Martial Champion Chapter 1468

Chu Feng!!!”

As they watched, Nie Ying’er’s Earth Forbidden Eight Dragons Hands struck with every move, Su Mei and the others were terrified.

Especially Su Mei, who was shocked and furious, in just that instant, her tears welled up and she rushed towards the boundary, filled with a murderous aura, wanting to avenge Chu Feng.


However, right at that moment, that Nie Ying’er suddenly sprayed a mouthful of blood out of her mouth and half-kneeled in front of Chu Feng.


Seeing that scene, Nie Shier, who had previously had a smug look on her face, was instantly confused, and hurriedly ran to Nie Yan’er’s near front, assisting her sister.

This time, her face changed drastically, not to mention that Nie Yan’er’s internal breath was in disarray at the moment, her pair of jade hands were already bloody and fleshless, and her skin was cracked.

“This …… what happened?”

Seeing this scene, not to mention Lin Yezhou and the others were shocked as if they were dumbstruck chickens, even Su Mei, who was rapidly flying away, was as if she was petrified and froze in place.

Buzz – and right at that moment, above Chu Feng’s clothes, a layer of golden aura actually flashed through, surging into his body.

At this moment, in the eyes of Lin Yezhou and the others, all of them flashed a colour of shock, as Realm Spirit Masters, they were all able to detect how outstanding that golden aura was, it was the power of the boundary, yet it was not an unusual power of the boundary.

“Having been hit by my Invisible Anti-Injury Formation and only spitting blood from your mouth, your system is very strong.” Chu Feng spoke.

And with a single word, he also revealed the mystery, telling the crowd the reason why he had been hit by the Earth Forbidden Eight Dragons’ Hands unharmed while Nie Ying’er had been traumatised instead.

It turned out that Chu Feng had not not flickered or dodged, and even more so, he had not been shocked by the intimidating power of the Earth Forbidden Eight Dragons’ Hands to the point that he did not move at all.

The Invisible Anti-Injury Formation, the formation was as its name suggested, this formation was affixed to Chu Feng’s body, and the naked eye could not even distinguish it, could not see or feel it.

However, when a true danger came, this Formless Anti-Injury Formation was able to bounce the danger back to the opponent in an invisible manner.

Chu Feng was doing it on purpose, he was waiting for Nie Yan Er to attack him, without him having to make a move, by virtue of the Invisible Anti-Injury Formation, he would be able to make Nie Yan Er lose at his own feet.

This kind of powerful formation was naturally obtained by Chu Feng in the Nine Spirit Divine Diagram, and he had never had the opportunity to use it before, but unexpectedly, this time, it had given him the opportunity, and this effect, in fact, made Chu Feng quite satisfied.

“Despicable fellow, even secretly tampering, I will make you pay the price!!!”

Suddenly, Nie Ying’er roared angrily, and then only her long hair was seen dancing, and a majestic Qi Flame emanated from her body, and that Qi Flame was so strong that even Chu Feng retreated back and forth.

At the same time, layer after layer of invisible Qi waves continued to emanate from Nie Yan’er’s body, sweeping away in all directions to the west.

Rumble – under the impact of that Qi Wave, the Boundary that Chu Feng had laid was also constantly trembling, this power was very strong, but Chu Feng was able to feel that it was not Nie Yan’er, who intentionally controlled this power but impacted Chu Feng’s Boundary, but rather, it was this power that involuntarily wanted to emanate, wanting to allow the world to feel this power.

This was a very powerful force, a force that did not belong to mortals.

“Heavenly Divine Body!!!” Chu Feng’s gaze flickered, and he had already determined why this power was so strong, Nie Ying’er was a Heavenly Divine Body.

“Sister, I’ve come to help you.” Right at that moment, Nie Ying Er’s body also released a power as powerful as Nie Ying Er’s.

“This pair of sisters, all of them are actually Heavenly Divine Bodies!!!” With such a scene, even Chu Feng was taken aback.

Finally, the invisible aura began to transform into a tangible one, it was a red aura, fiery red, not a flame, but rather like a fire-burning cloud.

After that fire-coloured cloud emanated, Nie Yan’er and Nie Shier’s bodies had disappeared.

Their Heavenly Divine Bodies seemed to be even more powerful than normal people’s, as they had already achieved the point where their physical bodies and their strength became one.

At this moment, although their mortal physical bodies had disappeared, they had transformed into two giant fiery red birds.

The giant birds were sharp-toothed and sharp-mouthed, but it was difficult to determine their reality, but there was no doubt that they were of extraordinary power, with the divine power of the heavens that could tear everything apart.

“Illusion, the strongest stance of these two sisters, merging into one Heavenly Divine Power.”

“Three years ago, it was with this move that they swept away the other disciples of the Nine Potentials, topping the Nine Potentials Hunt in first place with an absolute advantage.”

Lin Ye Zhou, Fu Feiteng, and the others, all turned nervous, they all knew how strong this move was, at this moment, Nie Ying’er and Nie Shier, their battle power had risen by another realm, they were no longer Third Grade Half-Emperors, they had already reached the same level as Fourth Grade Half-Emperors just like Chu Feng.

“Chu Feng, if you admit defeat now, our sisters will spare you once.” Nie Yan’er and Nie Shier opened their mouths at the same time, and after their bodies changed, even their lazy voices also changed, and although they were still women’s voices, they contained the roughness of wild beasts, as well as a sense of holiness, as if they were divine beasts.

“Admitting defeat, I’m afraid I can’t do that.” Chu Feng smiled indifferently.

“Chu Feng, our sisters are in such a form that we do not know the gravity of our strikes, if you do not admit defeat, I am afraid that I will take your life.” Nie Yan’er and Nie Shier said once again.

“Not knowing the importance means that you guys still can’t control the power of your species, it’s difficult to control yourselves, that is, you don’t have enough strength, you want me to admit defeat to someone who doesn’t have enough strength, don’t you think it’s ridiculous?” Chu Feng said with a smile.

“Hubris and arrogance, one must pay the price.” Nie Yan’er and Nie Shier were enraged by Chu Feng, and as their figures fluttered, they pressed towards Chu Feng, their auras peerless and kingly.

“Hey ……,” Seeing that, Chu Feng then heatedly laughed, and his figure retreated backwards, actually breaking away from the boundary and arriving outside of it.

Boom – while Nie Yan’er and Nie Shier followed closely behind, they were directly mounted on top of the boundary, and the powerful force caused the boundary to be scarred, but they failed to break through the boundary.

“Chu Feng, you cannot escape, the two of my sisters in this form, you cannot stop us.” The two sisters let out a roar, and that boundary was also difficult to block, and the sound reached Chu Feng and the others.

And at the same time, on their bodies, they actually began to blossom with layer after layer of fire clouds, and between their wings stirring, fierce winds arose in all directions and dark clouds were created.

Within that boundary, there had already been lightning and thunder, ripples rising in all directions, like a place of doom, terrifying to the extreme.

Looking at the terrifying power unleashed by the two sisters, even for someone as conceited as Lin Ye Zhou, his brows were furrowed as he retreated back and forth.

He knew that the two sisters were enraged, and he also knew how ferocious an angry two sisters could be.

Therefore, he was afraid, afraid that after the two sisters broke through the boundary, they would go on a killing spree, in which case, even they would be out of luck.

“Even stronger, you’re still two birds, this Heavenly Divine Body of yours is of little use, let’s see me take you in.”

However, just as the crowd was fearful, Chu Feng laughed out loud, only to see his hands change rapidly, as layer after layer of boundary power continuously surged towards the boundary that bound the sisters.

Under this change, the cracks in that boundary were not only repaired, but also began to shine with light, growing stronger and stronger.

Suddenly, Chu Feng probed out with one hand, grabbed violently at the boundary, and drank, “Collect!!!”

That boundary, unexpectedly shrank rapidly, and the two sisters who were in it, also began to shrink along with it, and when that boundary, returned to the size of two people, the two sisters’ Divine Bird’s body, had already been hardened and forced back, transforming into a normal human body.

Without the divine bird body, their divine power is also disappeared, at this moment not only the decline in combat power, breath than usual is also a layer of weak, to stay in the boundary, it is really like two killing bird, trapped in an impenetrable cage.