Chu Feng, is so strong.”

For a moment, all of the Sect Leaders were constantly praising Chu Feng in front of Dugu Xingfeng.

And in doing so, they were actually currying favour with Chu Feng, who, despite being weak right now, was a genius, a dragon among men.

All of the Sect Leaders, old and wise, could all see unlimited potential in Chu Feng’s body.

Although, right now, Chu Feng was still only a tiny Martial King, in a few decades, a few hundred years, or even a few thousand years, Chu Feng’s cultivation would definitely be more than that, and even if he surpassed them and became a generation of Martial Emperors, it would not be impossible.

For them to do so now, although it might seem like they were dropping their own value somewhat, they were actually moving towards the long term, and were currying favour with a future Martial Emperor.

Although in their view, Chu Feng becoming a Martial Emperor in the future was only a possibility, they, however, were unwilling to miss out on that possibility.

Regarding the compliments from the Sect Leaders, as well as the Elders, Dugu Xingfeng’s face did not have much of an emotional change, but it was filled with smiles, and the White Ape Half-Emperor beside him was also the same.

They all felt that they had not misjudged Chu Feng, and that their appreciation and care for Chu Feng in the beginning had not been in vain, and now they had finally reaped what they wanted, and had even reaped more than what they wanted.

Because Chu Feng’s growth, Chu Feng’s performance, all exceeded their expectations, this disciple, when it came down to it, had brought honour to their faces, and was the future hope of the Greenwood Mountain.

However, compared to the White Ape Half-Emperor, that Tuoba Killing Frenzy, at this moment, his face was not a very good look, because of the people present, I’m afraid that he was the person who least wished to see this situation.

“Lord Sect Leader, Chu Feng, he killed Senior Brother Qin.” Suddenly, Bai Yunxiao Tao Xiangyu and the other disciples rushed over, and with a flutter, they all fell to their knees in front of Dugu Xingfeng, and cried out with a handful of snot and tears.

“What did you say? Who did Chu Feng kill?” Hearing those words, the one who was most surprised belonged to Tuoba Killing Frenzy.

“Lord Punishment, Chu Feng killed Qin Lingyun, Senior Brother Qin.” Bai Yunxiao knew that Tuoba Killing Frenzy valued Qin Lingyun very highly, so he spoke very loudly and condescendingly, intending to ask Tuoba Killing Frenzy to do the honours for them and deal with Chu Feng.

“Chu Feng, killed Lingyun?” Hearing those words, Tuoba Killing Frenzy took three consecutive steps backwards, his face as pale as paper, as if he had been greatly stimulated.

And at that moment, the White Ape Half-Emperor, as well as the other Elders of the Greenwood Mountain, and even the Elders of the other forces, all had their brows furrowed.

After all, beheading a fellow disciple was a capital offence. What’s more, Qin Lingyun was also a genius, and this sort of thing would be difficult to tolerate in any other clan.

However, compared to the elders, Dugu Xingfeng was expressionless, and even the other Sect Masters, their reactions weren’t very big at the moment.

“Lord Sect Leader, Chu Feng is simply too reckless, not only did he kill Senior Brother Qin, but he also forced us to kneel and beg for forgiveness from him, lawless, simply lawless.” Bai Yunxiao and the others, continued to add fuel to the fire.

“Chu Feng, you’re bold enough to strangle a fellow disciple, you deserve to be executed, come on people, arrest Chu Feng for me.” Suddenly, Tuoba Killing Frenzy roared angrily, the rage on his face was obvious, if not for the fact that there were too many people present, he would absolutely slap Chu Feng to death on the spot.

And after hearing his words, a number of the Punishment Department’s Head Elders also swept out, and came to Chu Feng’s immediate vicinity, wanting to apprehend Chu Feng.

“Retreat your hands to me.” However, right at that moment, Dugu Xingfeng suddenly opened his mouth, and let out a furious cry that was better than thunder, and not only did the heavens and earth tremble, even those Elders who wanted to apprehend Chu Feng were shaken back, and people tumbled over.

Dugu Xingfeng did not allow them to touch Chu Feng.

“Lord Sect Leader, strangling a fellow disciple, this is a capital offence, this is a rule set down by the founding ancestor, it cannot be disobeyed.” Seeing Dugu Xingfeng, intending to shelter Chu Feng, Tuoba Killing Frenzy hurriedly knelt down, and also lifted up the Founding Ancestor of the Greenwood Mountain.

“The rules are dead, but people are alive, whether I am the Sect Leader, or you are the Sect Leader? How do I do it, and I still need you to teach me?” Dugu Xingfeng’s gaze was icy cold as he asked in a cold voice.

“Subordinate doesn’t dare, subordinate doesn’t dare.” Tuoba Killing Frenzy was shocked by Dugu Xingfeng’s gaze, he sensed Dugu Xingfeng’s anger and did not dare to say anything more for a moment.

“What Sect Leader Dugu said is very true, although all forces, have the rule that strangling a fellow disciple is a capital offence.”

“However, all of you must not forget what the purpose of setting this rule is. In the end, this kind of rule was set in order to protect the interests of the sect, after all, when a disciple dies, it is the sect’s interests that are lost.”

“That’s why, Sect Leader Dugu’s words are right, the rules are dead, but people are alive, the rules exist in order to preserve the interests, but if the rules exist, and the interests are lost, then there is no need for it to exist.”

“As if, among the same sect, a dragon killed a worm, if according to the rules, this dragon departed from the rules, deserve to be executed.”

“But if this clan, really for the sake of that worthless worm, and kill the dragon that has a very high value, that …… is the real loss, this is not the behaviour of the wolf, wherever the wise man, will not do this kind of thing.”

“Therefore, the old man is not talented, would like to advise Sect Leader Dugu, never because of the rules, and stifle the real talent.”

“Little friend Chu Feng is a rare talent, and not even one may come out in ten thousand years, so… he does not deserve to die, nor can he die.” The unscrupulous old Taoist from the Sword Casting Villa opened his mouth to advise.

“What Senior Wuliang said is extremely true, although Little Friend Chu Feng, killing Little Friend Qin Lingyun, is indeed not right, but a small application of punishment would be fine, ten thousand can’t be dead to the rules and kill Little Friend Chu Feng, after all, if that were to be done, it would indeed be a loss for the Greenwood Mountain.” At the same time, the other Sect Masters also began to persuade.

They all understood that Dugu Xingfeng could not afford to kill Chu Feng, nor would he kill Chu Feng, because if it were them, they would definitely not strangle the geniuses under their own disciples like that.

Therefore, they all wanted to do a favour and give Dugu Xingfeng a reason not to kill Chu Feng, as well as plead on Chu Feng’s behalf in front of Chu Feng, leaving a good impression on Chu Feng.

Why not kill two birds with one stone?

“What you all have said is very much in my heart.” Dokuro Xingfeng nodded with a smile.

And hearing this, the disciple who had complained, Bai Yunxiao and the others, were as if they had eaten shit, their faces not to mention how ugly they were.

What? The Sect Leader wasn’t prepared to kill Chu Feng, then weren’t they asking for trouble by suing this?