Hot Meets Cold Chapter 2306

The appearance of this girl is extremely beautiful, but her personality seems very aloof, looking down on everyone except her father…

Fortunately, she didn’t act recklessly just now, but Yin Yue Rong still had doubts in her heart. How could there be someone who looks so much like her in this world?

Could there be something strange about this? Is this girl really the daughter of Yi Hui Chang, or is she Nie Wu You…


Soon, the girl walked up to the stage, took Yi Ling Jun’s arm, and the coldness in her eyes finally softened a bit.

“Good daughter, introduce yourself to everyone,” Yi Ling Jun smiled.

The girl glanced at everyone and said, “Father, I think there’s no need for this introduction. The premise of introducing oneself is to meet people I want to befriend, but, Father, I’m sorry, I haven’t found such people yet.”

“Yun Mo, don’t be so immature,” Yi Ling Jun said.

The girl’s face remained cold. “Father, you should know that from childhood to adulthood, I have never been mature.”

“Ah, everyone, I’m very sorry. My precious daughter has been pampered and may not be accustomed to such occasions. I hope you don’t mind,” Yi Ling Jun said, with a hint of helplessness in his expression, but no blame in his eyes.

At this, some high-ranking officials nodded and quickly spoke, “President Yi, Miss Yun Mo has an extraordinary temperament and a unique way of doing things. Nowadays, it’s rare to find a young lady with such self-understanding and independence. It’s quite a rarity!”

“Absolutely, what Director Gao said is right. I believe that this kind of character is undoubtedly suitable for a high position in our Arbitration Council!”

For a while, all the directors began to praise her.

The attention that was previously focused on Qin Xi Yuan also shifted instantly.

One of the older directors casually asked, “President, with Miss Yun Mo being so outstanding, she must have a special someone, right?”

Someone else chimed in, “Yes, who is lucky enough to have Miss Yi’s favor!”

Yi Ling Jun glanced at his daughter beside him and said, “Hehe, I hope someone can take care of her, but unfortunately, I haven’t found anyone I like.”

In other words, no boyfriend for the President’s daughter?

The fact that Yi Hui Chang’s only beloved daughter was still single!

Upon hearing this news, many people’s eyes suddenly lit up.

But in the face of everyone’s attention and goodwill, Ye Wan Wan seemed completely indifferent.

However, Yi Ling Jun was closest to her, so he didn’t miss her little actions.

Yi Ling Jun cleared his throat and chatted with the crowd while discreetly leaning in to whisper to Ye Wan Wan, “Good daughter, tone it down a bit!”

Ye Wan Wan asked, “Tone down what?”

Yi Ling Jun replied, “Look at Director Si’s expression.”

Ye Wan Wan retorted, “What’s wrong with me looking at my own man?”

Yi Ling Jun warned, “Look again, your neckline is slipping!”

Ye Wan Wan said confidently, “Don’t worry, it won’t slip. After all, I have enough tops to fill an entire wardrobe. Don’t underestimate me!”

Well, it couldn’t really be helped. Today, Si Ye Han was just too handsome! Perhaps because today’s banquet was particularly important, Si Ye Han rarely dressed in luxurious formal wear. The weariness that could be seen between his brows not only didn’t affect his appearance but also added a touch of allure…