Martial Champion Chapter 1467

Nie Yan’er and Nie Shier, imposing, came straight to the hall and said, “Chu Feng, our sisters are not convinced of you, what qualifications do you have, to obtain the six bets.”

“Get out.” Hearing those words, Su Mei was furious, getting up and shouting angrily as she opened her mouth to expel the people.

“Where did this wild girl come from and dare to chastise us?” Nie Yan’er was very domineering, and even directly struck out.

The force was raging, but in her hands, it was soft like water, like a fountain, spraying towards Su Mei.

However, everyone could see that this seemingly soft force was actually a hidden killing chance and extremely powerful.

“Hmph.” However, Su Mei, was also not willing to show weakness, she who regarded herself as strong in the art of boundary, didn’t use force at all, but rather, her mind turned, and the golden imperial level boundary power was released, turning into a boundary wall, blocking in front of Su Mei’s body.

Pah – Nie Ying’er’s force had arrived and landed on Su Mei’s boundary wall, but it didn’t emit a roar, instead, it was like mucus, adsorbing onto Su Mei’s boundary wall.

Boom – But suddenly, a loud bang rang out violently, and the faces of all those present changed drastically, because the boom was not outside the boundary, but within the boundary, it was a dark force.

Nie Ying’er’s force, which unexpectedly carried dark energy, had invisibly penetrated Su Mei’s boundary wall, and was currently attacking Su Mei.


Seeing this, Su Mei also panicked, although she had already sensed that something was wrong, under such a distance, she was already too late to dodge.

But if she was struck by this dark force, even if she didn’t die, Su Mei would be heavily injured, and she was afraid that she wouldn’t be able to participate in tomorrow’s Nine Potentials Hunt.

Hohohohoho – just in the nick of time, a strong wind suddenly swept in from beside Su Mei, it was Chu Feng, Chu Feng’s large sleeves swung, the golden boundary then danced, forming a golden vortex, and just between light strokes, he dissolved this ferocious dark force that was already close at hand.

“This …… “Seeing this scene, Nie Yan’er and Nie Shier both had a change of expression, neither of them thought that the dark force attack that even Su Mei couldn’t avoid would be dissolved by this Sixth Grade Martial King, a waste in their eyes, and dissolved so easily and With such ease and ease of mind.

“Asshole.” Almost being injured by the dark energy, Su Mei was furious, and as she spoke, she was about to strike again.

“Xiao Mei, let me do it.” However, before Su Mei could step forward, Chu Feng’s arm stopped in front of Su Mei.

Chu Feng knew that Su Mei was very strong, and that the Boundary Technique in particular was already top among her peers, and that there were few enemies.

However, that Nie Ying’er was able to use dark energy to pass through Su Mei’s boundary wall, which showed that Nie Ying’er was not only strong, but also had the means to know how to fight with a Boundary Spiritist, and had used a killer weapon against a Boundary Spiritist as soon as he struck, and just now, if it was not for Chu Feng striking out, Su Mei would have to suffer a great loss.

And a Nie Yan’er was already like that, if another Nie Shier was added, how terrifying would it be?

No matter how powerful Su Mei was, no matter how careful she was next, it was absolutely impossible for her to be a match for the sisters.

This pair of sisters, the moment they had just struck out, Chu Feng had already known that the fact that they were regarded as the strongest amongst the disciples of the Nine Potentials could definitely not be an empty claim.

“Be careful, they are very cunning.” Su Mei did not refute Chu Feng, instead, as she retreated, she secretly transmitted her voice to tell Chu Feng to be careful, clearly she also realised that the pair of sister flowers were very powerful.

“Truly unexpected, deeply hidden ah.” After Su Mei retreated, Nie Ying’er said to Chu Feng.

“The things you couldn’t have thought of, that’s far too many.” Chu Feng smiled faintly, rather sarcastically.

“Chu Feng, even if I have underestimated you, I will not admit that you are stronger than me.”

“A boundary is a boundary after all, and even if it is stronger, it cannot defeat force.”

“Even if you’re already an Imperial Cloak Boundary Spiritist at a young age, and are able to gain the favour of many elders, I, Nie Yan’er, don’t approve of you.” Nie Yan’er said.

“Is it because you want me to defeat you before you recognise the Boundary Technique?” Chu Feng laughed.

“That’s right.” Nie Yan’er said.

Swish – Suddenly, Chu Feng waved his large sleeve, and the golden boundary was like a heavenly maiden scattering flowers, forming a huge boundary that blocked Chu Feng and the two siblings, Nie Yan’er and Nie Shier, in the middle of it.

“Regardless of what means you have, regardless of what martial skills you possess, feel free to make use of them, feel free to use them, as long as you are able to break through this boundary of mine, you will be considered to have won.” Chu Feng pointed at the boundary he had arranged and said confidently.

“You are truly arrogant and conceited.” Nie Ying’er coldly snorted, then raised her hand and punched.

Only to see a force rise up into the sky, transforming into a golden lance that carried the momentum of piercing the sky, shooting towards Chu Feng’s boundary.

Boom – there was a loud bang, and the sky shook, but Chu Feng’s boundary remained untouched, while Nie Yan’er’s force lance had shattered into pieces.

“It’s actually this sturdy?”

At this moment, not only Nie Yan’er and Nie Shier, even Lin Yezhou and Su Mei were shocked.

Even though, they had long known that Chu Feng’s Boundary Technique was extremely strong, so strong that it could compete with a Fourth Grade Martial Emperor, this Boundary was merely something that Chu Feng had casually set up.

However, Nie Ying’er’s attack earlier was not a casual attack, it was a martial skill, and it was a Human Prohibited Martial Skill.

But it was such a martial skill, in front of Chu Feng’s boundary, it was as unbearable as tofu, which was also too exaggerated.

“I just don’t believe it.” Nie Ying’er once again struck out, this time the force was even more prevalent, the attack was even stronger, countless flowers condensed by the force were like meteors shooting backwards, pressing towards Chu Feng’s Boundary, this was the Ten Thousand Flowers Xiu Yuan’s Earth Forbidden Martial Skill, Earth Forbidden Ten Thousand Flowers Chop.

Boom Boom Boom Boom ……

In an instant, it was like ten thousand thunderbolts roaring within this boundary, very piercing to the ears, but this sound was only within the boundary, and could not be heard outside of the boundary, let alone outside of the palace.

Although, the sound was isolated, but the horror of this Earth Forbidden Ten Thousand Hua Chop was something that Lin Ye Zhou and the others, could distinguish with their naked eyes.

The ripples of different colours were as gorgeous as fireworks, but they all knew very well that that gorgeous firework contained a devastating power.

However, when the firework-like energy ripples faded away, the boundary remained intact.

“This can’t be!” At this moment, both Nie Yan’er and Nie Shier’s faces were covered in surprise.

“How about it, my arrogance is somewhat capitalised, isn’t it?” Chu Feng said with a smirk.

“Capturing the thief first, and breaking the army first kills the master.” A cold aura flashed in Nie Ying’er’s eyes, and like a stream of light, she flew towards Chu Feng.

Her speed was strangely fast, and in just an instant, she had already arrived in front of Chu Feng, and her hands danced, transforming into eight arms, and each arm was like a swimming dragon, carrying a gust of dragon roar as it tore towards Chu Feng.

This was not a simple attack, it was still an Earth Prohibited Martial Skill, called Earth Prohibited Eight Dragon Hands.

This martial skill, although it was not the original martial skill of the Ten Thousand Flowers Xiu Yuan, but it was obtained from an ancient relic, and it was extremely powerful, surpassing the Earth Forbidden Ten Thousand Flowers Chop that Nie Yan’er had previously executed, and it was one of the iconic martial skills of the Ten Thousand Flowers Xiu Yuan.

It was also the strongest martial skill that Nie Yan’er had ever mastered, so not only did she not hold back, but instead, she executed her full strength, wanting to rely on this move to win or lose with Chu Feng and make an end of it.

However, in the face of such martial arts, Chu Feng was motionless, at first people felt that he was prepared, but when Nie Yan’er had already approached, Chu Feng still did not react, where was this preparedness, just like giving up resistance.

“What’s wrong with Chu Feng? Why isn’t he hiding?” Lin Yezhou and the others all noticed that something was wrong and couldn’t help but cry out.

“It’s not that I’m not dodging, it’s that I can’t dodge, the greatness of the Earth Forbidden Eight Dragon Hands is not only the powerful attack, but the deterrent power, which mimics that of a true dragon, which is difficult for normal people to resist, and under close proximity, it’s even more doubled.”

“That Chu Feng was too arrogant, when he saw his sister’s strike, he didn’t counterattack, he should have wanted his sister to come closer before striking out at her to show off his strength, but he was right in the middle of it, and endured the most powerful deterrent power of the Earth Forbidden Eight Dragon Hand.”

“At this moment, even if he wanted to counterattack, there is no more chance, this match, he lost.”

While the crowd was worried, Nie Xie’er was sneering in her heart, she knew how terrifying the Earth Forbidden Eight Dragon Hands were, so she was confident that her sister would win.

…Boom…Boom…Boom…Boom…Boom Suddenly, eight ear-piercing continuous explosions rang out, and Nie Ying’er’s Earth Forbidden Eight Dragons’ Hands had all slapped onto Chu Feng’s body.

Head, neck, chest, waist, arm, wrist, thigh, calf.

Eight parts, all of them were slapped, this was simply to make Chu Feng, shatter his body into pieces!!!!