Martial Champion Chapter 1118

At this moment, Wang Yan, Jiang Hao, Yuan Qing, and even Huang Juan, all of them lit up, because at such a distance, Bai Ruochen’s beauty appeared even more flawless and perfect, causing men to be intoxicated and women to be ashamed.

“Under Wang Yan, I don’t know the girl’s honorable name?” At this moment, Wang Yan already had glowing eyes, just like a hungry wolf seeing a lamb, even couldn’t help but secretly gulp a mouthful of water, which could be seen how deeply he was moved by Bai Ruochen at the moment.

However, he didn’t show too much obviousness, but instead, he cupped his fists and saluted Bai Ruochen, displaying the appearance of a decent gentleman with a graceful demeanor.

“What are you pretending, don’t you know that Miss Bai is called Bai Ruochen? Knowing that, it’s too shameless” But Wang Yan playfully could not have imagined that at the time of his own great show of strength, Jiang Hao suddenly stood out and, in order to win Bai Ruochen’s favor and strike him, his emotional rival, he even directly sold him out.

At this moment, Wang Yan had been dumbfounded, no matter how to say that he and Jiang Hao are also acquaintances for many years, on the surface the relationship is quite good good good brother ah.

He could not have imagined that Jiang Hao would be so heartless, for the sake of a woman, he would do this kind of thing of forgetting one’s honor, not helping him was just a matter of course, but even in front of Bai Ruochen, exposing him and striking him.

This is really called Wang Yan caught off guard, a mouthful of bad gas held in the chest, this is also his Wang Yan deep cultivation, if the other person, I’m afraid that a mouthful of blood can be directly sprayed out of the old blood, by Jiang Hao’s behavior to the living death of anger.

And for Wang Yan at the moment that is both embarrassed and surprised, has completely frozen in place Wang Yan, Jiang Hao is not the slightest sympathy, completely do not miss the brotherhood of the past, but rushed to seize the first opportunity, to Bai Ruochen cupped fists and salute, said:

“How are you, Miss Bai, my name is Jiang Hao, you said that this place is so big, we are able to be able to meet here, but it is really fate.”

“Fate my ass, it was clearly you who tailed all the way and poked around with the disciples of the Feathered Sect before catching up with Miss Bai.” At this moment, Wang Yan finally caught a chance to retaliate, and took out the spirit that since you are unkind don’t blame me for being unrighteous, and exposed Jiang Hao’s crime.

“Wang Yan you,…… you have the nerve to say that I, you are not tailing, then how did you follow me here?” Jiang Hao angrily retorted.

“I am tailing, but I tailed the hallow, bright, but not like you, obviously sneaky tailing people white girl, but also a face of innocence to say fate, I bah, you also want to face not.” Wang Yan’s mouth was wide open, a mouthful of sticky phlegm was spat out, earlier Jiang Hao had embarrassed him, he was going to give it all back at this moment.

“I wipe, Wang Yan you ……” a sticky phlegm swept, if not dodge in time, that will definitely fall on the face, Jiang Hao really angry, probing out the palm of the hand will grab to Wang Yan, want to have a theory with it.

Wang Yan is also not willing to show weakness, these two brothers who have been friends for many years, actually want to fight for a woman.

“Hehe, I’m sorry Sister Bai, these two senior brothers of mine, their character is on the funny side, I hope you don’t mind, in fact, the few of us who came here, we don’t have any other intention, we just think that we all want to worship under the door of the Greenwood Mountain, so we want to get to know Sister Bai in advance.” Just as Jiang Hao and Wang Yan were fighting, Yuan Qing took advantage of the situation and offered his courtesy to Bai Ruochen.

At this moment, Bai Ruochen’s sight, which had been attracted by Wang Yan and Jiang Hao who were fighting, only turned her gaze to Yuan Qing when she heard him speak.

Seeing Bai Ruochen looking squarely at himself, Yuan Qing was instantly refreshed and hurriedly saluted again, putting on a courteous demeanor and said, “My name is Yuan Qing, fortunately for you, Senior Sister Bai.”

Regarding Yuan Qing’s performance, Huang Juan beside him was astonished, while Wang Yan and Jiang Hao, who were supposed to be fighting, were both stunned, as they had been feeling that they had underestimated Yuan Qing earlier.

From Yuan Qing’s previous series of actions, it was completely evident that Yuan Qing had a hand in dealing with his sister ah, and that this tactic was somehow superior to Wang Yan and Jiang Hao.

In fact, Wang Yan and Jiang Hao have what means, they rely on their own is a genius, there are countless women addicted to them, play girl often just a sentence can be fixed, simply need to use what means, so also do not know how to be able to curry favor with the girl’s heart.

However, after seeing Yuan Qing’s actions, they instantly understood, Yuan Qing’s bastard was definitely a master at playing with girls, a true beast of burden.

However, just as everyone felt that Yuan Qing would win Bai Ruochen’s favor, a shocking scene occurred, Bai Ruochen’s eyes suddenly flashed with a touch of coldness, and with an extremely disdainful, and even bored gaze, he swept a glance at Yuan Qing before turning around and leaving, without even saying a single word.

Dick, what does it mean to be a real dick? This is a real dick.

Some women pretend to be proud, in front of ordinary men, disguising themselves as inviolable as goddesses, even disdainful of ordinary men, but in front of powerful men, they will be revealed.

But Bai Ruochen is completely different, she is cold to ordinary men, so that people feel that there is a sense of unattainable distance from her, but when it comes to men with strength, Bai Ruochen not only does not change her attitude, but is even colder, and this is evident from her treatment of Yuan Qing and Wang Yan Jiang Hao’s trio at the moment.

Looking at Bai Ruochen’s departing back, Chu Feng’s heart could not help but feel more than a hint of honor, because at this moment, he had only profoundly understood that to be able to talk with Bai Ruochen, so close up, was a thing that was very worth celebrating.

Although, Bai Ruochen and he could not talk about how close they were, at least, he was able to talk and laugh with Bai Ruochen, and even joke around without any qualms, but Yuan Qing and the others, they did not even have the qualifications to talk with Bai Ruochen, and comparing it like that, Chu Feng instantly felt that he was just too happy.

Chu Feng was feeling happy, but Yuan Qing, Wang Yan, and Jiang Hao, the three of them were immediately confused, and they deeply felt a sense of frustration like falling into an endless abyss.

What is this situation? Thinking about their three famous green wood field, let countless women bend over for the genius, in order to please the white Ruochen’s heart, are almost brother to brother, but this white Ruochen is what reaction? Surprisingly, he didn’t even dick them and just left? This is really let them too hit.

Unwilling, very unwilling, especially Yuan Qing, he had thought of a hundred kinds of Bai Ruochen’s reaction, but had not thought of this one.

“Senior Sister Bai, could it be that Yuan Qing was wrong somewhere and offended Senior Sister Bai?” Unwillingly, Yuan Qing opened his mouth and asked.

And as soon as Yuan Qing said this, Bai Ruochen really stopped in her tracks, and turned her head, faintly uttering the words. : “Since you asked, then I will give you an answer.”

“Remember, you guys don’t talk to me in the future, because this girl is too lazy to pay attention to you scum.”