Hot Meets Cold Chapter 2312

Qin XiYuan’s feet were finally too tired from being stepped on by Yin Heng, and she shot him a fierce glare. Yin Heng, at this moment, had no interest in comforting the complaining Qin XiYuan. He stared in disbelief at the direction of those two.

Under the radiant lights, the girl’s eyes were as beautiful as the darkest night, while Si YeHan, who appeared indifferent from start to finish, seemed to complement her.

Two equally cold individuals, who should have seemed awkward together, strangely gave an impression of harmony.

What’s the meaning of this Yi YunMo?

Wasn’t she completely ignoring Si YeHan just a moment ago?

Why the sudden change in attitude toward him?

Of course, Qin XiYuan’s mood wasn’t any better right now. She had just said that Si YeHan was pursuing her and that she wasn’t interested. But now, Si YeHan had even rejected the president’s daughter. Who would believe her words?

As Qin XiYuan expected, some people were starting to regain their senses.

“Actually, the previous rumors said that Qin XiYuan was pursuing Si YeHan, and he rejected her. I didn’t believe it at first, but now I’m starting to think it might be true!”

“After all, he even rejected Yi YunMo… I mean, is Si YeHan not interested in women at all?”

“Not very likely. I heard he has a fiancée, the second Miss of the Nie family in Cloud City!”

Upon hearing this, the people nearby were filled with respect. “Isn’t that second Miss like a fairy!?”

The waiter was stunned for a moment before quickly turning away to prepare the soup and blankets.

Yi YunMo was about to say something when Yi LingJun approached with a fatherly expression, gently placing his hand on her shoulder. “YunMo, come and meet some friends.”

Yi LingJun: Little girl! If you don’t restrain yourself, your true identity might be revealed!!!

Yi YunMo let out a dissatisfied “tsk” in her mind but knew when to stop.

So, Yi YunMo looked at Si YeHan and calmly said, “Director Si, excuse me.”

With that, she left with Yi LingJun.

Not long after Yi YunMo left, Lin Que and Yu Shao immediately ran over.

Lin Que, looking terrified, exclaimed, “I can’t believe it! I was so scared! Nine Brother, what’s going on here?”

Yi Shao tentatively suggested, “Maybe he was just casually showing concern?”

Lin Que stared at him as if he were a fool. “If it were anyone else, anyone at the scene, it’s possible. But Yi YunMo, with her arrogant attitude and indifference to others, would she really have nothing better to do than to show concern for someone?”

Yi Shao looked at him. “Then what do you think it means?”

Lin Que: “…” I… I dare not say…

Lin Que could only look at Si YeHan. “Nine Brother, can you say something?”

Si YeHan glanced at Lin Que and said, “What should I say? Is Yi YunMo interested in me?”

Lin Que: “This… You said it yourself… I didn’t say it…”

With that face, you’re bound to attract admirers. Can’t blame him for speculating…

Lin Que swallowed hard. “Nine Brother, I’m about to lose my mind. What’s the connection between this woman and Ninth Sister-in-law? Shouldn’t you call Ninth Sister-in-law and ask her?”

Si YeHan gave Lin Que a sidelong glance. “If Wanjian sincerely wants to keep it from me, she must be prepared. Even if I call, I won’t get the truth.”