Martial Champion Chapter 1443

What did you say?” Zuo Tianzun, with that astonished gaze, looked at Chu Feng, and it was obvious that he was also doubting Chu Feng’s abilities.

“Please, Heavenly Sovereign, let the late generation try, I want to try to help Miss Xiao Mei.” Chu Feng spoke once more.

And as soon as he spoke those words, there was silence within the hall, and everyone stopped speaking, but with complex expressions.

Zuo Tianzun looked at Chu Feng with a suspicious gaze. Miao Renlong and Sima Ying looked at Chu Feng with astonished gazes, while that black-faced elder looked at Chu Feng with sarcastic gazes, itching for Chu Feng to make a fool of himself.

“Then you come over.” Finally, Zuo Tianzun spoke, and he actually agreed to let Chu Feng give it a try.

“Many thanks, senior.” Chu Feng expressed his gratitude, after all, without Zuo Tianzun’s permission, there was really no way for him to make a move, but as long as Zuo Tianzun allowed it, he would be able to help his beloved.

Right now, if Zuo Tianzun allowed it, it was the same as giving Chu Feng a chance, and Chu Feng naturally had to thank him for giving the chance to help his beloved.

“There is no need to thank, if you are able to help Xiao Mei, this is naturally the best, if you are unable to help, I will receive this token of your affection on her behalf.” Zuo Tianzun said.

And hearing those words, Chu Feng also no longer hesitated, and walking closer to Su Mei, he began to set up the formation.

“Imperial Cloak Realm Spiritist? Chu Feng, you have become an Imperial Cloak Realm Spiritist?”

Chu Feng had just made this move, causing those present to be astonished, not to mention that black-faced elder, not to mention Zuo Tianzun, even Miao Renlong and Sima Ying, who were quite close to Chu Feng, had their mouths opened wide in surprise at this moment.

None of them had thought that Chu Feng had already become an Emperor-robed Realm Spiritist, this was too sudden, after all, the Chu Feng from before was still just a Gold-robed Realm Spiritist.

As for Zuo Tianzun and the black-faced Elder, this was even more astonishing and even difficult to accept.

To think that he, the Realm Master Alliance, had wasted so much effort to cultivate, amongst the juniors, two Emperor-robed Realm Spirit Masters, Lin Yezhou and Fu Feiteng.

But now, the disciples of the Greenwood Mountain, unexpectedly also killed out an Imperial Robe Realm Spirit Master, and also with the Cultivation Spirit Realm, concluded a contract with the Cultivation Realm Spirit Master.

What surprised them the most was Chu Feng’s age, his age was quite a bit younger than Lin Yezhou and Fu Feiteng, and to become an Imperial Cloak Realm Spiritist at this age was truly astonishing.

“This is?”

However, after Chu Feng had set up the formation, the already astonished Zuo Tianzun and the others, all of them lit up and were once again taken aback.

They all saw at the very first moment that the formation that Chu Feng had laid was not simple, and even though the formation had not yet been formed and had only just begun, they all sensed that the power of the formation.

And this formation was naturally the formation that Chu Feng had found within the Nine Spirit Divine Diagram.

Swish – swish – swish – swish – Chu Feng’s technique was extremely fast, flowing in a single breath, and from the beginning of the formation, there was not a single moment of hesitation, but rather, every step was precise, and it was cleverly designed, and it was considered to be perfect.

Such a Chu Feng, even more so, looking at Miao Renlong and the others, they could not help but suck in a mouthful of cool air, especially that black-faced old man, whose expression at the moment was called a wonderful one.

Genius, absolute genius, at such an age, with such strength, such formations, such means, Chu Feng’s performance was truly something that took their breath away.

Buzz–right at that moment, the light of Chu Feng’s formation flourished, and a continuous stream of spiritual energy, derived from that formation, began to merge into Su Mei’s body.


And after that spiritual energy entered her body, Su Mei actually let out a soft hum, which did not sound like pain, but instead sounded like a kind of relief, the unrestrained sound of being freed from pain.

“It’s working, Chu Feng, continue.”

Seeing that scene, Zuo Tianzun was instantly overjoyed, and he put away that formation he had set up to make more space for Chu Feng to help Su Mei.

And the reason why he did that was because he was very clear that the formation he had set up could only serve to alleviate the pain of Su Mei’s backlash, but the formation that Chu Feng had set up was able to counteract the pain of the backlash.

Just like that, Chu Feng, relying on the array formation within the Nine Spirit Divine Diagram, began to fully heal Su Mei’s injuries, and under that circumstance, but after just a few moments of effort, Su Mei unexpectedly opened her mouth to speak.

“Brother Chu Feng!!!”

The first words that Su Mei uttered were Chu Feng’s name, and not only was her name affectionate, but she also flung her delicate body into Chu Feng’s arms and tightly embraced Chu Feng.

This scene stunned Miao Renlong, Sima Ying, and the black-faced elder.

What was this situation? The righteous daughter of the hallowed Zuo Tianzun, the strongest genius of the Realm Master Alliance, not only did she call the disciples of the Greenwood Mountain so affectionate, but she also took the initiative to embrace into her arms and threw herself into her arms, what the hell was this situation?

“Cough cough, Xiao Mei, even if little friend Chu Feng helped you, there’s no need to be so enthusiastic, right?”

Right at that moment, Zuo Tianzun helplessly spoke up, compared to others, he actually knew of Chu Feng’s true relationship with Su Mei, but due to the request of that blind old man, he not only had to pretend that he did not know, but also had to pretend that he had no understanding of Chu Feng.

“Eh…… sorry, I got a little excited.”

Su Mei had just regained consciousness when she saw Chu Feng, and was unusually happy, after all, Chu Feng was the person she had longed for, but Zuo Tianzun’s words had woken her up, and even though she missed Chu Feng again, she had restrained herself in front of others.

So at this moment, she detached herself from Chu Feng’s arms and said, “But Chu Feng, I really thank you, this formation of yours, it’s so magical.”

“This formation is actually very simple, even if you set it up yourself, it wouldn’t be too difficult, I can teach it to you.”

“However, before that, Miss Xiao Mei still has to repel the one from the Eastern Imperial Clan, the Third Prince.” Chu Feng said with a smile.

Compared to Su Mei, he was more able to distinguish the occasion and see the situation clearly, and in this situation, he had to put on a sense of distance, at least for now, to have that sense of distance.

“Has it already started?” Hearing this, only then did Su Mei react, she suffered from the pain of the backlash, the pain was unbearable, she had long forgotten the time, naturally she didn’t remember how long it had been, much less, what point the competition had reached.

“Miss Xiao Mei, that Dongfang Zexuan is not only also an Imperial Cloak Realm Spiritist, his Boundary Technique is also very strong, among the juniors, Realm Spiritists like him are not rare.”

“Now, Lin Yezhou has already lost, the only one who can repel Dongfang Zexuan is you, and whether or not the reputation of my Realm Master Alliance can be preserved, it all relies on you as well.” Miao Renlong explained.

“Since that’s the case, let’s set off this time.” Su Mei said.

“Mei, are you sure that the current you can deal with Dongfang Zexuan?”

Zuo Tianzun was still a little worried, he understood the pain of Su Mei’s backlash better and was worried that Su Mei’s body had not yet recovered.

“Righteous Father, my current state is very good, and that is thanks to Chu Feng.” Between her words, Su Mei looked towards Chu Feng.

“This ……”

Hearing those words, the four people, Zuo Tianzun, Miao Renlong, Sima Ying, and the black-faced Elder, together cast their gazes towards Chu Feng, and their eyes were all laced with complex and appreciative emotions.

Especially that black-faced elder, at this moment, within his gaze towards Chu Feng, not only did he no longer have the kind of contempt and disdain that he had previously felt, but instead, he had added a trace of admiration, and a strong sense of impressiveness.