Martial Champion Chapter 1462

Deciduous Bamboo Forest, are you sure it’s a deciduous bamboo forest?” Lin Yezhou asked.

“It should be the Fallen Leaf Bamboo Forest.” Being asked by Lin Ye Zhou like this, Fang Tuohai didn’t dare to be sure, but he did remember that the power that person was in was called the Falling Leaves Bamboo Forest.

“Nonsense, the Sect Leader of the Fallen Leaf Bamboo Forest, he couldn’t even defeat the Silver Snake Realist, how could he possibly scare off the Sect Leader of the Jade Water Palace?”

Lin Ye Zhou snorted coldly, a little angry, he felt that he had been cheated, after all, he had heard of the Falling Leaves Bamboo Forest.

In fact, not only had he heard of it, he had also met the Sect Leader of the Falling Leaves Bamboo Forest.

Knowing what level the Sect Leader of the Falling Leaves Bamboo Forest was at, although he was a half emperor, he couldn’t talk about a real master, at least even Lin Ye Zhou, didn’t put him in his eyes.

That kind of person, how could he defeat the Silver Snake Reality, how could he let the Jade Water Palace’s Sect Leader, there is no way, this is simply a fool’s errand.

“In the past, maybe not, but now, that would definitely be right.”

Right at that moment, Chu Feng opened his mouth, and only he knew that the Sect Leader of the Fallen Leaf Bamboo Forest had already changed, and that the current Sect Leader of the Fallen Leaf Bamboo Forest did indeed possess the strength that Fang Tuohai had said.

Hong Qiang, peak Half-Emperor, able to fight with the Flaming Iron Lotus, his strength, which Chu Feng had witnessed with his own eyes, was indeed very strong, and only one step short of becoming a Martial Emperor.

“Senior Brother Chu Feng, how are you so certain? Could it be that you know the Sect Leader of the Fallen Leaf Bamboo Forest?” Fu Feiteng asked.

“I know, but the one I know is not the same person as the one you know, so you should not doubt his abilities, today’s Falling Leaves Bamboo Forest, nothing else has changed, but the Sect Leader’s strength is definitely not what it used to be.” Chu Feng said.

“Senior Brother Chu Feng, I will only ask, how is the Sect Leader of that Fallen Leaf Bamboo Forest, better than the Alliance Leader of my Realm Master Alliance?” Lin Yezhou asked.

“I’m afraid that it is not comparable.” Chu Feng returned.

“This ……” Hearing those words, Lin Yezhou, including Fu Feiteng Sima Ying and the other disciples, could not help but suck in a mouthful of cool air, and their faces more or less changed.

The Falling Leaves Bamboo Forest, was a power in the alliance’s domain, if the Falling Leaves Bamboo Forest really appeared a, peak Half Emperor powerhouse, then for the Boundary Master Alliance, one didn’t know if this was a good thing, or a bad thing.

Time flew by, a day in the blink of an eye.

Right now, it was already time for Greenwood Mountain to announce the rules of this Nine Potential Hunting.

On such an occasion, regardless of whether it was the Nine Potentials or other small sects, as long as the disciples were qualified to participate in the Nine Potentials Hunt, all of them were present, and even the Elders and Sect Masters were rarely absent.

Naturally, Qin Lingyun, who had a great grudge against Chu Feng, also appeared within Chu Feng’s line of sight, and he, who was also a disciple of the representative of the Greenwood Mountain, also stood in a place with Chu Feng.

However, probably due to the presence of too many seniors, Qin Lingyun only disdainfully glanced at Chu Feng, and then did not do anything more, with an attitude that did not place Chu Feng in his eyes.

As for Chu Feng, to his disdainful appearance, he also did not care, after all, Chu Feng was very clear in his heart, nowadays, Qin Lingyun, for him, was only a waste that could be packed up at any time, and did not have any threatening power at all.

“Looking at Qin Lingyun’s arrogant appearance, he must still think that Chu Feng is still the same Chu Feng that was at the beginning, who was allowed to be bullied by him.”

At this moment, Sima Ying and the others, although they were not together with Chu Feng and the others, she was always paying attention to the dynamics of Chu Feng and the other Cyanwood Mountain disciples, and when she saw Qin Lingyun look at Chu Feng like that, she could not help but spit out in a low voice.

“When he discovers that Chu Feng is no longer the same Chu Feng from back then, that’s when he’ll regret it.” Fu Feiteng also laughed, he had already learnt from Sima Ying’s mouth about the matter of Qin Lingyun, bullying Chu Feng back then.

“Bullying Chu Feng, that fellow had bullied Chu Feng?” Hearing those words, Su Mei on the other hand acted very excited.

“It’s none of your business, Chu Feng is able to resolve this on his own.” Sima Ying glanced at Su Mei, then added, “By the way, why are you so concerned about Chu Feng, you wouldn’t really like him, right?”

“It’s none of your business.” Su Mei said.

“You ……” Hearing Su Mei say that, Sima Ying’s little face turned red with anger, but after her big eyes turned round, she said again, “How is it none of my business, I also like Chu Feng, so be careful of me being the first to take the lead and snatch him. ”

“Pfft, just you ……,” Su Mei suddenly laughed out and sprayed on the spot.

“What’s wrong with me me, I can tell you, I’ve known Chu Feng for a much longer time than you, if I snatch with you, you basically have no chance.” Sima Ying threatened with a smug expression.

“Hahaha ……” However, hearing Sima Ying’s threat, Su Mei laughed even more indulgently and louder.

Not to mention the fact that Su Mei had known Chu Feng for so many years, just to say that Chu Feng’s relationship with Su Mei, that was not something that Sima Ying could compare to, for Sima Ying to threaten Su Mei, that was truly threatening the wrong person.

“What are you laughing at, don’t you know what it means to have a sense of crisis?”

“You laugh, you laugh, I will let you know how powerful this girl is.” Sima Ying was laughed at by Su Mei and her little face turned red, somewhat at a loss for words, she was angry and stomped her feet in place.

While looking at the two own forces, the two most outstanding little beauties, but for a Chu Feng to fight over this kind of jealousy, Lin Yezhou and other disciples, were embarrassed, but they were not able to interject.

Unable to do so, Lin Yezhou once again turned his gaze, towards Chu Feng, only to realise that Chu Feng was gazing at the two people.

That was a pair of peerless beauties, also a pair of twin sisters, this pair of sisters, they were truly beautiful looking, with standard features, straight figures, and standard curves, they were perfect.

Especially that unearthly temperament, coupled with that clear skirt, they were just like fairies who didn’t eat earthly fire, making people’s eyes light up and their hearts flutter. Any man who saw it couldn’t help but look at it a few more times.

“Senior Brother Chu Feng, you are too unkind, those two girls from my Realm Master Alliance are fighting over you for jealousy, why are you looking at this pair of sister flowers.” Lin Yezhou transmitted his voice.

“Eh …… “Only after hearing Lin Yezhou’s words did Chu Feng notice that Sima Ying and Su Mei, were fighting over him.

As for this scene, Chu Feng only laughed, he knew that Sima Ying did not like him and was only taking him as a friend, so the two of them were purely fighting, it was not any kind of jealousy at all.

“Senior Brother Lin, don’t make fun of me, I just feel that these two women from the Ten Thousand Flower Xiu Academy, amongst the many disciples of the Nine Potentials, are somewhat different.” Chu Feng transmitted his voice back.

“Senior Brother Chu Feng truly has good eyesight, and this was all seen by you.” Lin Yezhou said, “These two girls, called one is called Nie Yan’er and the other is called Nie Shier, not only are they twin sisters, they are also the two strongest disciples of the Ten Thousand Flowers Xiu Academy.”

“And, I can clearly tell you that they are very strong, it’s not too much of a stretch to say that they are the strongest amongst the disciples here.”

“In the Nine Potential Hunting three years ago, the two of them then teamed up to win first place, and they did so with an absolute advantage.”

“That powerful?” Hearing those words, Chu Feng was also somewhat surprised, the reason why he had observed this pair of sisters was also because he had discovered that this pair of sisters had some strength, but he had not thought that they actually possessed the strength to sweep away the other disciples.

As they were also Ninth Grade Martial Kings, for them to be able to do so, they must have extraordinary means.

“Of course it’s powerful, do you know why your number one disciple of Greenwood Mountain, Qin Wentian has been in seclusion, not even participating in this Nine Potential Hunting?” Lin Ye Zhou said.

“Why?” Chu Feng asked.

“Because he was thwarted by his tragic defeat at the hands of Nie Shier back then.” Lin Yezhou said.