Martial Champion Chapter 1445

“Mei !!!!”

This collapse of Su Mei startled many people, and Zuo Tianzun was the first to take the brunt of it and swept down, assisting Su Mei, who was lying on the ground.

After assisting, Zuo Tianzun rushed to set up the formation, for Su Mei healing, in his face, covered with the colour of gravity.

“Lord Heavenly Father, is Miss Su Mei alright?”

At the same time, Miao Renlong, the alliance leader of the Realm Master Alliance, also flew down one after another, nervously watching Su Mei.

That dagger, although it was small and had only pierced through Su Mei’s left shoulder and was not fatal, it had left Su Mei paralysed and unconscious.

Such a situation made everyone realise that it was not an unusual dagger, it was a powerful formation.

And people also recalled that ever since Dongfang Zexuan fell into a losing battle with Su Mei, one of his hands had always been held tightly, no matter how his body swung, no matter what kind of formation he set up.

That hand of his had never opened until he shot out the dagger.

This showed that Dongfang Zexuan had a premeditated plan, he had been brewing this formation all along, and suddenly struck out at the critical moment, coming up with a surprise attack to win.

“It’s fine, it’s just not paralysed, rest for a few moments and you’ll wake up.” Zuo Tianzun carefully examined Su Mei’s body, and then he sighed in relief.

He knew that Dongfang Zexuan was being merciful, otherwise with that move just now, even if he let Su Mei die, it was still absolutely feasible.

But even if he knew that Dongfang Zexuan was merciful, Zuo Tianzun still turned his unkind gaze towards Dongfang Zexuan, even if Dongfang Zexuan was merciful, but after all, he still injured Su Mei, and this revenge Zuo Tianzun had already written down.

However, Dongfang Zexuan, apparently had not noticed the resentment that Zuo Tianzun had towards him, because at the moment, his face was filled with the smugness after winning.

“This girl called Su Mei, you think that you have absolutely suppressed me, but you don’t know what it means to be false and what it means to be fake.”

“When two soldiers are fighting, absolute strength is needed, but there is also a need for trickery, strength is one aspect, and trickery is also one aspect, Miss Su Mei, your strength is there.”

“But here …… you can be much worse.” Dongfang Zexuan, between words pointed a finger to his head, insinuating that Su Mei’s IQ is not enough.

“You ……”

Hearing Dongfang Zexuan’s humiliation like this, the crowd of the Realm Master Alliance, all of them were furious, all of them wanted to insult Dongfang Zexuan, after all, what Dongfang Zexuan had done, was really too much.

However, when the words came to their mouths, they all swallowed them back, even Zuo Tianzun and these big figures didn’t say anything, so they naturally didn’t dare to really say anything.

So at this moment, holding their breath, depressed emotions, like crazy surging in the chest of the sector division alliance people, that stifled anger, simply fast to drive them crazy.

“How about it, is there anyone else from the Realm Master Alliance who can fight with me? If not, then I will take my leave.” Dongfang Zexuan spoke once more, and as he said this, he also used that provocative gaze and swept the circle.

It was as if he was using his gaze to tell the crowd of the Realm Master Alliance, “What can you do if you look at me with displeasure, if you have the ability to come out and have a junior who can fight with me, ah.

Suffocating, suffocating to the extreme, depressed, depressed to the extreme, self-respect, was seriously trampled on, but the crowd of the Realm Master Alliance, up to Zuo Tianzun and other elders, down to Lin Yezhou and other disciples, in the face of Dongfang Ze Xuan’s humiliation, but they could not do anything about it, after all, they were defeated this is the fact.

Moreover, they all knew very well that Su Mei was the strongest junior in the Realm Master Alliance, now that even she had lost, there was really no one in the Realm Master Alliance who could fight against Dongfang Zexuan.

“Haha, although this sentence might be a bit harsh, I really want to say that no matter how the seniors of the Realm Master Alliance are, but the juniors of the Realm Master Alliance are really not good.” Seeing that no one replied, Dongfang Zexuan laughed wildly.

“Third Prince, it’s best to watch what you say.” The alliance leader of the Boundary Master Alliance couldn’t hold back any longer, as the head of the Boundary Master Alliance, he couldn’t do it, and kept letting a junior wreak havoc.

“Lord Alliance Master, I had no intention to offend, after all, I do respect the seniors of the Boundary Master Alliance.”

“But you can’t keep me from telling the truth just because of my respect, after all, it’s a fact that the juniors of your Realm Master Alliance are incompetent.” Dongfang Zexuan, actually refuted the Alliance Master of the Realm Master Alliance in public.

At this moment, the people of the Realm Master Alliance were all trembling with anger, and even many of the elders had their old faces reddened.

A slap in the face, it wasn’t just them, even the Boundary Master Alliance’s Alliance Master had been slapped in the face, it was truly a call for them to endure it.

However, even if it was intolerable, they still had to endure, after all, the other party was not an ordinary person, it was the third prince of the Eastern Imperial Clan, if they dared to treat others how they wanted to for no reason, the unlucky one would be the entire Boundary Master Alliance.

After all, the four great imperial clans are famous for their dominance, and if it comes to a real firefight, the Boundary Master Alliance is definitely not the opponent of the Eastern Imperial Clan.

Therefore, even if Dongfang Zexuan was using words, hitting all of them in the face, then all they could do was to endure, even if their teeth were broken, they would have to swallow inside their stomachs.

“That’s a wild enough thing to say, but please say it again after defeating me.”

However, right at this moment, a voice suddenly rang out, and when that voice rang out, a figure dressed in a black robe also shot out like a sharp sword, and after drawing a perfect arc in mid-air, it steadily landed on top of the square.

“This is?” Seeing this person, everyone present was stunned, not to mention the outsiders, even the people from the Realm Master Alliance were baffled, who the hell is this person, why is he so dressed up?

“Disciple of the Realm Master Alliance, Feng Chu.”

“I also ask the Third Prince to enlighten me.” That black-robed and masked person, to the Third Prince of the Eastern Imperial Clan, clasped his fists and saluted.

“What? Feng Chu? Who is this? When did my Sector Master Alliance, have such a number one disciple?”

“Damn it, which bold and stupid thing dares to come at a time like this to disgrace people, isn’t it humiliating enough, isn’t it messy enough?”

The people of the Realm Master Alliance, all of them didn’t know who this Feng Chu was, and on the occasion of various suspicions, many people felt that this might really be a disciple of the Realm Master Alliance, a bold and stupid thing with low intelligence, who came out just to seek abuse, just to humiliate people, just to add to the chaos.

So at this moment, many of the elders of the Realm Master Alliance were gnashing their teeth in anger, and began to transmit their voices to this Feng Chu, telling him to quickly back off, or else he would be severely punished.

But no matter who’s voice, that Feng Chu was ignoring it, instead, he once again clasped his fists at Dongfang Zexuan and said in a provocative tone:

“What, are you afraid?”