Hot Meets Cold Chapter 2145


A dagger gleaming with cold light swiftly thrusts towards the completely unconscious Nie Wuming.

“Pu Chi!”

The sound of a sharp weapon piercing flesh and bone.

“Drip, drip.”

Blood slowly drips from Ye Wanwan’s palm as she stands among the onlookers, just as Nie Linglong is about to pierce Nie Wuming’s chest with the dagger.

However, at this critical moment, Ye Wanwan moves.

She guards Nie Wuming and, with her own palm, catches Nie Linglong’s dagger.

The razor-sharp dagger pierces Ye Wanwan’s palm.

At this moment, Ye Wanwan lowers her head in silence.

“Heh… I’m really curious how far you’ll take this brother-sister act,” Nie Linglong says with an amused smile, gazing at Ye Wanwan.

As Nie Linglong speaks, Ye Wanwan slowly raises her head. A gentle breeze lifts her hair.

“I… want you dead,” Ye Wanwan says expressionlessly.

“Want me dead?” Nie Linglong’s lips curl slightly. “Can you do it? By the way, I’ve changed my mind. Right before your eyes, I’ll use this dagger to pierce through your brother’s chest. I want you to watch your own helplessness. Your existence in this world was the biggest mistake… How pitiful. You should kneel and beg me…”

However, before Nie Linglong can finish speaking, her expression suddenly changes.

Ye Wanwan delivers a powerful punch.

The speed of this punch is so fast that Nie Linglong can’t react at all. It’s as if it has surpassed human limits, reaching a terrifying threshold.

In front of everyone’s eyes, Nie Linglong is hit by Ye Wanwan’s punch and flies through the air like a sheet of paper in a storm.


Everyone sees that Ye Wanwan’s speed is extraordinary. Before Nie Linglong even lands, Ye Wanwan catches up to her, grabs her hair, and forcefully pulls her downward.


Nie Linglong is slammed onto the ground, and dust fills the air.


Before Nie Linglong can react, Ye Wanwan delivers another punch to her face.

“I want… you dead!”

It’s a teeth-clenched, furious rage, a deep-rooted hatred. As Nie Linglong watches Ye Wanwan with this familiar and terrifying look, her heart trembles.

It’s the same look from years ago…

It’s the look Nie Wuyou once had while training her…

It’s the look that frightened her but left her with a lingering grudge!

“You’re asking for death!”

Nie Linglong shouts angrily, lifting both palms, picking up the dagger, and aiming it at Ye Wanwan’s forehead.


At this moment, to Nie Linglong’s disbelief, Ye Wanwan uses only her two fingers to intercept the dagger.

“Nie Linglong… you’re truly damned…”

At this moment, Ye Wanwan seems to be filled with anger, transformed into a demon crawling out of the abyss.

As Ye Wanwan’s words fall, an unimaginable force bursts from her fingertips.

The dagger intercepted by Ye Wanwan shatters in response.

At this moment, Ye Wanwan holds the broken end with her two fingers, swings her right arm, and viciously slashes toward Nie Linglong’s neck as if trying to sever it directly.

However, Nie Linglong reacts swiftly and immediately retreats backward.

Although she avoids Ye Wanwan’s fatal strike, her face is slashed, leaving a long, blood-curdling gash.