Hot Meets Cold Chapter 2137

“I really want to kill him, what should I do?

Has this guy compensated for his lack of intelligence with brute force?

In the end, Ye Wanyan gave up on the idea of killing him because she couldn’t defeat him…

“Is there any way to quickly restore my martial strength?” Ye Wanyan sighed and asked.

Nie Wuming thought for a moment, scratched his head, and said, “Well… it’s hard to say. In your situation, you’re not a beginner, so you can improve your martial strength through training. Your physical abilities and qualities are top-notch.

So, your problem isn’t that your attributes are bad; it’s that you don’t know how to use them, can’t activate them, and can’t unleash their full potential.

Everyone’s understanding of martial arts is different, and only you know your body best. Others may not be able to help you with that…”

Hearing this, Ye Wanyan felt a headache coming on. “Nie Linglong is probably planning to contend for the family head position. Can’t you be a bit more assertive? Today, she deliberately sent assassins to test me and let all the elders and senior members know that my martial strength has greatly declined. This situation is very unfavorable for us.”

Nie Wuming muttered, “It’s not that I’m not assertive; it’s that my own father vetoed me! He said he was afraid the Nie family would be ruined in my hands and absolutely wouldn’t let me become the family head!”

Ye Wanyan replied, “Our father is quite wise.”

Having martial strength without intelligence is even scarier.

“Whether he’s wise or not, our father is getting old and confused. But let’s not talk about that for now. Your problem still needs you to solve it yourself. The world has changed, and people’s hearts are no longer the same as before. You should recover as quickly as possible, or else there will be problems.” Nie Wuming stared at Ye Wanyan and said.

In response, Ye Wanyan remained silent.

The last time the dean said that she would have to rely on herself for her recovery from now on, she was afraid that time was running out…

“However, sister, I always feel that something is not right with the Nie family now. That Nie Linglong, she has no Nie family bloodline at all. According to reason, she shouldn’t even be a candidate for the family head position. But now, there are people among the elders and senior members who support her. I feel like she might have been bought off,” Nie Wuming continued.

Ye Wanyan glanced at Nie Wuming and said, “Do you even need to ask? She’s definitely been bought off. Nie Linglong must have offered substantial benefits or promises to those elders and senior members who support her. Moreover, the current elders and senior members are causing trouble using the excuse that our father isn’t a true Nie family member. If our father could become the family head, why can’t Nie Linglong?”

These reasons and excuses, they came up with them cleverly and in a way that no one could refute.

“Let’s go back and rest for now. Preserve our strength during the time when our parents aren’t here. We must be cautious,” Ye Wanyan advised Nie Wuming.

Now, the Nie family can only rely on the two of them, and Ye Wanyan only trusts Nie Wuming.

It’s just a pity that if Nie Wuming were a bit smarter and more scheming, with his martial strength, he could shake the entire Nie family with a stomp, and no one would dare to cause trouble. However, one must admit, life is fair…

“Yeah, sister, you’re right. Let’s rest up first. Don’t worry, with me here, I’ll protect you.” After saying this, Nie Wuming turned and left.

However, what Ye Wanyan didn’t anticipate was that the situation would take a turn for the worse.

The next day, news suddenly came from the city of Jincheng that Lady Nie and the head of the Nie family had been ambushed on their way, and their whereabouts were unknown, with their lives hanging in the balance.”