Martial Champion Chapter 1451

“This ……”

In fact, the moment Chu Feng’s words came out, not only the people of the Eastern Imperial Clan, but even the people of the Realm Master Alliance were stunned.

How much guts did one need to dare to humiliate the Eastern Imperial Clan’s Third Prince in front of the Eastern Imperial Clan’s Elders?

Anyway, among the people here, apart from Zuo Tianzun, I’m afraid that there were not many people who had this kind of guts, but this disciple, who had never heard of him before this, actually had this kind of guts, how could people not be surprised?

But surprise after surprise, they were still very secretly happy, especially the disciples of the Realm Master Alliance, they even felt like raising their eyebrows, even their chests were straightened up.

The third prince of the Eastern Imperial Clan had lost to a disciple of his Realm Master Alliance, how could they not be pleased?

However, as the world was large and strange, the complexity of people’s hearts was even more strange, and while most people felt ecstatic for Chu Feng’s victory over Dongfang Zexuan, there were also quite a few people who were depressed to the extreme, and even hated Chu Feng for that reason.

The representative figure among them was the first disciple of the Realm Master Alliance, Lin Yezhou.

However, after the appearance of Su Mei and Feng Chu, this so-called number one disciple of his had actually long since lost his name.

Therefore, not only was he depressed, he also hated it, he hated Feng Chu, he hated the fact that this disciple called Feng Chu had defeated Dongfang Zexuan, comparing him to him, making his position as the number one disciple even more precarious.

Of course, if he knew that this so-called Feng Chu was actually Chu Feng, then he didn’t know what kind of expression he would have.

“You are still the first one who dares to humiliate me like this.”

Finally, Dongfang Zexuan spoke once again, his emotions calmed down a lot, and he seemed to have accepted the fact that he had lost to Chu Feng.

However, his eyes were filled with displeased anger, and his words also contained a hidden threat, and it was clear that he would not stop there.

“Humiliation? Not really, even if it is, I’m just returning the favour in the same way as others.”

“However, if I am truly considered the first person to humiliate you, then I am still honoured.” Chu Feng was breezy, not only was he not afraid of Dongfang Zexuan’s threat, he instead exited to contradict it.

“You really have a lot of guts, daring to speak to me like this, since that’s the case, can you take off that layer of your black skin and reveal your true appearance, so that I can see just what kind of person it is that dares to call out to me like this.” Dongfang Zexuan gritted his teeth and said.

“Do you want to see my appearance so that you can retaliate later?” Chu Feng guessed Dongfang Zexuan’s intentions, this black robe of his was originally special, and was endowed by Chu Feng, with the isolation formation within the Nine Spirit Divine Diagram, being able to withstand spiritual power, and various means of observation.

Therefore, not to mention the people of the Eastern Imperial Clan, even a powerful Realm Spiritist like Zuo Tianzun would not be able to see through what the Chu Feng within this black robe actually looked like.

And since Dongfang Zexuan hated Chu Feng so much, he was naturally not prepared to stop there, and if he wanted to retaliate, he had to know what Chu Feng looked like first, which was why he wanted to take a look at him, but alas, Chu Feng was so resourceful that he naturally would not be able to fall into his trap.

“It seems like you don’t dare.” Dongfang Zexuan did not mention the matter of whether or not he would retaliate, but instead used the method of provoking Chu Feng to force him to give in.

“It’s not a matter of whether or not you dare, it’s a matter of whether or not you’re worthy.” Chu Feng said.

“How do you speak?” Hearing those words, the elders of the Eastern Imperial Clan finally could not help but chastise Chu Feng.

“How do I speak, do I need you guys to care?” And at the same time, Zuo Tianzun also opened his mouth in an overbearing manner, his voice was like a bell, his aura was extraordinary, just like a heavenly god, just with his voice, he could suppress everything.

And under this roar of Zuo Tianzun, the elders of the Eastern Imperial Clan, naturally, were all like frightened birds, one by one, they lowered their heads and didn’t dare to have half a word of complaint again.

Martial Emperor, it is not something that they, these mere half emperors, can fight against, even if they are at the peak again, as long as they are still in the half emperor realm, then with Martial Emperor, there is still a gap between heaven and earth.

“Third Prince, it’s not impossible to want to see my true colours, wait until your Boundary Technique is able to defeat me.” Chu Feng said once again.

“Good, there will be a day when you will be trampled under my feet, and even with the Boundary Technique, you will eventually lose to me.”

“Let’s go.” As for Dongfang Zexuan, after throwing down those words, he also turned to leave.

Seeing this, the army of the Eastern Imperial Clan, also followed behind and left in this manner.

Although, they were very unwilling, but with the Left Heavenly Father sitting here, there was nothing they could do.

“Lord Zuo Tianzun, Lord Alliance Leader, there are still some matters at hand that need to be dealt with, so we’ll take our leave as well.” And after the Eastern Imperial Clan’s army withdrew, the elders of the Jade Water Palace, the Fire Lin Palace, and the Eight Desolate Ridges also rushed to leave.

Thus, this competition came to an end here, and the result of the competition was a magnificent victory, and it was all thanks to Chu Feng.


“Senior Brother Feng Chu, you’re fantastic, surprisingly, even Dongfang Zexuan is no match for you.”

“Alas, how do you talk, how do you know that people are senior brothers, call them senior brothers, senior brother Feng Chu, in the future, you can be the number one disciple of my sectoral division alliance.”

At this moment, the square that had been silent for a long time, finally boiled, and the disciples of the Realm Master Alliance that had been silent for a long time, finally boiled.

What they were shouting was all one name, and that was Feng Chu, because the person who took credit for defeating Dongfang Zexuan today was not Fu Feiteng, not Lin Yezhou, and not Su Mei, but rather, it was this man called Feng Chu.

“Eh …… “At this moment, the alliance master of the Boundary Master Alliance, was also walking all close to Chu Feng, probably too happy, happy that the Boundary Master Alliance actually had a, such an outstanding disciple, and before that, he was completely unaware of it.

For a moment, he, the Controller of the Boundary Master Alliance, actually did not know what to say, but only smiled happily.

“Seniors, can we change to a quiet place to talk?” However, right at that moment, Chu Feng was the one who suddenly opened his mouth.

“This ……” Hearing those words, the alliance leader of the Realm Master Alliance, as well as all the elders were all stunned, they had felt that, with the people of the Eastern Imperial Clan gone, it was time for this Feng Chu to reveal his true colours, after all, they were also all very eager to see, what this amazing disciple What exactly was his appearance, what exactly was his origin.

However, they did not expect, this disciple will suddenly come to such a sentence, quiet place to talk? What does this mean? What does he want to talk about?

No matter what, he was only a disciple, and those present at this moment were all important figures of the Realm Master Alliance, how could he speak like this?

“Let’s go.” But just as the crowd hesitated, the Left Heavenly Father suddenly spoke.

Although all those present were big shots, all terrific martial cultivation experts, great Realm Spirit Masters, the most powerful figure was naturally Zuo Tianzun.

Therefore, after Zuo Tianzun opened his mouth, not only the Lord Alliance Leader of the Realm Spiritist Alliance, but even the elders of the Realm Spiritist Sacred Guild nodded their heads.

Thus, under the leadership of Zuo Tianzun, the Alliance Lord of the Realm Master Alliance, Miao Renlong, as well as the elders of the Realm Master Sacred Guild all left the square together, and arrived within a majestic hall of the Realm Master Alliance.

It was worth mentioning that apart from the high-powered bigwigs, Su Mei, Sima Ying, and Lin Yezhou had also arrived here.

The reason why they were able to come here was naturally because they all had someone to back them up, Su Mei was needless to say, in the eyes of outsiders, he was the righteous daughter of Zuo Tianzun, and Sima Ying also had Miao Renlong as her backer, so naturally, if they wanted to come here, there wouldn’t be anyone who would stand in their way.

As for Lin Ye Zhou, his background was also not to be underestimated, even more terrifying than Sima Ying, his grandfather, grandmother, father and mother, all of them were elders of the Sacred Association of Realm Masters.

And at this moment, his grandparents and father and mother were all present, so he naturally had the qualifications to come here as well.

What’s more, Lin Yezhou very much wanted to see what kind of person this Feng Chu, who had stolen the limelight, was.

“Seniors, I’m sorry, Chu Feng made a big mistake today.” And after arriving here, the first thing Chu Feng did was to bow and salute to all the great figures, admitting his mistake and apologising.

“Alas, Feng Chu, what are you doing, you have made a great achievement for my Sector Master Alliance, what string is there?” Seeing this, the elders of the Realm Master Alliance, were all a little confused, they were all prepared to reward Feng Chu, but they never thought of blaming Feng Chu.

“I am at fault because I impersonated a disciple of the Realm Master Alliance.” As Chu Feng spoke, he took off his black robe, revealing his true face.

“Chu Feng, it’s you?!!!”

And after seeing Chu Feng, other than Zuo Tianzun and the others, everyone present was dumbfounded and shocked, especially Lin Yezhou, at this moment, that face of his was even more unsightly than if he had eaten dog shit.