Martial Champion Chapter 1448

How is it? Third Prince of the Eastern Imperial Clan, are you still satisfied with the results of my strike?” Chu Feng lightly uttered such a sentence in front of the crowd.

Provocation, absolute provocation, mockery, naked mockery.

“Asshole.” Seeing that their own Third Prince was being mocked like this, the people of the Eastern Imperial Clan were all furious as well.

However, other than being angry, they could not do anything, after all, this was a duel between his family’s Third Prince and Chu Feng, and they could not intervene at all.

If they were to intervene, they were afraid that the ones who would be unlucky would also be them, after all, this was the territory of the Realm Master Alliance.

If it was only the Alliance Master of the Realm Master Alliance, and those elders of the Greenwood Sacred Society, it would be fine, even Zuo Tianzun, this Martial Emperor level big shot, was present, where would they dare to spread their wildness?

“Haha, hahaha, hahahahahaha ……”

However, what was unexpected was that under Chu Feng’s humiliation, Dongfang Zexuan actually laughed out loud, and laughed so strangely.

“What’s going on, after being humiliated so much, he actually laughed out loud?”

“Looking at his previous behaviour, he doesn’t seem like a person with such a temperament.”

Dongfang Zexuan laughing like this caused the people of the Realm Master Alliance to frown and feel uneasy, because just in that smile, they detected something bad.

“Interesting, it’s just too interesting, I have to admit, your appearance has rather made my trip worthwhile.”

“Since that’s the case, then I’ll get real.” With these words, Dongfang Zexuan’s hands began to change rapidly, and while his hands were changing, layer after layer of boundary power was continuously emanating from his body.

The same boundary power, but this time has produced a different change, this time the boundary power, after overflowing, actually have retracted, and then surged out again.

And, after the last surge, the boundary force began to turn into flames.

The majestic flames, like armour, covered the body of Dongfang Zexuan, and when his hands were clenched tightly, he even condensed two golden flame knives.

The twin knives, which were like entities, were entwined with rushing flames and exuded a might not weaker than that of a King’s Soldier, but in reality, they were two formations that had evolved.

“So strong, to be able to use a boundary formation, to enhance his own battle power, this is simply using formations as martial arts.”

“It seems that he doesn’t intend to activate the Boundary Formation to engage in a long range battle with Feng Chu, he’s going to use his own power to engage Feng Chu in close quarters.”

“Oh no, close combat is not like long distance combat, it has extremely strict requirements for judgement and reaction, even a millimetre difference is enough to determine victory or defeat.”

“And the means used by this Dongfang Zexuan has made his close combat power increase a lot, if he is close to Feng Chu, Feng Chu will be in bad luck.”

The crowd of the Boundary Master Alliance became even more terrified, they all knew that long distance fighting competed with the strength of means, but close combat not only competed with the strength of means, but also competed with whether or not the reaction was sharp, whether or not the judgement was accurate, and whether or not the experience was rich.

This Dongfang Zexuan, another super genius, defeated in his hands of half emperor powerhouses, are countless, his combat experience, can be said to be quite rich.

If Chu Feng were to engage him in close combat, it would truly be a hopeless situation, and would most likely end in a crushing defeat.

“Don’t be afraid, although this Feng Chu is low-profile, but to be able to cultivate to such a point, he definitely wouldn’t be a foolish person, he will definitely understand the reasoning that he has to keep his distance from Dongfang Zexuan, use his advantage of grasping the Powerful Long Distance Formation, and not engage him in close combat.”

But there are also people who feel that Feng Chu is a genius, and should know how to deal with Dongfang Zexuan, and that method is to keep a distance from Dongfang Zexuan.

“Hey ……”

However, what was unexpected was that, seeing that Dongfang Zexuan, was condensing formations to strengthen his own power, not only did Chu Feng not launch any attacks to stop him, but instead, he dissolved the weapon formations that surrounded him.

And after dissolving that weapon formation, he slowly raised both of his hands, which then changed continuously like lightning, and began to strike out formation hand seals.

Under this change, the majestic Imperial Grade Boundary Force also rushed out from Chu Feng’s body, and then attached itself to his body like a whirlwind.

It was the same boundary condensed armour, and it was also like flames, but Chu Feng’s armour was even more splendid than Dongfang Zexuan’s.

Not only were the lines clear, at the back of that armour, there were also four bat-like flame wings, and these flame wings made this Boundary Armour of Chu Feng’s appear bizarre, yet also domineering.

And after the armour had coalesced, Chu Feng’s right hand was also fiercely clenched, and between the flashes of light, a longsword surrounded by flames also appeared in his hand.

This longsword, which was less than half an inch in width, but ten metres in length, at a glance, it did not look like a longsword, but more like a flaming lance.

And putting aside the strong appearance, the aura emanating from this longsword was also exceptionally appalling, not weaker in the slightest than the twin swords in Dongfang Zexuan’s hands, the same array of weapons that could be compared to a King’s Soldier.

“No way, this Feng Chu actually mastered such a formation as well?”

“Boosting his battle power, could it be that he wants to fight with Dongfang Zexuan, at close range?”

Although, the means that Chu Feng had performed was not worse than Dongfang Zexuan’s, and on the contrary, it was even worse, but as long as one thought that the reason why Chu Feng had set up such a formation was because he was preparing to engage Dongfang Zexuan in a close-distance fight.

Not only did the crowd of the Boundary Master Alliance not feel any joy, but on the contrary, they also pinched a cold sweat for Chu Feng.

They were not looking down on Chu Feng, it was really that Dongfang Zexuan was too powerful, and they did not feel that Chu Feng would be able to gain any advantage by fighting Dongfang Zexuan at close range.

On the contrary, they all felt that Chu Feng was striking a stone with an egg, seeking his own death without measuring himself.

“Yo, are you preparing, to engage me in close quarters?” At this moment, Dongfang Zexuan’s formation was already completely finished, and seeing that at this moment, Chu Feng was also wearing flame armour and holding a flame longsword, he was also quite surprised, but very quickly, the corner of his mouth also raised a contemptuous smile.

“I just want you to know that no matter if it’s far or near, as long as it’s a Boundary Technique, I’ll be able to defeat you.” Chu Feng said with a smile.

“What a big mouth, do you really think that you can fight against me?” Dongfang Zexuan roared angrily, and between his words, he gripped the Flame Dual Blades in his hands tightly, and was about to launch an attack on Chu Feng.

Swish – However, just as his words had just fallen, a fiery red stream of light arrived in the blink of an eye, and upon taking a closer look, everyone present was astonished.

That red light was Chu Feng, and not only did Chu Feng come to Dongfang Ze Xuan’s near front in an instant, the flaming longsword in his hand, even more so, was tinged with a dense killing intent, and swung and slashed at Dongfang Ze Xuan from above.

Chu Feng, surprisingly took the lead in launching an attack, and this attack was actually so swift and fierce !!!!!