Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 167-168

Chapter 167

Ye Xing and Black Tiger got down from the car and before the surrounding punks could react, they were all knocked to the ground.

The strength of the two men against these people was simply crushing.

“Ye Xing.”

Inside one of the cars, Su Xiaoqiao called out excitedly.

“Don’t move, I’ll kill her if you dare to come over.”

A small punk pulled out a small knife and put it on Su Xiao Qiao’s neck.

Ye Xing walked over, pulled open the car door with a big stride, stared at the punk and said, “If she loses a single hair on her head, I will make cut you into pieces.”

The little named punk seemed to be stared at by a poisonous snake and his face turned blue. His hands kept trembling.

“It’s not worth fighting for your life to get a bite to eat.”

“Let her go. I’ll let you go and not hurt you.”

Under the strong pressure, the young punk finally couldn’t take it anymore, pulled open the car door, threw down the knife and fled.

“Ye Xing, don’t let him get away.”

Cheng Yulin got down from the car and walked up to Ye Xing. Her face turned red as she said, “I want you to help me cut a man with one hand.”

The reason why she came along was because of the chest attack earlier.

“Ye Xing, just now, Yu Lin was …… attacked by a breast in order to protect me.” Su Xiaoqiao said guiltily.

Ye Xing finally understood why Cheng Yucheng’s face was so ugly.

How aggravating it must be for a jade star, high up in the world, like a phoenix, to be attacked by a punk with a fair and square breast.


Ye Xing pulled his dagger out of his military boots, turned around and walked out.

“Black Tiger’s, cut off the hands of all the punks, all of them.”

“Yes, Boss!”

The two men struck at the same time, and instantly there were screams of misery, and in an instant, a dozen broken palms fell to the ground.

Those who were lucky could escape, those who were unlucky, just admitted their bad luck.

“Ye Xing, that’s him.”

Cheng Yulin pointed at a running punk in the distance and called out.

That punk was the same punk who had just attacked her with an open and honest breast.

“Black Tiger, grab him over, don’t get him killed.” Ye Xing commanded.

“Yes, Boss.”

Black Tiger ran up.

Don’t look at his big size. The way he moved slowly, once he ran, he was like a mad bull.

In less than ten minutes, Black Tiger had caught the punk.

“Big brother, spare my life, big brother spare my life, I won’t dare to do it again.”

The punk knelt on the ground, desperately begging for mercy, tears and nose sobs streaming down his face.

“Let you touch, let you touch, I’ve never even touched, let you touch. F*ck you.”

Ye Xing punched and kicked the punk, and immediately beat the punk to a pulp.

Suddenly, he noticed that the atmosphere was a bit strange, and when he looked up, he found two women looking at him strangely.

Su Xiaoqiao wanted to say something, but on the contrary, Cheng Yulin’s face was scarlet and somewhat shy, but she was still calm.

Only then did he remember that what he had just said was very problematic.

What do you mean you hadn’t touched it, that was too evocative a statement.

“I’m sorry. I was too angry just now.” Ye Xing smiled awkwardly, pointed at the punk and asked, “Yu Lin, what do you say, how to punish?”

“Cut off your hand.” Cheng Yu Lin said angrily.

Ye Xing slapped his palm on the punk’s head, and as his internal energy reached him, the punk’s body fell limply to the ground, completely dead.

“Chopping off his hand is too cheap, only the dead won’t talk.” Ye Xing coldly snorted.

The two women did not expect Ye Xing to hit so hard. But felt that this kind of person was not enough to die.

Cheng Yulin, in particular, was not afraid of not being scared, but rather relieved.

Having been attacked by a dead man’s chest, she was not so uncomfortable in her heart.

On the other side, Scarface was slowly moving around, preparing to escape.


A flying knife flew over and stuck in his neck.

Scarface’s body fell limply to the ground.

The one who was the leader was not worthy of death.

“Black Tiger you take Xiao Qiao and Yu Lin back first, there are still some things to do.” Ye Xing instructed.

“Yes, Boss.”

Black Tiger nodded his head. He took the two girls and left.

The two daughters knew that he was going to do something and it was inconvenient for them to be there.

After they left, Ye Xing then walked into the villa and came to the first floor.

First floor. The Song family, father and son, looked at him with a shocked face.


Today, there were several major events throughout Tianhai that were extremely widely circulated in the circle.

The first one was that Song Qiao, the son of a well-known director, had become a vegetable. And Song Yuan also announced that he was leaving the entertainment industry and would no longer be filming.

The second one was about the underground world.

The most famous underground powerhouse in Tianhai, Master Qiao Bajie, suddenly died a violent death, and all the societies he founded collapsed, with those who died fleeing.

There is no evidence of who did it, but almost everyone knows that it was because of Song Yuan’s son, Song Qiao.

Master Qiao Bajie was uprooted because he supported Song Qiao and offended the wrong people.

As night fell, Ye Xing took a car and returned to the Cheng family.

Su Xiaoqiao and Cheng Yulin were already standing at the door waiting.

“Boss, are you done?” Black Tiger asked as he stepped forward.

“I’m done.”

“I’m going back to the army too, let’s talk again when we have time.”

Black Tiger had been here all day guarding the two women and it was time to go back.

“Good, let’s get together again when we have the chance later.”

After Black Tiger left. Only then did Ye Xing walk in front of the two women and said, “The troubles are all solved, from now on, no one will dare to touch you.”

“Ye Xing, thank you.” Cheng Yulin said.

“It’s only right that I thank you, if it wasn’t for your help, Xiao Qiao would have been taken away long ago.” Ye Xing’s gaze fell on her hand and asked, “Is your hand alright?”

“It’s fine. Minor problem.”

“Let me help you heal it.”

Enter the house and go up to the first floor.

Cheng Yulin stretched out her hand, and Ye Xing held her hand in his heart, exerting his internal energy and infusing it in.

For an expert in internal energy, it was still relatively easy to treat the injury, just use internal energy and destroy the bruises and blood in the sprained area.

After a few minutes of ma*sage, Cheng Yulin only felt a burst of heat and numbness in the sprained area, and after ten minutes, her wrist was obviously very much better, almost painless.

“Rub some more medicinal wine, and it should be fine tomorrow.” Ye Xing put down her hand and said.

“Ye Xing, I didn’t expect you to know how to heal, you’re really good.” Cheng Yulin said.

“He can do a lot of things, especially cooking, that’s more than a five-star chef.” Su Xiaoqiao laughed.

“Really, I must try it when I have time.” Cheng Yulin looked at Ye Xing, her eyes shining.

“There will be a chance later, let’s go first.”

Ye Xing stood up and left with Su Xiao Qiao.

Walking out of Cheng’s house, it was already ten o’clock, Su Xiao Qiao looked at Ye Xing, wanting to say something.

“Is there something you want to say?” Ye Xing looked at her and asked.

“It’s a bit late, Xiao Di has already gone to bed, should we find a place to stay and not disturb her?”

When she said this, Su Xiaoqiao’s voice was like a mosquito, raising her head and not daring to look at him, her face was red to the base of her neck.

Was this her intention to go out and get a room?

A simple sentence made the hormones inside Ye Xing’s body, run straight up.


Chapter 168

“Master, go to the Pearl Hotel.”

After stopping a taxi on the street and getting in, Ye Xing immediately said.

A few moments later, the two arrived at the Pearl Hotel and checked in.

Luckily, it was not the weekend and there were still rooms available.

The whole time Su Xiaoqiao kept her head down and didn’t speak, her heart pounding.

After entering the room, she became even more nervous and blushed even more.

Although she had said that she had been mentally prepared for a long time, this moment had actually arrived. She was still incredibly nervous.

“Shall I wash first or you?” Ye Xing asked.

“I’ll go first!”

Su Xiaoqiao hurriedly ran into the bathroom.

Ye Xing whistled and went to the bed to lie down, humming a little tune under his breath.

“It’s a good day, the heart wants what it wants. Today is a good day ……”

Inside the bathroom, Su Xiaoqiao listened, even more embarra*sed.

Several times she had been interrupted at critical times, this time she shouldn’t be so unlucky, right?

Ye Xing was fantasizing when suddenly his phone rang, the ringtone of a video call.

He took a look at the phone and almost threw it away.

It was clearly a video call from Murong Ruyin.

“It’s over, how can this be done?”

The ringing kept ringing. Ye Xing didn’t dare to answer it in the end, answering her call at such a time would simply be looking for death.

It wasn’t the first time he didn’t answer the phone anyway.

Just tell her later that she was busy.

Ye Xing moved the phone to vibrate and put it aside.

The video call rang for a round, and when no one answered, it finally stopped.

Buzzing, the phone rang and a message came.

When he opened it, it was a picture.

On it was a picture of Ye Xing with Cheng Yulin at the mall.

“Good for you, going to pick up a big star, actually tricked me into going to Kyoto.”

Murong Xue’s voice came through, very angry in her voice.

Sure enough, it was still exposed.

Ye Xing looked at the photo, it was exactly the scene on it where Cheng Yulin was talking to him and the two stood together.

On the photo, there was no Su Xiaoqiao in sight.

His mind kept spinning, not thinking of what words to use to round up the lie.

At this moment, Su Xiaoqiao, wrapped in a bath towel, ran out from inside the bathroom and got under the blanket.

“Bad egg, it’s your turn to wash.” She whispered.

Ye Xing mechanically walked into the bathroom and took a shower while thinking of countermeasures.

Thinking and thinking. He still couldn’t think of a way to deal with it.


The phone rang again.

He brought it over to see that there was no text on it, only a sad and tearful emoji.

Although it was just a simple expression, Ye Xing looked at it and was still very uncomfortable in his heart.

Coming out from inside the bathroom, he wrapped a bath towel around him and walked over to the bed and got into it.

Su Xiaoqiao turned her back to him, not daring to look at him, her heart pounding.

She thought he would make a move, but after waiting for a long time, he didn’t make a move.

She couldn’t resist turning around and peeking at him. He was found fidgeting with his phone.

“Xiao Qiao, are you really not sorry?” Ye Xing put the phone down and looked at her as he asked, seriously saying, “I can’t give you anything.”

It was fine if he didn’t say it, because Su Xiao Qiao already knew the outcome, but when he did so once, Su Xiao Qiao felt her heart hurt like being pricked by needles.

For a long time, she still shook her head, “I don’t regret it, as long as you have me in your heart.”

When she said these words, her eyes turned red.

Ye Xing turned around and wrapped his arms around her, saying, “Let me think about it again.”

“Think about what?” Su Xiaoqiao asked strangely.

“I’m a bit tired, go to sleep!”


Su Xiaoqiao looked at him. He wasn’t kidding!

It was already like this now, and he was letting himself sleep?

He couldn’t really be sick in some way, right?

“I just think that liking you is enough, it doesn’t necessarily have to be something, right?” Ye Xing laughed.

Su Xiaoqiao had never heard of a man who could still hold back when he reached this point, he was the first one.

How did she know that Ye Xing had been reborn more than a thousand times. The willpower had been so strong that no one could compare.

He had a stigma in his heart and always felt sorry for Murong Xue for doing so.

If he really wanted Su Xiaoqiao and could not give her a name, he would also be sorry to Su Xiaoqiao.

In a word: he is not a qualified slag.

Su Xiao Qiao was a little tired, and she naturally did not have any desire as a woman, and an unexplored one at that.

In his embrace, she quickly fell asleep.

Only after she fell asleep did Ye Xing then quietly get up, put on his clothes and walk out of the room.

Walking out of the main road, only then did he take out his mobile phone. He dialed it out.

The phone beeped for a long time, before the other side picked up.

“Wife, I was busy just now, I couldn’t answer your call.”

Ye Xing smiled. Pretending as if nothing had happened.

“Where are you now?” Murong Xue asked.

“In Tianhai, I was originally in Kyoto, I just finished being busy there, and something suddenly happened on Su Xiaoqiao’s side. A director’s son tried to sneak up on her, and as a friend, I had to come over to help her. Now the problems are all solved.”

Telling one lie to be rounded off with another lie, instead of doing so, it was better to say it out loud and openly.

After all, Murong Xue also knew that her relationship with Su Xiaoqiao was not simple, a bit of an emotional foundation, and it was impossible for her to see it through to the end.

“Sleeping, right?”

“Sleep what …… wife what are you thinking, am I that kind of person?” Ye Xing said in a hurry.

“I can’t touch now, don’t you have a reason to go outside and fiddle with flowers.” Murong Xue hummed.

“Wife, I swear to God, if I ever snapped with Su Xiaoqiao, heaven will strike me and I will not be allowed to die.”

Ye Xing rationalized and said loudly.

Luckily, he had not broken through the last layer of defense with Su Xiao Qiao, otherwise. He might not have spoken with such righteousness.

“What nonsense, spit and say it again.”

Murong Xue paid the most attention to these vows and such, and when she saw him make such a poisonous vow, she quickly drank him down.

“Wife, why is it late, why are you still awake?” Ye Xing asked.

“I can’t sleep without you.”

“Don’t worry, I’ve sent someone nearby to protect you. It will be fine.”

Before leaving, Ye Xing had instructed the Black Angel to keep watch near the villa in the middle of the night to protect her, so there would definitely be no problem.

“When are you coming back?”

“Things have been settled over here, I’ll fly back tomorrow.”

“Come back soon, I’m not used to it without you around.”

“Okay, baby, love you.”

Hanging up the phone, Ye Xing sighed in relief, this feeling was even more tiring to him than a life and death struggle.

Alas, from now on it was better to pretend more and think less about women!

When he returned to his room, Ye Xing did not dare to go to the bed to sleep, fortunately there was still a sofa inside the room.

He then slept on the sofa for the night.

The next day, Ye Xing woke up early and meditated on the scriptures for half an hour.

Su Xiaoqiao woke up, wrapped up in the blanket and ran into the bathroom to get her clothes and change.

“Are you hungry, let’s go and have breakfast!”

Ye Xing acted as if last night had never happened.

“I’m hungry, let’s go!” Su Xiaoqiao laughed.

Instead of feeling sad, she felt that Ye Xing had become more reliable.