Martial Champion Chapter 1123


Just as everyone, was stunned by the formation that Bai Ruochen had condensed, the most astonishing scene suddenly occurred, the boulder that had been covered by the Boundary Formation, unexpectedly turned into smithereens with a boom.

“Buzz” At the same time, a dazzling beam of light, also shot up into the sky, straight into the clouds, and along with that beam of light came, surprisingly, a burst of fluctuations after a burst of fluctuations.

That fluctuation was very marvelous, without much energy, it would hardly cause the wind to blow, but it was able to convey a message, and that message only had two words, will flag.

“It can’t be? Could it be that she really succeeded?” Looking at the dazzling light, feeling the information that swept through their minds, everyone was feeling incredible, after all, the speed at which this Bai Ruochen broke the formation, was also a bit too fast.

And just as people had their doubts, the beam of light began to slowly fade away, and when the light dissipated, a large flag appeared in the center of the boulder, inserted on top of the few remaining boulders.

“Oh my god, it’s really a general flag!!!”

After seeing that large flag, everyone was dumbfounded, because that large flag was no ordinary flag, on top of its flag that swung in the wind, there was a large golden character written, “General”!

That’s right, the general flag, at this moment, what appeared in the eyes of the crowd was the general flag.

Although, there have long been speculation, know that this twenty boulders, there must be the existence of the general flag, but when really see the general flag, still feel excited, the general flag not only can get a large number of rewards, this is a kind of honor.

What’s more, Bai Ruochen had chosen this stone so precisely with his unique vision, and with such speed, he cracked the stone and got the general flag, such strength, it had to be said that it made people sigh with admiration.

At this moment, Bai Ruochen was also overjoyed, and she didn’t care what the crowd thought of her, but opened her jade hand and held the flag in her hand, and between the flashes of light, the flag was already inside her Qiankun bag.

After doing so, the corner of Bai Ruochen’s mouth, only then did she raise a touch of charming smile, and turned her head back to cast her gaze towards the place where Chu Feng was.

However, when her gaze was locked onto the location where Chu Feng was, she could not help but froze, because she unexpectedly discovered that Chu Feng, who had just stood there, had already disappeared, and in all directions, Chu Feng’s aura could not be sensed, Chu Feng was clearly gone.

In fact, after teaching Bai Ruochen to break the formation’s boundaries, Chu Feng left, because as long as Bai Ruochen did as he said, he would be able to make sure that Bai Ruochen got the general flag.

So at this moment, Chu Feng was flying towards the place where the marshal flag was hidden, after all, after helping Bai Ruochen, Chu Feng should also be busy with his own business.

“Success or failure is here, I hope I won’t lose my eyes.”

Finally, Chu Feng arrived before that huge boulder, and in order not to be disturbed, Chu Feng deliberately arranged a layer of hidden boundaries to hide himself along with this huge boulder.

Subsequently, he began to set up the formation, Chu Feng was able to tell that although this stone looked inconspicuous on the surface, the boundary that actually covered it was very impressive, and if he were to crack it, even he would need to spend a short period of time, at least two days.

However, the Cracking Formation that Chu Feng had imparted to Bai Ruochen had cracked the stone that hid the general’s flag in just a few moments, and from that, one could see just how difficult it was to crack the boundary of this boulder.

Therefore, even though Chu Feng was certain that within this stone, there was a hidden General Flag, Chu Feng was still that much more worried, after all, one was not afraid of 10,000 things, one was afraid of the unexpected.

However, since he had decided, he did not regret it, Chu Feng directly condensed the formation and began to crack the large formation covering this stone.

And time passed, in just two days, many things had happened.

The three General Flags came out one after another, and each of them shot out a shocking beam of light, radiating a ripple of information, letting everyone know of the General Flag’s emergence, and learning the location of the emergence.

The three people who got the General Flags were Bai Ruochen, Huang Juan, and a man called Nie Fan.

Bai Ruochen was the first to get the flag, and the speed is extremely fast, so her big name as early as in two days time, has spread throughout the entire stone forest, and even outside the stone forest, also know her deeds, is undoubtedly today’s most popular, the most talked about geniuses, and even some people think, Bai Ruochen’s strength, but also in Wang Yan, Jiang Hao, Huang Juan above the three people.

In addition to Bai Ruochen, the man called Nie Fan, is also famous, this origin from the second-class subsidiary forces, but has the strength of the second-grade martial arts king of the man, just like to become this session of the greatest dark horse to win the marshal.

After all, compared to Bai Ruochen, his origin was more ordinary, and before winning the general flag, no one knew that he was a second grade martial arts king, this son’s deep concealment, and also mastered not bad boundary means, so that people had to pay attention to it.

In addition to Bai Ruochen and Nie Fan, Huang Juan, the famous genius, was ignored, after all, she had long been famous, even if she won the General Flag, it was also a matter of course, but instead of getting the General Flag, it would be surprising.

Therefore, this led to Wang Yan, Jiang Hao, and even Yuan Qing, who were also famous, becoming the center of attention.

According to the rules, the person who got the general flag, can not go to crack the other stones, equal to no longer have the qualification to win the handsome flag, so the biggest favorite to win the handsome flag right now, only Wang Yan, Jiang Hao, Yuan Qing three people.

Among these three people, Yuan Qing has high hopes and feels that he is most likely to win the flag.

However, just as the crowd was speculating, Chu Feng had already successfully cracked the stone, only to hear a loud “boom”, a golden pillar of light had risen to the sky.

Only, this beam of light, more than two days ago, Bai Ruochen triggered to be more than ten times thicker, at the same time, a layer of information ripples, is also extremely fast speed swept away.

The light lasted for quite a while, but did not show any signs of weakening, but Chu Feng could not wait, so he ignored the danger and swept directly into the light, and finally, on top of a boulder, he searched for a large flag, which was precisely the “Handsome” flag.

“Hey, it’s not in vain after all, I’ve spent two days for nothing.”

Holding the marshal flag in his hand, Chu Feng was also excited beyond measure, after all, the significance of this marshal flag was extraordinary, to know that this so-called “seize the marshal” was this marshal flag.

However, after getting the marshal flag, Chu Feng did not get too carried away, but directly put the marshal flag away, and also opened the marijuana bag on his shoulder, and threw Yuan Qing, who was still sleeping, on the big rock that had the marshal flag inserted on it.

Because Chu Feng had given Yuan Qing a special elixir, it had caused Yuan Qing to fall asleep for two long days, and even now, he was still immersed in slumber, so Chu Feng first gave Yuan Qing an elixir, which was able to awaken Yuan Qing.

After giving him the elixir, the corner of Chu Feng’s mouth lifted up a smile full of intrigue, and then with a single movement of his body, he swept out of the dazzling beam of light.