Martial Champion Chapter 1475

Hearing this, the faces of all eight Elders became even more unsightly, but they didn’t dare to speak, so helplessly, the remaining seven, all turned their gazes towards that Elder Xue.

At this moment, the corners of Elder Xue’s mouth twitched twice, but in the end, he still hardened his head and said in a humble tone, “My lord, we are guarding this place by the order of Lord President, and right now, someone has trespassed into the forbidden area, so we can’t just turn a blind eye to it ah ……”

“No need to say anymore, leave this matter to me, you guys just stay here honestly and pretend that nothing has happened.”

“Remember, if anyone dares to intervene, I will never be lenient.” A cold and merciless voice was once again emitted from the purple aura flame.

Swish – as the words fell, that purple aura flame swept out of the ancient tower and disappeared into the distance, and that direction was precisely the Ancient Ruins.

“What to do?” The old woman, turned back to look at the remaining seven elders.

“Let it go, even the Lord President has to take it into consideration, we can’t afford to mess with it.”

That fiery character of Elder Xue, at this moment also closed his eyes, he was unwilling, but did not dare to do anything, is a blow to self-esteem, can only close his eyes to rest his mind, to settle his mind.

“Elder Xue, look.” But suddenly, an elder, pointing at the formation, exclaimed in shock.

“At least you’re an Elder of the Greenwood Sacred Guild, can’t you calm down a bit when things happen? Shouting and screaming, what’s the matter with you?” That Elder Xue’s face was irritated at being woken up, but he still looked towards the formation.

“Oh my god, how is this possible!!!” And after he saw that formation, a look of shock welled up on his pale face.

At this moment, the flickering figure on top of that formation had unexpectedly disappeared, as if it had never appeared, disappearing completely and utterly.

However, they were all very clear about how powerful this formation was, as long as it was triggered, the other party’s every move would be engraved within this formation, and it was impossible for it to disappear.

And right now the other party even disappeared, it means that he is not a simple character, at least the disciples of the Nine Potentials, it is impossible to dissolve this formation.

“He dissolved and tracked the formation, this is by no means something a disciple can do, that person is definitely not a disciple participating in the Nine Potentials Hunt, there is an expert who has broken into the forbidden area, Elder Xue, what should we do?” The few elders present, all panicked.

Despite the fact that they had experienced many things and were honoured as the Elders of the Greenwood Sacred Association, they should have the demeanour of a mountain crumbling in front of them without changing their faces, and a yellow river deciding to leave their mouths without their hearts panicking.

However, the matter at hand was really important, so they really couldn’t do it without panicking, without being busy, without paying attention.

“You guys sit and guard here, I’ll go back to the Sacred Society to report to the Lord President.” As Elder Xue spoke, he stood up.

“But, didn’t that person say that he wouldn’t let us intervene ……” The remaining seven were a little worried.

“Whether offending it is serious or offending Lord President is serious, aren’t you all clear?”

Between his words, Elder Xue had already swept out, and by the time those words reached the ears of the crowd, he was already a thousand miles away.

The faster the speed, the more it represents that he is distracted ……

In the middle of the Ancient Ruins, Chu Feng suddenly opened his eyes, he had already broken the tracking formation within his body by virtue of the Art of Excellence Boundary, the people of the Greenwood Mountain were already unable to sense, Chu Feng’s traces.

However, at this moment, Chu Feng did not feel happy because of that, instead, his brows were furrowed and he swept that cautious gaze around.

A pair of red lights the size of lanterns appeared several miles away from that misty fog, those were ancient creatures.

“I have intentionally hidden my scent, but you still caught my scent, it seems that I have underestimated you.”

“Since it is already too late to escape, then let me see what the Ancient Creatures, are capable of.” Chu Feng’s gaze also became stern.

He had long known that the surroundings consisted of ancient creatures moving about, but the place where Chu Feng was was not their habitat, and Chu Feng felt that as long as he hid his breath, even if he stayed here for a few moments, they would not be able to discover him.

But now, Chu Feng was wrong, the sense of smell of this Ancient Creature was very sharp, it was simply more overbearing than spiritual power, even though Chu Feng’s means of hiding his breath was already extremely high, he was still unable to avoid them.

Right now, Chu Feng could only choose to face them, fortunately, although this Ancient Creature was not weak, it was only at the realm of a First Grade Half-Emperor, and with such strength, with Chu Feng’s current Boundary Technique, he was able to cope.


Suddenly, bursts of low roars began to resound continuously, and along with their proximity, Chu Feng was finally able to see their full appearance.

With a height of more than three metres and a body length of more than ten metres, they were even bigger than adult elephants, but compared to demonic beasts of the same level, this volume was not big at all.

Although, the volume was not large, but their appearance, was very special, clearly looking like a grey wolf, but there was no hair on their body, but scales.

Moreover, there were no eyes and no nose on their heads, only a bloody mouth full of sharp fangs.

Although there were no eyes and mouth on their heads, it didn’t mean that they really didn’t have eyes and mouths, it was just that the location where they grew was somewhat special.

Their eyes, surprisingly, grew on their shoulders, one on each side of the left and right sides, and instead of a nose, it was gills, on each side of their ribs, there were two rows of gills, and they used gills to breathe.

And right now, since Chu Feng’s four sides, a total of forty-eight of them appeared, surrounding Chu Feng.

“Gentlemen, I was just passing by here, and had no intention of offending.” Chu Feng did not directly strike, but instead cautiously opened his mouth, wanting to communicate with them.

“Ow-” But right at that moment, a roar rang out in succession, and those forty-eight Ancient Creatures opened their bloody mouths together, wielding sharp claws that were as sharp as blades, and attacked Chu Feng.

They ignored Chu Feng and instead directly launched an attack, and it was the most primitive attack.

“Crap.” At that moment, Chu Feng also secretly screamed that it was bad.

He discovered that this Ancient Creature, not only did it have the cultivation of a First Grade Half-Emperor, it also had this Heaven-defying Battle Power, a Reverse Battle of the Third Grade, and that they were so well hidden that before they struck, even Chu Feng did not notice that they actually possessed Heaven-defying Battle Power.

In other words, what Chu Feng was facing right now was actually not forty-eight, First Grade Half-Emperor level ancient creatures, but forty-eight, Fourth Grade Half-Emperor level ancient creatures.

Fierce, for the first time, Chu Feng understood the ferocity of the Ancient Ruins, and the Ancient Creatures here were unexpectedly so terrifying.

“No matter what, one can only fight with all one’s might.” The menace had come, but there was no way back, so Chu Feng had no other method but to fight with all his might.

”Whew – thus, with a movement of his mind, majestic boundary power, like a whirlwind, emanated from within his body, sweeping towards the forty-eight ancient creatures in a sweeping trend.

Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang – However, just when Chu Feng’s Boundary Attack, was about to arrive, those forty-eight Ancient Creatures, their bodies suddenly changed, and in a straight position, like a sharp sword, they actually pierced through Chu Feng’s Boundary with sharp points.

“Indeed it is tricky, it seems that we can only attack and break through one by one.” Seeing that the group attack was useless, Chu Feng flipped his palm, and the Demon Sealing Greatsword was held in his hand.

At the same time, the power of the boundary wrapped around it, and the power of the Demon Sealing Greatsword instantly multiplied.

This, was a special means to enhance the power of the Boundary Formation by means of the power of the King Soldier, Chu Feng was not relying on the King Soldier at the moment, but was still relying on the Boundary Formation.

Swish – lifting his soldier, Chu Feng then ran towards a nearest ancient creature.

Chu Feng’s speed was extremely fast, surpassing that of running thunder, and in the blink of an eye, he arrived in front of an Ancient Creature, and in his hand, the Great Sword of the King’s Soldier that was combined with the Boundary Formation, stabbed straight at the Ancient Creature’s head.

Chu Feng was able to sense that the ancient creatures’ bodies were constructed differently, and that their heads were their greatest weakness.

As for this strike, it appeared simple, but in reality, it was a combination of Body Technique, Strength, Speed, Battle Strength, and many other enhancement-type Boundary Means.

It could be said that this thrust was infinitely powerful, and this thrust destroyed the heavens and the earth.

Chu Feng had almost used his full strength to make this stab, this stab, it was either successful or not.

Pfft – a muffled sound rang out violently, and the ghostly green blood scattered in all directions, not only did Chu Feng’s sword succeed in stabbing, but he also stabbed the ancient creature’s head, splitting it into pieces and exploding it, completely ending its life.

“There are still forty-one of them.” After landing, Chu Feng hurriedly swept his eyes around, he wanted to determine which Ancient Creatures were attacking him again, which ones were closest to him, and which ones gave him the opportunity to kill them with a single strike.

Ow~~~~~~ However, at this moment, those forty-one ancient creatures did not attack towards Chu Feng, but instead ran towards one place.

And when the forty-one ancient creatures, after gathering together, their bodies had emitted a ghostly green light, and that light was becoming more and more prevalent, and in the end… it actually transformed into a giant monster that shone with a green light, that was as high as thirty metres, and more than a hundred metres long.

Most importantly, at this moment, the breath of that giant monster was not a fourth-grade Half-Emperor, but a fifth-grade Half-Emperor.

“Holy shit, this isn’t playing with me, right?”

At that moment, even Chu Feng was dumbstruck and had an unbelievable expression on his face.