Martial Champion Chapter 1472

Do you know Tantai Xue?” Chu Feng asked.

“I… I know.” Yan Ghost did not dare to conceal it.

“Then do you know where she is currently?” Chu Feng asked.

“She…she ……” Yan Ghost hesitated a little, but in the end, he said, “She is in my Curse Earth Sect.”

“In the middle of your Curse Earth Sect? She is not a disciple of your Cursed Earth Sect, how could she be in the middle of your Cursed Earth Sect? Did you guys capture her?” Chu Feng asked in a cold voice.

“Yes, she was captured by Venerable Master Palm.” Yan Ghost returned.

“Why did you guys capture her?” Chu Feng asked.

“Not only did she steal Venerable Master Palm’s Rune Soul Regenerating Flute, she also decapitated my four senior brothers, so Venerable Master Palm naturally won’t let her go.” Yan Ghost said.

Hearing those words, Chu Feng’s heart trembled within him, who was Tantai Xue, Tantai Xue was the mysterious woman who had come to the Sacred Land of Martial Arts together with Jiang Qisui and the others back then.

Tantai Xue, had helped Chu Feng many times, and had great benevolence towards Chu Feng. Originally, Chu Feng had travelled to the Sacred Soil of Martial Arts together with Tantai Xue, but he had never thought that on the way here, there had been a mistake, and had not been able to enter the Mantra Earth Realm with Tantai Xue, and instead, had come to the Greenwood Realm.

Therefore, Chu Feng had been very worried about Tantai Xue, not knowing if she was safe when she returned to the Curse Land Realm alone.

And now, after hearing Yan Ghost say that, Chu Feng naturally became even more worried, and it was obvious that the current Tantai Xue was very unsettled.

“You guys haven’t killed her yet, why not?” Although, having learnt that Tantai Xue had been captured, Chu Feng could hear that Tantai Xue had only been captured, and was currently not killed.

“Because, my master’s Rune Soul Regeneration Flute, was hidden by her, and before finding the Rune Soul Regeneration Flute, she cannot die yet.” Yan Ghost said.

“Rune Soul Regeneration Flute, what exactly is that thing?” Chu Feng asked.

“It is a half-completed Imperial Soldier, the inherited treasure of my Incantation Earth Sect.” Yan Ghost said.

“Then, if, even in death, Tantai Xue refuses to say where she hid the Rune Soul Regenerating Flute, what will you guys do?” Chu Feng asked.

“If she doesn’t say it even after she dies, then with Master Teacher’s character, he will make her life worse than death, and she will definitely say it.” Yan Ghost explained all truthfully, he truly did not dare to conceal it, he was afraid that Chu Feng would waste his cultivation.

“Hahahaha …… good, good ah, Tantai Xue, I never thought that you would also have today.” Suddenly, Chu Feng laughed out loud, laughing in a very happy and wild manner.

He did so intentionally, Yan Ghost and the others were disciples of the Curse Earth Sect, Chu Feng could waste the cultivation of several of their disciples, but he could not really kill them, otherwise it would cause a great chaos, and even cause a great war between the two transcendent forces of the Greenwood Mountain and the Curse Earth Sect.

And in order to avoid a great war, it was quite possible for the Greenwood Mountain to place Chu Feng at the disposal of the Cursed Earth Sect even if it were to do so.

Therefore, Chu Feng could not kill Yan Ghost and the others, and since he could not kill them, and Chu Feng had asked such a question, it was inevitable that Yan Ghost would think more.

As long as he thought about it more, he would be on guard, and if he was made to be on guard, he would definitely tell the Curse Soil Sect’s Sectmaster when he went back, and then it would be a big deal, and Tantai Xue would either be diverted, or he would be directly killed.

In order to avoid all of that, Chu Feng had deliberately laughed out loud, he was trying to make Yan Ghost mistakenly think that Chu Feng and Tantai Xue were great enemies.

He inquired about Tantai Xue, not because he cared about Tantai Xue, but because he wanted to know if Tantai Xue was dead.

In this way, Yan Ghost and the others would not be wary, and they would not even say anything to the Sect Leader, after all, they had revealed a secret, and if the Sect Leader knew about it, they would also be in big trouble.

“Senior Brother Chu Feng, could it be that… you also have a deep hatred with that Tantai Xue.” As expected, Yan Ghost was overcome by Chu Feng’s acting skills and felt that Chu Feng was also someone who hated Tantai Xue.

“It’s a very deep hatred, a great hatred, but it doesn’t matter, as long as she lives a bad life, I’m relieved.”

“Seeing as, you have a common enemy with me, I will spare your lives today.”

As Chu Feng spoke, with a wave of his large sleeve, he unravelled the auspicious cloud formation on that day, causing Yan Ghost and the others to finally be released from their bonds.

Plop – after regaining his freedom, Yan Ghost was unable to stand still, but instead, he sat on the ground like rotten mud.

At this moment, his eyes were dull, he was in a trance, he was sweating profusely, panting, and was in severe shock.

Even though, Chu Feng had only forced him to ask a few questions, and only a few moments had passed, to him, this period of time was simply like being in hell, and it was very difficult to endure.

“You guys, take out all of the teleportation talismans given to you by the Greenwood Mountain.” Suddenly, Chu Feng spoke.

The Curse Earth Sect’s crowd did not dare to disobey, and they all took out their teleportation talismans and held them in their hands.

“Senior Brother Chu Feng, what do you mean by that?” Yan Ghost asked in confusion.

“You all also tried to deal with me earlier, I cannot forgive you for that.”

“Seeing as, you, the Cursed Earth Sect, also have a grudge against Tantai Xue, it is only then that I will absolutely let you guys off the hook.”

“Your mortal sins can be spared, but your living sins are hard to escape, so you all crush the teleportation talisman and go back.” Chu Feng said.

“This ……”

“Senior Brother Chu Feng, don’t ever ah, give us another chance, or else we ……” Hearing those words, Yan Ghost and the other disciples were instantly dumbfounded.

To crush the teleportation talisman, wouldn’t that be the same as abstaining? This is for them, is definitely a great shame, not to mention going back to the head teacher will be blamed, this life will also be hung, the reputation of desertion.

Swish swish swish – seeing the crowd hesitate, Chu Feng suddenly moved with a thought, twenty lances emerged, and they were aimed at the death throes of Yan Ghost and the other twenty disciples.

These twenty lances, although all of them were condensed from knots, each of them was a formation, very powerful, possessing the power to kill, and under Chu Feng’s manoeuvre, even Yan Ghost would have a hard time escaping death.

“I will count only three numbers, you guys can either leave or die, decide for yourselves.” After saying that, Chu Feng closed his eyes and lightly counted, “One.”


And when Chu Feng opened his eyes, the twenty disciples of the Cursed Earth Sect had all disappeared, leaving none behind.

“Heh ……” Seeing that, Chu Feng let out a light laugh, mocking Yan Ghost and the others for their greed for life and death, as well as mocking them for their incompetence, with only this kind of strength, they still dared to come and hunt him down, they were truly ungrateful.

“Tantai Xue, hold on, when this Nine Potential Hunting ends, I, Chu Feng, will go and save you.” Suddenly, Chu Feng’s gaze became heavy, and there was worry within the heaviness.

Tantai Xue, not only had she helped Chu Feng greatly, not only had she saved Chu Feng’s life, and she had not beheaded the four disciples such as Jiang Qijie, she had only beheaded one of them, and the other three, such as Jiang Qijie, were actually killed by Chu Feng.

Tantai Xue, was like taking the blame for Chu Feng, and in all reason, Chu Feng should go and save her, or else Chu Feng’s conscience would not be able to pass.

Thinking of this, Chu Feng suddenly moved, and his entire body, transformed into a Running Thunder, instantaneously travelling several miles, disappearing into the distance.

And in that direction, it had already exceeded the range of activities prescribed by the Greenwood Mountain.

Moreover, what was unknown was that that direction was the direction where the most dangerous area was located in this ancient relic.

However, that was the place where Chu Feng had to go!