Martial Champion Chapter 1128

“At first, Zhang San was puzzled by his wife’s strange request, but because of his wife’s attentiveness in making it, plus the fact that Zhang San really liked the green hat as well, he listened to his wife and wore it every time he went out to do business…” The

“And Zhang San did not know that this hat became a signal for his wife, to commit adultery with Li Si.”

“Since then, whenever Zhang San went out wearing this green hat, Li Si would know that Zhang San was going out for business, so at night, he would jump over the wall into Zhang San’s house, and Zhang San’s wife, flirting with her, doing adulterous things.”

“And cuckold, cuckold, also from this, as long as the wife of whoever, did wrong to whom, then this person, will be described as being cuckolded.”

“Since then, any man who has heard this story, will never wear a cuckold, even if his wife will not betray him, but also feel unlucky.” Egg smiled as he recounted it, and told it in a lively manner, perfectly restoring the true passage of the story.

After listening to this story from Egg, Chu Feng’s face was green, the more he looked at this green hat in his hand, the more awkward he felt, although he firmly believed that his lover would never do anything to betray himself, but after listening to this story, he couldn’t help but to the green hat, there was a resistance mentality.

So, Chu Feng finally big sleeve flung, only to hear “snap” sound, will be in the hands of the hat fell on the ground, but also very unhappy cursing:

“Damn, who designed this hat, did he not hear the story of the green hat?”

“Or is he the same Zhang San who wore the cuckold? , deliberately making such a thing to trap people ah?”

What Chu Feng did could be said to be full of grievances, because the more Chu Feng thought about the cuckold’s story, the more he felt that this cuckold was diaphragmatic.

But the more Chu Feng did so, the more Egg laughed, and as long as he thought about Chu Feng being the one who almost wore the cuckold, Egg almost didn’t laugh his back off.

“Master, there are people outside looking for you.” But just at that moment, a call suddenly came from outside, and it was the voice of the servant girl serving Chu Feng.

“Who is looking for me?” Chu Feng opened the door to his room, and indeed, he saw two young girls with handsome faces, who were bending over and bowing their heads, standing outside his door in a very disciplined manner.

They were both martial arts cultivators as well, but their cultivation levels were not very high, at least compared to Chu Feng’s core disciples, their cultivation levels were too weak, and they had only just stepped into the Xuanwu Realm.

But the reason why they were chosen to take care of Chu Feng, that was also for a certain reason, don’t look at the fact that their cultivation wasn’t much higher, but their kung fu in waiting on people and taking care of them was top notch, plus their image was good, so they were indeed considered to be high quality servants.

“It’s your master and brothers from the Greenwood South Forest, the slave girl has already invited them to the living room to wait.” The servant girl replied back, her gentle tone was filled with awe, even containing a slight flavor of fear.

“En, I’ll trouble you all.” After Chu Feng finished speaking, he marched towards the living room, but all of a sudden, Chu Feng turned his head again and said to the two servant girls, “By the way, in the future, there’s no need to be so formal, and there’s no need to curtsy when you see me, it’s not easy for all of us to come all the way out here, just treat this place as if it were your own home.”

“Remember all the people here are family, do family members need to be so formal? However, if there is someone other than me who dares to bully you, you must remember to tell me, I will not allow anyone to bully my family.” Only after saying those words did Chu Feng take a step to leave.

As for the two slave girls, they had maintained the action of saluting and did not dare to raise their heads until they felt that after Chu Feng had left, they slowly raised their heads, they first looked at the place where Chu Feng had disappeared, and then they looked at each other, and on their tender faces, they both raised a sweet smile and laughed:

“It seems that this master of ours is different and kind.”

“Yes, not a bit of a stance, actually saying that we are family, to be able to serve such a master, we are truly fortunate.”

At the same time, Chu Feng had already arrived at the living room, and only then did he realize that the ones who had come to look for him were Wang Wei of the Greenwood South Forest, Kong Lianfeng, and Zhao Genshuo, who had previously provoked Chu Feng, but was now respecting and afraid of Chu Feng.

“Three Senior Sisters and Senior Brothers, you guys changed your clothes very quickly.” Chu Feng was not surprised by the arrival of the three of them.

In order to take care of each other, they had purposely entrusted the elders to arrange the twenty or so senior brothers of the Greenwood South Forest, together, and although they all had their own territories, they were absolute neighbors, and to come here so quickly, was also in the mood lah.

However, looking at the three of them, that body turquoise disciple’s clothing, Chu Feng was the corner of his mouth trembled, and had an impulse to laugh, especially when he saw Kong Lianfeng, as well as Zhao Genshuo’s head of the green hat, he felt even more difficult to hold back his laughter, and how to look at it how to be comical.

Regarding Chu Feng’s words, Zhao Genshuo and Kong Lianfeng only hemmed and hawed and compensated for their laughter, with a look that they had words that they did not dare to say, and one after another, they made eyes at Wang Wei, after all, in terms of their relationship, Wang Wei was considered to be closer to Chu Feng.

“Senior Sister Wang Wei, are you guys doing something?” Seeing that, Chu Feng took the initiative to ask.

“Senior Brother Chu Feng, in fact, we really came here this time for nothing, and I’m afraid that we’ll have to trouble you again, but if this matter is difficult for you, you can completely treat it as if I hadn’t said anything about it.” Mentioning this matter, Wang Wei also had a difficult face, seemingly having difficulty in speaking.

“Senior Sister Wang Wei, we are originally from the same sect, we should take care of each other, if you have a matter, there is no harm in saying it, as long as Senior Brother can do it, he will never excuse himself.” Chu Feng said.

After hearing Chu Feng’s words, Wang Wei let out a sigh of relief, and without any further hesitation, opened her mouth and said, “I heard that Senior Brother Chu Feng is going to join the Feathering Department that was established by the disciples of the Feathering Sect at the Greenwood Mountain, and we hope that Senior Brother Chu Feng will say something to that Senior Sister Bai Ruochen, and whether or not it is possible to also allow us to join the Feathering Department together.”

“Senior Brother Chu Feng, please, we disciples of the Greenwood South Forest are very unpopular within the Greenwood Mountain nowadays, and without a powerful division to cover us, relying on the elders alone, we cannot avoid being bullied.”

“Senior Brother Chu Feng, we know that this is very difficult, but we still ask you to give it a try, please.” At the same time, Kong Lianfeng and Zhao Genshuo said together.

“Whoa? Do you mean that my disciples of the Greenwood Southern Forest are having a miserable time in this core area?” Chu Feng asked.

“Miserable, very miserable.” The three nodded their heads together and said.

“It can’t be, after all, my Qingmu South Forest, is the orthodox subordinate force of the Qingmu Mountain, and my Qingmu South Forest also has many Elders that are in the core of the Qingmu Mountain, as to be bullied so much?” Chu Feng was somewhat half-hearted.