Martial Champion Chapter 1120

This Chu Feng is really bold, how dare he stay alone, is this thinking that I don’t dare to deal with him?”

At that moment, Yuan Qing locked onto Chu Feng and Bai Ruochen’s auras, and when he realized that Bai Ruochen continued to move forward, but Chu Feng had stopped, the ferociousness on his face inevitably increased by a few points.

He had come after him for no other reason than to look for an opportunity to teach Chu Feng a lesson, because Chu Feng had repeatedly made him unable to get off the stage, he really couldn’t endure this vicious anger, and he had to retaliate against Chu Feng in order to do so.

Although, in the Ancient Immortal Pool before, he had also seen Chu Feng’s methods and knew that Chu Feng was indeed not a simple character, but after all, under the Senate Stargazer’s blood-centered cultivation, he had already become a Third Grade Martial King, and his strength was not what it used to be.

Coupled with his now skyrocketing self-confidence, he almost felt that he could furiously abuse Chu Feng, and that even Lin Yan, Jiang Hao and the others were by no means his opponents.

“No, this fellow shouldn’t have discovered me, he doesn’t know that I’m following him, he just broke up with Bai Ruochen, hey, what a waste, but it’s better this way.”

However, just as Yuan Qing was about to get close, he suddenly realized that Chu Feng’s aura had started to move and was very fast, which made him think that his whereabouts had not been exposed, it was just that Chu Feng had split up with Bai Ruochen.

And Yuan Qing, who hated Chu Feng to the bone, naturally wouldn’t care about that, so without even thinking about it, he followed towards Chu Feng.

He was only focused on following Chu Feng and thinking about how to clean up Chu Feng, but he did not notice that the direction Chu Feng was moving in was not only not the depths of this stone forest, but it was also a direction that was sparsely traveled and where almost no one would set foot.

“Strange, where are the people?”

Finally, Yuan Qing caught up, but after he arrived at the place where Chu Feng was, he could not help but have his face change, because before he came here, he clearly sensed that Chu Feng was here, so why, after he came here, he could not see Chu Feng’s shadow, and even Chu Feng’s aura had disappeared.

“Damn, could it be that he was tricked?” At that moment, Yuan Qing was even more furious, and regardless of the circumstances, he began to spread out his spiritual power, frantically searching for Chu Feng.

“Buzz” However, all of a sudden, the surrounding sky began to change, and looking up, a layer of majestic Boundary Formation was actually surrounding him from all directions, ultimately sealing him in it.

“Hmph, a small sculpture.” Seeing this scene, Yuan Qing snorted coldly, clenched his fist with one hand, raised his arm and blasted out, only to hear a loud bang, a ferocious king level force was blasted on top of that boundary.

But in that king level force into fierce ripples, in that golden boundary on the spread of the time, that boundary surprisingly did not move, not the slightest damage.

“How is it possible that this boundary is this strong?” At this moment, Yuan Qing couldn’t help but change his expression, his brows slightly furrowed.

He was a Realm Spiritist, possessing a not-so-weak spiritual power, and before he struck, he had already sensed the toughness of this boundary, and felt that a blow like this from himself would be enough to blast this boundary into pieces, and that was why he had struck.

But never imagined, he actually made a mistake, he sensed that there is a mistake, this boundary is far more than he expected to be strong, not to mention the attack just now, I’m afraid to show his most powerful attack, it is also difficult to shatter this boundary.

“Zi la la la la”

But at this time, bursts of thunder and lightning sound, suddenly came from behind Yuan Qing, looking back Yuan Qing is a big change of face, only to see the road of thick thunder, intertwined, swinging left and right, just like a divine dragon, is attacking him.

And, at the other end of that thunder dragon, there is a figure, that is a person, a person wearing a black robe, face with a mask, in its body covered with thunder armor, behind it has a pair of thunder wings.

This person, the covering was too tight, it was impossible to see his appearance, it was like a spirit body transformed by thunder, but it was undeniable that this person’s aura was just too strong, even though it was the same Third Grade Martial King, that feeling, it possessed the power to crush Yuan Qing.

“Oooh wow.”

At this moment, Yuan Qing had wanted to dodge, but there was no chance at all, as that thunder dragon transformed into a thunder snake, and as it split into four parts, it was like a rope, binding it tightly.

At the same time, a layer after layer of majestic pressure, is also from that bundle it in the thunder snake, surging into his body, the power will be bombarded with his body numb, any have a since of the cultivation, but simply can not be exerted, as a waste of time in general.

However, at this moment, another Yuan Qing absolutely unexpected scene happened, that thunder snake even turned into tentacles, his clothes from the body to pick down, even very quickly will be the clothes on his body, to take off a piece of nothing left, so that he became a nudes bound by the thunder snake.

“Buzz,” however, what made Yuan Qing the most uneasy was that the Thunder Spirit Body that was standing not far from him at the moment was actually holding a whip condensed by thunderbolts in its hands.

“Who are you? Why are you striking out at me?” As he was panicking, Yuan Qing couldn’t help but open his mouth.

“Pah,” but unexpectedly, that person not only ignored Yuan Qing’s words, but also swung his arm, and the thunder surging whip landed on Yuan Qing’s face.

“Uh ah ~~~~”That lightning whip swept through, half of Yuan Qing’s cheek, was lashed with skin and flesh, blood flying, even the bones were broken in half, such pain, made him immediately screamed miserably again and again.

“Damn, how dare you actually hit me, do you fucking know who I am? I’m a core disciple of the Cyanwood Mountain, if you dare to hit me, the Cyanwood Mountain won’t let you go.” After screaming miserably, Yuan Qing was overwhelmed with grief and anger and started cursing.

However, he could not have imagined no matter what, his curses not only did not scare the opposite, but instead, his criminal law was just the beginning, after the first whip, the second, the third, countless whips, one after the other, landed on his body, and whipped him to the bone, “Don’t whip, don’t whip, I beg you don’t whip.” Yuan Qing, who was covered in blood and even his bones had been smashed, finally couldn’t stand it and started begging for mercy.

Because that whip was just too weird, it was definitely more than just pain outside the body, it was even able to penetrate deep into the bone marrow, and even into the brain, just like countless bloodthirsty worms, gnawing on every part of his body, even his brain was going to be eaten, this feeling, it was just too hard to endure.

But unfortunately, no matter how much he begged for mercy, that whip would not stop, instead, it would whip harder and harder until he fainted to death, and that whip would only stop.

When Yuan Qing fainted to death, the thunder snake that was entangling it also began to dissipate, and at that moment, that Thunder Spirit Body, finally revealed its true appearance, and it turned out that this person who had violently beaten Yuan Qing, was Chu Feng.

Chu Feng put away the mask that covered his face, as well as the black robe that covered his clothes, and looking at the Yuan Qing that had long since become unrecognizable, the corner of Chu Feng’s mouth lifted up a cold smile, and he said, “This is a little lesson for you, and the true punishment is yet to come.”

After saying that, Chu Feng gave Yuan Qing a medicinal pill, and then he repaired Yuan Qing’s flesh, and finally put Yuan Qing’s clothes on, as well.

At this moment, Yuan Qing did not have the slightest change from before he entered this Boundary Formation, and it was simply impossible to tell that he had injuries, like he had been tortured, as if he was an alright person.

After doing so, Chu Feng suddenly took out a bag, and actually put Yuan Qing into that bag, and resisted on his shoulder, before he waved his big sleeve, and unraveled the Boundary Formation.

After unraveling the boundary formation, Chu Feng looked around and found that there were no half shadows, then with a longitudinal movement of his body, he carried the bag of marijuana that contained Yuan Qing, and swept towards the depths of the stone forest, no one knowing what he actually intended to do.