Martial Champion Chapter 1114

Two senior brothers, if you really like Bai Ruochen, we can compete fairly, only I can guarantee that this Bai Ruochen must be mine.” Yuan Qing was full of confidence, and between his words, he even opened a folding fan, which was swung in front of his chest, floating up the hair between his eyebrows, which not only made him look graceful, but also manifested a kind of aura of strategizing.

When he was in a daze and was considered by the world to be the hero who triggered the Ancient Immortal Needle, his self-confidence had already swelled to a terrifying point, although he had not yet reached the point where there was no one else in sight and he didn’t put everyone else in his eyes, but it could still be considered as absolute conceit.

In response to Yuan Qing’s words and the assassin’s behavior, Lin Yan and Jiang Hao, on the other hand, smiled at each other and did not say anything more, but only they knew in their own hearts the meaning of their smiles.

“Alas? Who is that guy and why is he so close to Bai Ruochen?” But right at this moment, Lin Yan and Jiang Hao both had a big change in their faces, and a flash of anger surfaced from their faces.

Looking along, Yuan Qing also couldn’t help but change his expression, because at this moment, beside Bai Ruochen, a young man had indeed appeared.

This man was talking and laughing with Bai Ruochen, seemingly very intimate, and most importantly, this person was only at the cultivation level of a First Grade Martial King, and was not wearing the attire of a disciple of the Feathered Sect, but was clearly a disciple of another power.

“Surprisingly, it’s him?” After Yuan Qing recognized this face, the anger on his face was even greater, and he even vaguely emitted a hint of a murderous aura, because he instantly recognized who that person was, and that it was Chu Feng, who had once caused him to be unable to get off the stage, and had caused him to hate him to the core of his being.

After what happened before, Yuan Qing really hated Chu Feng to the bone, and at this moment, when he saw that Chu Feng had even appeared beside Bai Ruochen, and was also able to make the coldly beautiful Bai Ruochen smile sweetly, the hatred within his heart not only skyrocketed, but a wave of envy and jealousy also arose from it, and at this moment, he really couldn’t wait to tear Chu Feng to shreds.

Because of the incomparable conceitedness of him, at the moment he saw Bai Ruochen, in his heart he thought that Bai Ruochen was his future maiden, at this moment there was someone who was so intimate with his maiden, he was naturally furious.

“Senior Brother Yuanqing, you know that brat?” Seeing this, Lin Yan and Jiang Hao asked together, in fact it wasn’t just them, even the other disciples were listening sideways, even that Huang Juan was looking over curiously.

“Hmph, he’s called Chu Feng, a mere waste disciple of the Greenwood Southern Forest.” Yuan Qing smiled coldly and did not say much.

However, Lin Yan and Jiang Hao, were both able to sense that Yuan Qing and Chu Feng seemed to have some sort of beef, or else they wouldn’t have such a big grudge, so together, they asked, “Senior Brother Yuan Qing, could it be that he has some sort of beef with that Chu Feng? Don’t be afraid, when you enter the Greenwood Mountain in the future, your brother will help you take revenge.”

“Just him? He’s not worthy of having a problem with me? I thought that when he went to the Ancient Immortal Pool in the south with me, he was so unselfconscious that he had to enter the depths of the Ancient Immortal Pool with me, and I triggered the Ancient Immortal Needle, and he? Yet, he lost his way and almost didn’t die inside the Ancient Immortal Pool, he doesn’t deserve to be compared to me at all.” Yuan Qing said in a cold voice.

“Surprisingly lost his way in the Ancient Immortal Pool? What a waste, hahaha……” Hearing this, Wang Yan and Jiang Hao also laughed out loud, but soon had a questioning look on their faces as they said, “But how could such a waste walk with Bai Ruochen? Isn’t he a Southern Forest disciple, how did he run to the Feathered Sect?”

“It seems that the Feathering Sect and the Greenwood Southern Forest, have been getting very close recently.” Right at this moment, the Sect Leader of the Greenwood East Forest, suddenly laughed coldly.

And speaking of his gaze, people noticed that on top of one of the Feathered Sect’s warships, two pale figures appeared, and those two they all knew, one was the Feathered Sect’s Patriarch, Zhou Zhixian, while the other was the Greenwood South Forest’s Sectmaster, Sikong Zhixing.

“The two of them, when did they have a connection?” Seeing this scene, not to mention Yuan Qing and the other disciples, even the Sect Leader of the Western Forest of the Greenwood, the Northern Forest of the Greenwood, as well as the Sect Leader of the Samsara View, were also frowning with a puzzled look on their faces.

As a matter of fact, it was not just them, at this moment everyone’s faces were slightly changed, being somewhat baffled by the Feathered Sect Sect Leader and Sikong Zhixing.

Regarding the crowd’s reaction, the Feathered Sect Patriarch seemed to have prepared for it, so not only was he not surprised, he seemed to feel that it wasn’t explosive enough, so he looked in all directions, clasped his fists, and said in a loud voice, “Since all the Patriarchs are here, it just so happens that I’m also announcing a matter.”

“My Feathered Sect, has formed an alliance with the Greenwood Southern Forest, from now on we will live and die together, in the future please all the sect masters, take care of each other.”

Fei Hua Sect’s patriarch this speech, said plainly, but heard in the ears of the crowd that can be suddenly changed flavor, Fei Hua Sect and the Greenwood South Forest alliance? This news is really too shocking.

To know, before this, Feihua clan and green wood south mountain, is the two forces, who have never heard of, they have what dealings, this suddenly on the alliance, and also open propaganda, a who dares to move the green wood south forest, he Feihua clan will never give up the appearance, this is really too much beyond the expected.

“The Feathered Sect even allied with the Greenwood South Forest, how did the Greenwood South Forest do it, what means did it use? Could it be that the salted fish has turned over?” However, compared to others, the ones with the most complicated hearts at the moment were not the Greenwood Southern Forest and the Senate Stargazer, but the Cloud Thunder Pavilion.

Cloud Thunder Pavilion, the forces that had allied with the Greenwood South Forest, but also with the Greenwood South Forest, together with the Ancient Immortal Pool to train disciples, but because of the Ancient Immortal Pool, to see that the Senate Stargazer does not see the Greenwood South Forest, will be with the Greenwood South Forest to draw a line.

After that day, not only did not let the disciples, and the South Forest disciples into the ancient immortal pool training, but also suddenly announced that no longer have any dealings with the Qingmu South Forest, do can be described as quite absolute, and he did so, for only to be able to get the favor of the Sen Xing Guan.

But in fact, for his move, in addition to some forces of contempt and abuse, did not get the favor of the Sen Xing Guan, which makes them have some regrets, regret to do things so absolutely, but now, the green wood South Forest even with the Fei Hua Sect this first-class subsidiary forces alliance, which makes them even more regret.

After all, regardless of whether or not the Feathered Sect was the bottom of the five affiliated forces, but it was also after all a first-class affiliated force, and to be able to climb into a relationship with such a force, for second-class affiliated forces like them, it would be a huge shelter, at least among the second-class affiliated forces, fewer people would dare to bully them.

“After many years, the Feathered Sect and the Greenwood Southern Forest are once again allied, this is really something to be congratulated, congratulations to the two Sect Masters.”

And right at this moment, an old man’s voice suddenly rang out, fixing their eyes to look, everyone stood in awe as the elders of the Greenwood Mountain had already made their appearance.