Martial Champion Chapter 1113

Regardless of how the Greenwood Three Forests and the Senate Stargazer, looked at the Feathered Sect, in the eyes of others, the Feathered Sect was after all one of the five first-class affiliated forces, especially after the first four forces had all made their appearances, the appearance of the Feathered Sect likewise attracted a lot of attention.

Under the attention of the crowd, the warship of the Feathering Sect landed on top of the square, and the disciples and head elders of the Feathering Sect made their appearance one after another, they didn’t reserve their strength, so those present, as long as their strength wasn’t too weak, and those who possessed spiritual power, could sense their cultivation level.

However, right now, the most attention was naturally paid to the more than 4,000 disciples of the Feathering Sect, after all, their strength or weakness was what truly represented the strength or weakness of the Feathering Sect.

“The Feathering Sect is moderate this year, the number of disciples and the level of strength, there is not much difference from previous years, this would not have been anything, just the same first-class affiliated forces, compared to the other four seats, it can seem a bit shabby ah.”

“Yes, looking at it like this, wouldn’t the Feathered Sect have become the existence of the bottom of the five first-class affiliated forces?”

After observing the power of the disciples of the Feathering Sect, people couldn’t help but compare it to the disciples of the Greenwood Three Forests, as well as the Samsara View.

Although the overall level is similar, but the Greenwood Three Forests and the Stargazer, after all, there are Wang Yan, Jiang Hao, Huang Juan, Yuan Qing four cultivation in the third grade of the martial arts king, and the fame of the four directions of the geniuses in the town, so so after the comparison, the Feathered Sect does appear to be quite unbearable.

“Ow ~~~~~”

However, right at this moment, a bird’s song resounded in the sky, a feathered bird descended from the sky, and at this moment, a figure appeared within people’s line of sight.

That was a woman, this woman’s white skirt fluttered, her face was absolutely beautiful, just like a heavenly fairy like transcendent, and there was also a cultivation of a third grade Martial King.

She this out of the scene immediately attracted the attention of the crowd, because the woman, is really too beautiful, not only beautiful, and the age does not seem to be too big, look at the tender pinch a hand, as if they can pinch out of who came to the white skin, will definitely not be more than twenty years old.

Such an age, such a cultivation, this shows what, shows that this woman is gifted, otherwise how could it be at this age, will have such strength?

“Who is this sister, why have I never heard of her before, the Feathered Sect is hiding deep enough.” At this moment, even Wang Yan could not help but see a light before his eyes, and a complicated gaze flooded his eyes.

Wang Yan this kind of status of people, that is not a lack of beautiful women to accompany, and can get into his eyes of the woman, that can be said to be very few, but Bai Ruochen is different, Bai Ruochen’s appearance, not only is the beauty of impeccable, but there is a kind of cold as frost, rejecting a thousand miles of people’s unique temperament.

When this beautiful face, and quite a sense of distance temperament fusion together, will be white Ruochen set off as if the world of the fairy general, so that people can not help but be attracted to it.

In short, Bai Ruochen’s appearance made everyone forget about Huang Juan, because compared to Huang Juan’s heavy makeup and post-production modifications, Bai Ruochen’s innate beauty was even more precious, and was a well-deserved little beauty.

So not to mention Wang Yan, almost all the men present were moved, even some of the elder level figures who had lived for hundreds of years could not help but light up before their eyes, their heartbeat accelerated, as if they had found the feeling of their first love.

But this is normal, after all, love of beauty all people have, this is not only placed in themselves, but also can be expressed in the appreciation of beauty.

“Wang Yan, this you can be lonely, right, in fact, I have long known that the Feathered Sect hides such a little beauty.” At this time, Jiang Hao opened his mouth.

“Senior Brother Jiang, I wonder who this woman actually is?” Hearing this, Yuan Qing also couldn’t help but open his mouth to inquire.

“Hey, Senior Brother Yuan Qing, could it be that you’re also interested in this woman?” Seeing this, Jiang Hao smirked and teased.

“All people have the desire to love beauty, such a woman is also a rare sight in the world, could it be that the two senior brothers are not moved?” Yuan Qing smiled faintly, not only did he not deny it, but instead, he confessed his mind that he was indeed moved by Bai Ruochen.

“Hahaha ……, it’s true that it’s still men who know men.” Seeing this, Jiang Hao and Wang Yan laughed together, but indirectly recognized Yuan Qing’s speculation.

Regarding the conversation of these three, the Sect Leaders and Elders of the four forces, also listened in their ears, but no one said anything, because all three of them could be people who were going to become disciples of the Greenwood Mountain, and their achievements in the future would be unlimited, and God knows when they would, surpass themselves, so at this time, none of them would easily take out their elders’ stature to control them again.

“Che, Wang Yan, Jiang Hao, aren’t you guys claiming to have passed through all the flowers, not touching a single leaf, how come you were even mesmerized by that little girl from the Feathered Sect today?”

But right at this moment, Huang Juan couldn’t stand to watch, the same woman, she didn’t cause such a sensation as Bai Ruochen, so she avoided some jealousy and jealousy.

“Alas, Huang Juan this you don’t understand, do you know what this Feathered Sect’s girl is called? Do you know what her identity is?”

“I’ll tell you, her name is Bai Ruochen, her age is just eighteen years old, ten years younger than you, but this Bai Ruochen is the Feathered Sect’s Senior Sister.”

“Why is it a big senior sister? In addition to her strong cultivation, it is said that this woman is even more powerful in battle, and she also has a marvelous mother, that is, the Feathered Harmony Sect’s Patriarch, the mysterious lady who married into the sect two years ago.” Jiang Hao said.

“Wow? So this girl, is she the daughter of that madam? No wonder ……” Hearing this, Wang Yan and Yuan Qing were even more interested.

Regarding Bai Ruochen’s mother’s deeds, they had all heard about it, and they all knew that Bai Ruochen’s mother was a very powerful woman, and a mysterious woman, because so far, no one knew what Bai Ruochen’s mother was called and where she came from.

However, her strength was unquestionable, because the Feathered Sect had indeed started to become stronger only after Bai Ruochen’s mother had arrived, in short, Bai Ruochen’s mother, like a mystery, was a source of fascination, and at the same time, made people a little bit jealous.

“You cut the bullshit, how come I haven’t heard that the wife of the Feathered Sect’s Patriarch, has a daughter?” Huang Juan bristled, not believing it.

“I heard it from a friend of the Feathered Sect, this news is true, if you don’t believe me, you can bet with me, do you bet?” Jiang Hao smiled and said.

“Too lazy to care about you.” Huang Juan glanced at Jiang Hao and didn’t continue to pay any attention, but her gaze towards Bai Ruochen had become a bit unkind, like she was looking at an enemy.

“Hey, no matter what, this Bai Ruochen, I really like it, I’ll take this girl.” At this moment, Yuan Qing said confidently.

“Yo, Senior Brother Yuan Qing, unexpectedly so confident?” Seeing this, Lin Yan then smiled blandly, with another deep meaning in his words, while at the same time, the corners of Jiang Hao’s mouth also revealed the same smile.