Hot Meets Cold Chapter 2317


Yin Heng kept drinking one glass after another.

Tonight was supposed to be his moment, the time to crush Si Yehan thoroughly. But everything was disrupted by the appearance of Yi Yunmo.

Yi Yunmo’s ambiguous words about Si Yehan, an invitation, drew everyone’s attention to Si Yehan.

Some even whispered that Si Yehan didn’t want Qin Xiyuan, so she settled for him as a second choice!

And that sentence from Yi Yunmo tonight – “What if I said I have?”

Have? Have what?

Could Yi Yunmo really mean something regarding Si Yehan?


With a loud “bang,” Yin Heng slammed the glass on the bar heavily.

His confidant beside him tried to console, “Young Master, I think you might be overthinking it. Miss Yi’s tone wasn’t definitive at the time…

A woman of Miss Yi’s status and character doesn’t act or speak so casually. She wouldn’t just pick a man she met for the first time at a banquet. We should maintain composure!”

Yin Heng looked at his confidant and pondered, “What do you think Yi Yunmo really means?”

The confidant analyzed, “Young Master, I know this type of woman well. She’s proud and looks down on everyone, especially men. Look at how she treated those men tonight.”

Yin Heng asked, “So, how did she treat Si Yehan?”

It was like changing the subject, like pulling a blanket over his head.

Because Yi Yunmo’s cold and aloof nature only made her special treatment of Si Yehan more intriguing.

The confidant explained, “Young Master, you’re in the middle of it all. It’s easy to get confused. Miss Yi’s behavior towards Si Yehan tonight was just slightly more courteous, but it doesn’t prove anything. It’s probably because she respects Chairman Yi, and that’s why she wanted to establish a connection.”

Although this explanation didn’t satisfy Yin Heng either, it was better than Yi Yunmo being interested in Si Yehan.

“So, Young Master, your focus should be on Miss Qin right now. If you anger her, that would be a real disaster!” the confidant advised.

Yin Heng had calmed down a bit by now, “You’re right!”

He tended to lose control when it came to Si Yehan. But when he thought about it carefully, there was no evidence of anything between Yi Yunmo and Si Yehan. Qin Xiyuan was already his, and she had even secured a position for him at the meeting. Although the role didn’t hold much power now, it was a stepping stone. After this summit, Qin Zong would help him secure a place in the Arbitration Council.

Back then, Si Yehan somehow reached a high position as a director. His status was on par with Yin Yuerong, making all of Yin Heng’s efforts in the Yin family seem futile. He had to seize this opportunity and make no mistakes.

The next day, the Arbitration Council’s summit officially began with a tense schedule of meetings attended by all high-ranking directors.

That evening, Yi Ling hosted a party for his beloved daughter, both as a welcome and to help her make more friends.

Yi Ling’s party for his daughter was something everyone would do anything to attend.”