Martial Champion Chapter 1463

Hearing Lin Yezhou’s words, Chu Feng was also impressed with these two women.

Qin Wentian, the existence of the number one on the Greenwood Ranking, although it was rumoured that his strength was on par with Qin Lingyun, but since he was number one, there must be a reason for him to be number one.

But one of that pair of sisterly flowers was able to stimulate Qin Wentian to go into seclusion for three long years, yet he still didn’t come out of seclusion, so it could be seen that the Qin Wentian of that year had suffered much humiliation to be like this.

Swish – Suddenly, two cold gazes shot towards Chu Feng, as if they were ice, concealing killing opportunities.

It was the pair of sisters, Nie Yan’er and Nie Shier, who only glanced at Chu Feng before withdrawing their gazes.

Everything happened in a split second, and other than Chu Feng, almost no one noticed it.

That gaze that concealed a murderous intent was warning Chu Feng, warning him not to look carelessly.

As for why the warning, that was also very simple, the other party felt that Chu Feng was not worthy, not even worthy of viewing their faces, so they told Chu Feng to stop looking at them.

High and proud, overbearing, but also had the capital to be high and proud and overbearing, women like them were the fairies in the eyes of mortals, not eating the fire of the earth, so naturally they could not look at mortals, and in their eyes, Chu Feng was the mediocre generation, the mortals.

“Heh ……,” Chu Feng laughed, because he knew that those two women were misunderstanding.

Chu Feng was not looking at them because of their beauty, after all, each and every one of Chu Feng’s women was more beautiful than them, not to mention Zi Ling, even if Su Mei, that sweet face, it still outshone these two women.

However, even if those two women misunderstood Chu Feng, and also threatened Chu Feng, Chu Feng was not angry, Chu Feng just had this kind of temperament, and did not calculate with women.

“Little friends, it is once again time for the Nine Potentials to jointly organise the triennial Nine Potentials Hunt.”

“And this time, the location of the Nine Potentials Hunting is my Greenwood Mountain’s forbidden land, the Ancient Ruins.”

“Ancient Ruins, as the name suggests, this is a land that was preserved relatively intact during the ancient times.”

“In it, not only are there many, buildings that you haven’t seen before, and plants that you haven’t seen before, even the air there, is flavoured, and the power of heaven and earth there, are all different.”

“Of course, in a place like that, the most essential thing is naturally the danger.”

“However, the place I have chosen for you is an area with the highest safety index in the Ancient Ruins, so as long as you follow the map and move within the prescribed range, you won’t encounter those menacing things.”

“Of course, there are accidents in everything, so if you guys really encounter a treacherous danger that is difficult to resolve and you might die as a result, you can crush the teleportation talisman that I have specially prepared for you.

That teleportation talisman can teleport over a short distance, and as long as you crush it, it will, at the first opportunity, teleport you to a safe area guarded by the elders.

Of course, as long as you crush the teleportation talisman, then it’s also equal to abstaining from the competition, and you will lose your qualification for this Nine Potentials Hunt.”

“This is what you need to pay attention to when you enter it, and the rules of this Nine Potentials Hunt are actually quite simple.”

“There is only one winner, and the way to win is to search for the battle flag keys within the stipulated area, and as long as whoever is the first to find the nine battle flag keys, they will be able to ascend the battle flag platform.”

“By ascending the battle flag platform, one can get the battle flag, as long as the one who gets the battle flag and brings it back safely, then he or she is the winner of this Nine Potential Hunting.”

“The winner, I will personally reward it with this Endless Blade.”

As he spoke, Dugu Xingfeng took out a two-metre long weapon, which was dark and glittering, resembling a sword, resembling a sword, and was domineering. This weapon, at least, was several times better than the King’s Soldier.

“Endless Blade, isn’t that a half-completed Emperor Soldier? No wonder the aura of this soldier is so strong!”

“But isn’t the Endless Blade the weapon of the Sword Casting Monarch at the Hidden Sword Villa? How could it appear here?”

“You guys are thinking too much, Sword Casting Monarch, what kind of character is that, not only is he a generation of Martial Emperors, but he is also one of the greatest Realm Spirit Masters in the Sacred Land of Martial Arts nowadays, if he says that his sword-casting skill is number one, almost no one dares to say number two.”

“I heard that the Sword Casting Monarch, has been researching his Endless Blade, preparing to create multiple imitations so that he can sell them to other forces at a high price.”

“And the Sword Casting Monarch, who has some friendship with Sect Leader Dugu, once promised Sect Leader Dugu that if an imitation of the Endless Blade is made, he will definitely sell the first one to Greenwood Mountain.”

“I think that the one in the hands of Sect Leader Dugu at the moment should be an imitation version of the Endless Blade, and still the first imitation version of the Endless Blade.”

Looking at that Endless Blade, the various Sect Masters were all talking, compared to the disciples, they naturally knew a bit more.

“The Palmistresses are right, this Endless Blade is indeed a replica that was personally crafted by the Sword Casting Monarch senior, by himself.”

“But even if it’s an imitation, it’s still worth a lot of money and its power is not weak.”

“It’s not an exaggeration to say that this Endless Blade, even if it’s not as good as the Sword Casting Monarch’s genuine Endless Blade, it’s still not much different.”

“These words were not said by me, but by Senior Sword Casting Monarch, himself.” As Dokuro Starfon spoke, he looked towards the Sect Leader of the Sword Casting Villa.

“Sect Leader Dugu’s words are true, my family’s Sword Casting Lord, did indeed say this.” The Sect Master of the Sword Casting Villa said.

“Wow~~~” Hearing this, the crowd exclaimed, especially the disciples, whose eyes blossomed with light.

A half-completed Imperial Soldier, that was a priceless treasure, even though this was only a replica, it was still a treasure that could be encountered but not sought, and now that they had the chance to obtain it, they were naturally incomparably happy.

“I’ve finished saying what needs to be said, so the following sect masters, announce the flag carrying disciples of their respective forces.” After Dokuro Xingfeng’s words fell, he sat down.

“I, the Ten Thousand Flower Xiu Academy, flag-carrying disciples, Nie Yan’er, Nie Shier.” The Sect Leader of the Ten Thousand Flower Show Courtyard was the first to speak, and without any suspense, announced, Nie Ying’er Nie Shier, the strongest pair of sisters.

“My Boundary Master Alliance, flag carrying disciples, Su Mei, Lin Ye Zhou.” The sect master of the Realm Master Alliance, also opened his mouth to announce.

“Su Mei, is that the sweet-looking girl?”

“Is she such a young person to be a flag bearer, how come I haven’t seen her before? Could it be that she’s the closed disciple of one of the seniors within the Sacred Association of Realm Masters?”

After Su Mei’s name was announced, it caused quite a shock, after all, she was a newcomer, and a newcomer with notable strength, so naturally, she would attract attention.

After this, the other forces announced their respective flag bearer disciples one after another, while most of them were the same as previous years, and even the ones that were different from previous years were not too different.

Those present were among the nine forces of this generation, the most outstanding disciples, and everyone was almost familiar with them, and it wasn’t until Dokuro Xingfeng of Greenwood Mountain opened his mouth that people were taken aback.

“My flag-carrying disciples of Greenwood Mountain, Chu Feng, Qin Lingyun.” Dugu Xingfeng said in a loud voice.