Hot Meets Cold Chapter 2318

Fortunately, Yi Lingjun was probably in a good mood because he was reunited with his daughter. He invited his own disciples, some high-ranking members of the Arbitration Council, and almost all the socialites of Tianshui City.

Qin Xiyuan and Yin Heng were naturally present.

Several socialites gathered together, enviously watching the luxurious and extravagant scene and the long list of esteemed guests.

“Wow! This is such a grand event!”

“It sure is. It’s just an ordinary party, but it’s even more splendid than Qin Xiyuan’s coming-of-age ceremony!”

“After all, she’s the chairman’s daughter! Even though one is the heir and the other is not, it’s like night and day!”

“Hush, keep your voice down. Don’t let Qin Xiyuan hear us!”

Similar discussions had been ongoing since last night, and Qin Xiyuan couldn’t have possibly missed them. She simply restrained herself, following her father’s advice.

She couldn’t help but wonder why Chairman Yi had suddenly acquired another daughter, and one who bore a striking resemblance to Nie Wuyou at that. What’s even more coincidental was that this Yi Yunmo seemed to have her eye on Siyehan!

She had discreetly investigated Yi Yunmo’s background, but there were no flaws. She truly was Chairman Yi’s daughter. Yet, something felt off to Qin Xiyuan.

Inside, was there something amiss?

Today, Yin Heng had returned to his previous gentle and attentive attitude towards Qin Xiyuan. He stayed by her side the entire time, taking excellent care of her.

“Yuan Yuan, how did Chairman Qin react to my entry into the Arbitration Council?”

“Don’t worry; I already discussed it with my father. There won’t be any issues. The Council has a vacant seat, and they need the right person to fill it.”

Yin Heng’s face lit up with joy. “Really? That’s great! Now I can contribute to Chairman Qin’s side and assist him.”

As for Ye Wanwan, she was nearly being driven to the point of breakdown by Yi Lingjun. She had patiently waited for today’s meeting to end so she could carry out her plan and find Siyehan. However, Yi Lingjun suddenly decided to host some kind of party, inviting a large number of people and introducing her to each one.

The way he did it made it seem like he couldn’t wait to tell everyone that he had a daughter…

Ye Wanwan was exhausted and had had enough. “Master, I…”

Yi Lingjun’s face darkened. “What did you call me?”

Ye Wanwan had to change her words. “My lord… I still have important matters to attend to. Can I leave first?”

Yi Lingjun shot her a disdainful look. His expression clearly showed he didn’t believe her. “What are you looking for? Even if you change your identity, even if you wear a turtle shell, if you want to pursue him, you won’t have a chance! He didn’t come even when I personally invited him. It’s obvious he doesn’t want anything to do with you. I suggest you stop pursuing him so aggressively; otherwise, you might end up like Qin Xiyuan. I can’t afford that embarrassment!”

Ye Wanwan gave Yi Lingjun a sideways glance. “Dad, are you kidding me? Even if I change my appearance completely, or even if I wear a turtle shell, I can definitely get his attention if I want to!” Yi Lingjun looked at her with a mocking expression. “I’m not so sure. He didn’t even come when I personally invited him. It’s highly likely he doesn’t want any association with you!”