Martial Champion Chapter 1469

At this moment, Nie Yan’er and Nie Shier, full of dismay and severely frustrated, looked somewhat pitiful.

When their last ditch effort ended in failure, the anger in their hearts could only be turned into unwilling helplessness.

“Impossible, this is never possible, how could our sisters lose to you.” Suddenly, Nie Shier shouted out in a very unwilling manner, and as she cried out, there were actually tears in her eyes.

Humiliation, this was definitely a great humiliation for her, she who considered herself to be the number one of the Nine Potential Disciples was now defeated, this was tantamount to being pulled down from the altar.

From now on, amongst the disciples of the Nine Moments, the strongest would no longer be their sisters, but rather Chu Feng.

She was very clear about that in her heart, so it was difficult for her to endure, difficult for her to endure the feeling of falling from being uniquely high and mighty to being as ordinary as others.

“You guys are strong, but yet you are not that strong.”

“After using the Heavenly Divine Power, your battle power has indeed increased, raised by one realm, your battle power, has infinitely approached that of a Fourth Grade Half-Emperor, but in reality, you have yet to become true Fourth Grade Half-Emperors.”

“A Half-Emperor is a Half-Emperor, no matter how strong a Martial King’s battle power is, no matter how heaven-defying his battle power is, he can only be close to it, and cannot truly be compared to a Half-Emperor.”

“And I’m different, what I use isn’t force, it’s the Boundary Technique, the battle power of my Boundary Technique isn’t close to a Fourth Grade Half-Emperor, it’s able to truly be on par with a Half-Emperor and fight head on.”

“Therefore, you guys are not my opponents, this is not an accident, but rather a situation lah, a matter of course.” Chu Feng slowly spoke.

“You ……,” Nie Shier suddenly sat paralysed on the ground, her expression dull, a blow to her spirit.

If it was said that Nie shier had previously been frozen by the snow of winter, then Chu Feng’s remarks were undoubtedly adding frost to snow.

“Chu Feng, you won, let us go.” Nie Ying’er hugged her sister, who was about to collapse, and opened her mouth to say, and within her tone, there were actually a few hints of supplication.

She was afraid, from the bottom of her heart, that Chu Feng would not allow them to leave, because she knew that Chu Feng had the ability to deal with them.

Chu Feng did not even move, and with just a flash of his gaze, the boundary that the Nie Ying’er sisters had failed to break with all their might, dissipated.

“You guys go, I won’t see you off.” Chu Feng waved his hand and said.

At that moment, Nie Yan’er’s gaze flickered, and as she got up to leave, she had suddenly stopped and said with a sideways glance, “Chu Feng, I admit that you are very strong, and that amongst the disciples of the Nine Potentials nowadays, you are number one.”

After saying those words, Nie Yan’er and Nie Shier’s figures shook, and they disappeared, hidden in the void, no one knew that they had come, and fewer people knew about this exchange of blows between them and Chu Feng.

“Chu Feng, the old man has long known that you are strong, but I did not expect you to be this strong, a generation of Emperors, I fear that they will appear again.” Suddenly an old man’s voice rang out, it was Hong Qiang.

Hong Qiang was at the peak of Half-Emperor, coming and going without a trace, he did not want to appear, Chu Feng and the others could not detect his existence even if they tried their best to sense him.

However, it was obvious that he had already been here for quite a while, and at least he was in the shadows, witnessing with his own eyes, how Chu Feng had defeated the Nie Ying’er sisters.

“Little friends, can you allow me to speak with Chu Feng alone.” Hong Qiang said with a smile.

Seeing that, Lin Yezhou and the others all hurriedly walked out, and on their way out, they did not fail to smile and salute Hong Qiang.

They all knew what kind of character Hong Qiang was, a peak Half-Emperor, a character at the same level as their Sect Leader, such a character, they did not dare to offend.

“Chu Feng, I’m sorry, old me has let you down, failing to unseal that Flaming Iron Lotus Seed as agreed.” After the crowd left, Hong Qiang said apologetically.

“Elder, what are you talking about, it was originally the junior who troubled senior, so how could it be a disappointment.”

“I believe that with senior’s ability, sooner or later, I will unlock this Lotus Seed.” Chu Feng said with a smile.

“Actually, it will be soon, after the Nine Potentials Hunt is over, I will definitely hand over the Lotus Seed that was unsealed to you.” Hong Qiang said.

“I believe in senior.” Chu Feng moved a chair and said, “Senior, please sit down, after not seeing you for many days, there are many things that my junior would like to say to you.”

“En, I also wish to hear the details of how you defeated the Third Prince of the Eastern Imperial Clan in the Realm Master Alliance.” Hong Qiang asked with a smile after sitting down.

Hearing those words, Chu Feng also smiled, secretly sighing that Hong Qiang was well-informed and had actually learnt of this matter so quickly, and that he had defeated the Eastern Zexuan, clearly using the false identity of Feng Chu, but Hong Qiang had also guessed that it was him.

“The matter is like this ……” Despite marvelling, Chu Feng did not hide it and recounted it one by one.

While Chu Feng was talking with Hong Qiang, the two sisters, Nie Yan’er and Nie Shier, returned to their residence.

However, within their residence, there was a person who had lived for an unknown number of years, but still maintained the appearance of a woman, who was not only beautiful, but also had a great deal of temperament, and most importantly, that sense of oppression, which was difficult for ordinary people to have.

This person was none other than the Sect Leader of the Ten Thousand Flowers Xiu Yuan, and the teacher of Nie Yan’er and Nie Shier.

“You guys went to look for that Chu Feng?” The Sectmaster of the Ten Thousand Flower Xiu Academy asked.

“En.” Nie Yan’er nodded.

“It seems to have been defeated.” The Sect Leader of the Ten Thousand Flower Show Academy said.

“En.” Nie Ying’er nodded once more.

“Ugh~~~” The Sectmaster of the Ten Thousand Flower Show Courtyard let out a long sigh, and it seemed like she was very disappointed.

“Did you do your best?” The Ten Thousand Flower Show Courtyard Sectmaster asked.

“Back to Master, we have done our best.” Nie Yan’er said.

“Used the Heavenly Divine Power?” The Sect Leader of the Ten Thousand Flower Show Academy asked.

“Utilised it.” Nie Yan’er returned.

“To what extent.” The Sect Leader of the Ten Thousand Flower Show Academy asked.

“Illusion.” Nie Yan’er returned.

“Then, how far did it push him?” The Sect Leader of the Ten Thousand Flower Xiu Academy continued to ask.

“We exerted all our strength, but we failed to injure him in the slightest, and we were forced back to our original state by him using the Boundary Technique.” Nie Yan’er returned.

“…… “The Sect Leader of the Ten Thousand Flowers Xiu Academy fell silent and asked after a while, “Is it hiding his strength? Could it be that he’s a Half-Emperor?”

“No, he’s only a Sixth Grade Martial King.” Nie Yan’er said.

“Then how could you guys lose?” The emotions of the Sect Leader of the Ten Thousand Flower Xiu Academy were a bit agitated, unable to believe this fact.

“Master, it’s the disciple’s incompetence.” Seeing this, Nie Ying’er and Nie Shier hurriedly knelt down.

“Don’t ever say that it was his Boundary Technique that was so strong that you guys lost. I have painstakingly taught you all how to deal with Boundary Spirit Masters, and now… you are all experts in dealing with Boundary Spirit Masters, so …… tell me with the truth why you lost.” The Sect Leader of the Ten Thousand Flowers Xiu Academy, pursued.

“Master, we know it’s ridiculous, but his boundary art is indeed different and very strong, and among the Insect Pattern Royal Robe Realm Spirit Masters, it’s the strongest we’ve ever seen.”

“Even if, again, we were to challenge him once, ten times, a hundred times, a thousand times, the result would still be the same, and we would definitely be the ones to lose.” Nie Ying’er answered truthfully, she rarely admitted defeat, but this time she had to admit it, after fighting with Chu Feng, she knew that Chu Feng was very strong.

From the beginning to the end, Chu Feng had been breezy, they had not been able to force out Chu Feng’s best moves at all, Chu Feng still had countless means that she did not know about, so she knew that they, the sisters, were not on the same level as Chu Feng.

“…… “At this moment, the Sect Leader of the Ten Thousand Flowers Xiuyuan, once again fell into silence, and only said a moment later, “Dugu Xingfeng, the Alliance Sect Leader, the Unconscionable Old Taoist, and Miao Renlong, you are all indeed old foxes, and I know why you all, are so fancy that Chu Feng.”

“Remember, from today onwards, you all cannot befriend Chu Feng, but you should also no longer be his enemy.” The Ten Thousand Flower Show Academy Sectmaster said.

“As commanded.” Nie Yan’er and Nie Shier did not dare to disobey, nor did they want to, and together they answered.