Martial Champion Chapter 1476

Gentlemen, gentlemen you listen to me.”

“I’m really just passing by, no offence, let’s talk, shall we?”

Chu Feng held the Demon Sealing Sword that was still stained with the blood of ancient creatures and said to that giant monster with a smile.

Ow – and in return, besides a roar, there was also a ghostly green wave of light that spewed out from its mouth.

Seeing that, Chu Feng hurriedly jumped up and dodged into the distance, and when he left, that wave of light also landed on the place where he had previously stood.

Boom – in an instant, wild winds rose in all directions, black soil flew, and in that area, a huge pit with a diameter of tens of thousands of metres appeared, and it was no longer a huge pit, but a valley.

A wave of light from this giant beast had blown out a valley, and the land here was still completely different from the outside world, solid as iron, it was difficult for ordinary people to dig and move the slightest bit, but this monster, however, had blasted out a valley.

It can be imagined that this attack, if it falls outside the ancient ruins, how terrifying it will be, how much lethality it will cause, and how many lives it will kill.

At this realm, destroying the heavens and destroying the earth was definitely not just talk, but was truly capable of doing so.

“Damn it, this fellow doesn’t understand human language at all.” Seeing that the matter was not good, Chu Feng turned around and fled.

He had already discovered that although this ancient creature was strong and possessed a certain level of intelligence, it was inhuman.

In other words, they were more similar to ferocious beasts, and even though they possessed heavenly abilities, they only knew how to hunt and kill, and did not have the heart to fight for the world.

However, thinking about it carefully, Chu Feng could also understand, if they had humanity, possessed the same intelligence as humans and demonic beasts, and were able to co-operate, Qing Mu Mountain would have already utilised them, how could they be locked up here, after all, they were a very strong combatant, and were much stronger than those Elders.

But that was not the point, the point was that the current Chu Feng was not a match for these ancient creatures, he had to find a way to escape before he could do so.

Kirikiri Kirikiri Kirikiri Kirikiri – However, just as Chu Feng was selling his efforts to escape, an odd sound suddenly came from behind him.

That sound, it seemed to be a flock of birds chirping, but it was more like a flock of demons, and just hearing that sound caused one’s bones to creep out and one’s heart to tremble.

Looking back, Chu Feng’s pupils even shrunk and his brows furrowed.

Behind him, was that Ancient Beast. And behind the Ancient Giant Beast, was a majestic purple Qi Flame.

That eerie and terrifying sound was emanating from that purple aura, and Chu Feng was able to feel how terrifying that purple aura was, and that was a Martial Emperor level character.

Oooh – when it was too late, it was too soon, the purple aura flame had already caught up with the ancient creature, and in an instant, tragic beastly wails began to emanate from the mouth of that ancient creature.

However, that wail only stayed for an instant and then ended, Chu Feng saw with his own eyes that the purple Qi Flame swept past the ancient creatures, and when it arrived in front of him, the forty-one ancient creatures had already been turned into white bones.

Not only was there not a single drop of flesh and blood left, even the bones they had left were all broken by inches, having been crushed hard.

Ferocious, this was truly ferocious, in the blink of an eye, devouring forty-one such terrifying ancient creatures, one could imagine how terrifying the purple Qi Flame that had come to Chu Feng’s immediate vicinity right now was.

“This is truly tragic, within this Ancient Ruins, there are actually Martial Emperor level monsters, could it be that I, Chu Feng, am going to die here today?” At that moment, Chu Feng’s heart also muttered.

However, he was unwilling to suffer death just like that, and he felt that this purple Qi Flame was different, and even if it was also an Ancient Creature, it should possess a certain amount of human form, so he wanted to communicate with it.

“Chu Feng, how did you come here?” Suddenly, a voice rang out, actually coming from within that purple aura flame.

“You… you know me?” Chu Feng was horrified and surprised, this person actually knew his name.

“You cannot continue to move forward, this place is too dangerous.” A voice of exhortation came from within that purple aura flame, and what was even more surprising to Chu Feng was that this voice was actually very soft.

“Who are you?” Chu Feng could hear that the other party was not malicious, and was instead concerned about himself, so he wanted to know who this person actually was, and it was clear that he did not recognise such a number one character from his impression.

“I ……” The purple Qi Flame was a little hesitant, and suddenly fell into silence, while Chu Feng was quietly observing the situation, not being in a hurry and not rushing, he knew that the other party was hesitating, hesitating to reveal his true face in front of Chu Feng, revealing his true body.

“Just as well, sooner or later I will have to see you anyway.” The purple Qi Flame suddenly began to rotate, like a purple vortex, gathering smaller and smaller, and in the end, it even transformed into a marvellous young girl, standing in front of Chu Feng.

This young girl, was dressed very plainly, and her looks were also very average, but her skin was very good, as white as jade, and very delicate.

“Medicine Child, how could it be you?” Chu Feng let out a shocked cry.

Chu Feng recognised this young girl at a glance, this young girl was called Medicine Er, back when Chu Feng first entered the Greenwood Mountain and went on a mission to the Cang Moi Pill Garden, he had encountered a young girl who was being bullied, and Chu Feng had saved her.

That young girl, later on, had also brought Chu Feng to a place that was full of Pale Underworld Medicinal Herbs, which had allowed Chu Feng to over complete his mission, and it was also there that Chu Feng had met Jiang Furong.

And that young girl was precisely this young girl in front of him, Medicine Child.

However, Chu Feng could not have imagined, no matter what, that the kind-hearted girl who had allowed the disciples to bully the garden guardian without saying a word back then, actually possessed Martial Emperor level strength, which had truly taken him by surprise, and was even a little too much to accept.

“Chu Feng, you… you actually still remember me.” Seeing that Chu Feng still recognised her, a look of delight actually spread across Pill’s face.

“Of course I remember, Medicine Child, what exactly is going on here, that power you had just now, where did it come from?” Chu Feng grabbed Medicine Er’s shoulders as he appeared somewhat excited.

“I ……,” Medicine Child stammered, and only said after still a while, “I’m sorry, I’m not human.”

“You’re not human? Then what are you?!!!” Chu Feng asked.

“I am originally a strange creature of the heavens and earth, born since the ancient times and nurtured for tens of thousands of years before I came to fruition.”

“When I awakened, it was tens of thousands of years ago, and they all called me… the Cang Moi Flower King.”

“That day, you and that girl called Bai Ruochen, in the underground of the Pale Underworld Medicinal Garden, the Pale Underworld Gold Steel that you obtained was actually not hidden in the underground, absorbing the Pale Underworld Qi in the Pale Underworld Medicinal Herbs to evolve into.”

“That was my shell, a part of the shell that was left after I metamorphosed into shape.” Pill said.

“…… “Hearing this, Chu Feng came to a realisation, but was doubly speechless.

It turned out that what was in front of him was not a little girl at all, but a truly old demon, an old demon that had been born since the Ancient Era and had been conceived for tens of thousands of years before it had become a great success, and a full ten thousand years had passed before he had become a great success.

Even the …… Pale Underworld Gold Steel that he and Bai Ruochen had obtained that was capable of refining imperial soldiers turned out to be just the shell of the medicine child.

No wonder, no wonder Chu Feng felt such an evil, yet slightly familiar flavour in Medicine Child’s body.

It turned out to be the Cang Underworld Qi. The strongest martial skills that Chu Feng had practiced, the Earth Forbidden Cang Underworld Shield as well as the Earth Forbidden Cang Underworld Chop, both required the summoning of the Cang Underworld Qi in order to be executed, so Chu Feng was very familiar with this Cang Underworld Qi.

However, he had not expected, no matter what, that this little girl, Pill Child, was actually the Cang Underworld Flower King, a grandly accomplished Heaven and Earth Wonder. A Martial Emperor powerhouse that stood at the very pinnacle of the Holy Land of Martial Arts.

“Pill Child, I don’t understand, if you are so powerful, why do you want to lurk within the Cang Moi Pill Garden, be a garden guardian, and be willing to be bullied by those disciples?” Chu Feng opened his mouth to ask, and this was the thing he was most puzzled by.

A Martial Emperor, who stood at the peak of the Holy Land of Martial Arts, even within a power like the Greenwood Mountain, was definitely a transcendent existence, and was rightly loved by ten thousand people.

However, what Pill’s did was clearly contrary to common sense, and that was why Chu Feng was puzzled.