Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 121-122

Chapter 121

Early the next morning, Ye Xing took Lu’s father to the village committee of Xiaohuai Village and rented a few mu of fields.

Before leaving, he left a card for the other party with a few million inside, but he didn’t say so, only that there were a few thousand in it.

After this was done, Ye Xing then returned to the city centre and went to Wind and Snow Media to look for Murong Xue.

Under the impression that Murong Xue should have recovered physically.

The thought of saying goodbye to his child body today made Ye Xing a little excited.


Standing at the office door, Ye Xing knocked gently on the door.

“Back. Wait for me.”

Murong Xue was busy with the work at hand by herself and did not pay much attention to him.

For Murong Xue’s habit, Ye Xing knew it very well, once she got up to work. It could be said that she was unaware of her six relatives.

Bored, he could only go in and sit and wait, playing with his phone.

Opening Dou Yin, he looked at Xiao Qiao’s number and found that the number of followers had already exceeded 10 million, it was really fierce!

That said, this little ninny hadn’t looked for herself for so long, she couldn’t be a lover. She can’t even be friends, right?

After looking at the videos Su Xiaoqiao had posted recently, the youthfulness on the little nee-san was getting weaker and weaker, and step by step she was developing towards becoming a popular star.

“Alright, let’s go home!” Murong Xue stood up.

Ye Xing put his phone away and walked over, smiling, “Wife, let’s go out for dinner tonight and go shopping again, okay?”

“What day is it today that you will go shopping with me?”

Murong Xue looked like she thought of something, and her face suddenly turned red.

“What day do you think it is today?”

Ye Xing walked over and gently wrapped his arm around her small waist and smiled, “What do you owe me, when are you going to pay it back?”

“Nonsense, when do I owe you anything.”

“Of course you owe, did you forget that for a few days, you should be eaten by me?”

Ye Xing put his mouth close to her ear and said in a thin voice.

“Don’t even think about it.” Murong Xue pouted.

Back in the car, Ye Xing drove his little BYD and took Murong to the hotel for dinner.

At first, Murong Xue found the broken car ugly and slow, like an old man’s car, which was annoying.

But after sitting on it, Murong Xue then realised that the interior of the car was so beautiful.

The time she went to the provincial capital, this modified car fully showed her how horrible it was.

Only then did she realise. How horrible this car was.

Just like she his husband.

Many people out there thought that her husband was a fool, who would have thought that he was a sleeping tiger.

The car drove on the horse road, very slowly and smoothly.

Ye Xing spotted a car in his reversing mirror that had been following him for ten minutes.

Just as he was trying to get a closer look at the other car, the car turned into a side road.

A car that had been parked on the side of the road began to follow him again.

After following him for a few moments, the car also disappeared.

Ye Xing parked the car in front of a hotel, walked in and asked for a large private room for two.

A warm and cozy meal. Ate for almost an hour.

Then went shopping for a while.

On the way back, Ye Xing bought a bouquet of flowers for Murong Xue at the roadside, wanting to leave a little more memory of this wonderful evening.

Murong Xue seemed to realise what was going on and blushed all the way, not even daring to look at Ye Xing.

When they got home, Ye Xing dragged Murong Xue upstairs impatiently, ready to have a lovebirds’ bath first and then get to know each other better.

However, when the two saw the scene in front of them, they were completely baffled.

The whole home was in a mess, just like a junkyard.

The leather sofa was cut up. Kitchen cabinets, TV cabinets, all opened up, dishes and plates, all thrown to the floor and broken.

The first floor was even worse, almost all the furniture was ruined, like a rubbish dump.

Back in the room. The wardrobe was a mess, the clothes were all thrown on the floor and the bed.

Even the mattress had been cut up.

From the looks of it, it was obvious that the other party was rummaging for something.

“What the hell is going on here?”

“My clothes are all soiled.”

Murong Xue was so angry that she almost vomited blood, her mood was instantly broken, and she could not be coaxed by Ye Xing no matter how much she tried.

Murong Xue had a little cleanliness fetish, if her clothes had been touched by others, she was determined not to wear them.

Even if she washed them, she could not.

In other words, all her clothes, had to be thrown away.

So many clothes, which she had spent an unknown amount of time shopping to buy, were not something that could be bought with money.

For a woman who has high demands on her clothes. One can imagine how easy it is to pick out a dress.

Most importantly, Murong Xue had the fear of terror in her heart that she wouldn’t dare to be alone in the house in future.

This time it was a search for something. What about next time?

What if she encountered those bad people at home by herself?

Ye Xing talked kindly and comforted, and it was a long time before she calmed down.

A good farewell to the night of the child’s clothes. It had become like this, not to mention Murong Xue, even Ye Xing was very angry in his heart.

Ye Xing checked around and finally, at the window on the ground floor, he saw the entrance.

Someone had destroyed the protective netting of the ground floor window, folded down the aluminium hinged window and entered the house from there.

All the valuable things in the house were still there, the other party’s target was not money.

Inside Ye Xing’s mind, lightning flashed back to that token.

There were people constantly hara*sing Lu Yuan’s parents, all seemingly looking for what Lu Yuan had left behind.

There was nothing on himself that the other party was thinking about, the only thing was the token.

It was a good thing that the token, which one had not put at home at all, had been put inside the car by hand.

“Honey, let’s call the police!”

“It’s useless to call the police.” Ye Xing shook his head.


“This group is not ordinary people.”

It was likely that this group of people were the same group of people as the missing girl case, and with Huaijiang’s police force, they couldn’t deal with them.

A force as strong as the priests. If he hadn’t gotten lucky, he wouldn’t have been able to fight them at all.

“Wife, go to bed early after bathing, I’ll clean up the house tomorrow and promise to give you a complete home.” Ye Xing comforted her.

“I don’t want to sleep here, I can’t sleep here.” Murong Xue said.

Ye Xing thought about it and thought yes, how could one sleep in an environment like this.

“Let’s go out and get a room!” Ye Xing sighed.

“I want to go to Xiao Yun’s place to stay for a few days.”

“That’s fine. I’ll pick you up when I’ve finished with my home.” Ye Xing nodded.

Luo Xiaoyun was Murong Xue’s good friend and a police officer, and she could protect him well by her side.

Her father was the deputy director of the police station, so even if the other party was rampant, they had to consider this level.

A few moments later, the two of them were back at Luo’s house.

Luo Xiaoyun’s home was a small four-storey house.

Ye Xing did not go upstairs, Luo Xiaoyun came downstairs to pick them up.

“Ye Xing, just what kind of person is so rampant?” Luo Xiaoyun asked.

On the way, Murong Xue had already called her to explain the situation.

“I don’t know either, but I will definitely find out, I’ll trouble you to take care of Xue’er for the next two days.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t let her lose a hair.” Luo Xiaoyun a*sured.


Chapter 122

After a few chilling words, Ye Xing drove away.

Halfway, he stopped the car at the roadside and took the token out from inside the slit of the car.

Thoughts fell into contemplation.

Ye Xing had been reborn 134 times.

He had experienced the change of three dynasties, the Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties.

In the decades since the founding of the Chinese nation, he had been reborn hundreds of times and had known countless people.

In his most prosperous years, he had known many powerful people.

For 132 rebirths, he was the soldier king Red Dragon.

In 131 rebirths, he was the God of Medicine.

13 times reborn, he was an adventurer.

He knew many strong men, the strongest men at the top of every line.

Almost every lifetime. He had helped some strong people and left them waiting for the chance to repay his kindness.

Xu Guanglong, who helped him modify his car, was one of them, except that at that time, Ye Xing sought him out. It was for him to modify his car to act tough.

Now, the people Ye Xing was going to contact were truly strong people, people who could kill.

Relying on one’s own strength, it wouldn’t work.

The first call, the Desert North Healing God.

The Mo Bei Healing God was Ye Xing’s strongest opponent in that rebirth, the Chinese Chinese Medicine Saint.

Both sides made a bet, whoever lost. He would promise the other side a request of any kind.

In the end, Ye Xing won, but this demand, before it was honoured, he was cursed to death.

Dialing a familiar phone code.

“Hello, a thick pale voice came from the other side of the phone.”

“The nine needles of the Ghost Gate, three needles to kill and six to cure. Old Xu, the time has come for you to keep your promise.” Ye Xing said.

“Ye Ying?”

“I am not, do you remember our bet, the one who knows the pa*sword, no matter who the other party is, the one who knows the pa*sword, the promise is there.”

“What did you ask me to do?”

“Come to Guangnan Province and do me a favour.”

“My leg is not convenient, I have sent someone there who is not inferior to me in medical skills and can also do martial arts.”

“OK, the person you recommended, shouldn’t be weak.”

Ye Xing gave an address, before hanging up the phone, and then, made a second call.

The second person was a lone a*sa*sin, with the corrective number Black Angel, whose real name was not detailed.

No nameplate. But Ye Xing felt that his strength was not even inferior to that of a gold medal a*sa*sin.

Red Dragon had once fought with him, or a betting agreement, whoever lost became the other party’s henchman and obeyed the other party’s orders.

After calling the other party, he promised to come immediately.

After hanging up the phone, Ye Xing sighed with relief.

One killed and the other ruled, these two were enough.

Driving his car, he just returned home.

The moment he stepped into the doorway, a sense of crisis instantly surged to his heart.

A white mane, sliced through his neck.

The blood rose!

In a flash. Ye Xing felt that he was going to be finished.

The Blood Rose was not much less powerful than him, and this time, he had sneaked in the darkness, unknowingly, even if he was alert, it would be useless.

Just when he thought he was about to be finished, suddenly, the other party’s knife seemed to slow down.

Ye Xing backed up quickly and a chill ran down the middle of his neck.

He touched his neck and found that it was wet and sticky. Obviously, he had walked through the door of a ghost.

A move missed, and Blood Rose struck like lightning.

The blades were deadly. It cut into Ye Xing’s vitals.

Ye Xing had already reacted and drew his dagger in response.

The two killed each other from the doorway to the gra*s, and it was hard to separate them.

Blood Rose’s moves were very powerful, but had one weakness: her strength was a little weaker.

After a long time of fighting, Ye Xing suddenly let out a loud gulp and slashed his dagger in his hand.

This move carried a whistling wind sound, and his clothes moved without wind. The dagger seemed to have suddenly become sharper as well.


There was a thin sound.

The thin blade of his opponent was shredded.

“A Realm of Transformation expert.” Blood Rose was too shocked.


Ye Xing kicked her in the chest, sending her flying out.

Blood Rose flipped backwards a few times, imperiously removing the force and landing firmly on the ground.

Her face was wrapped in black cloth and her face could not be seen.

A pair of eyes stared deadly at Ye Xing, flickering incessantly, as if considering a countermeasure.

“Lu Ting, you can’t kill me.” Ye Xing suddenly said.

Blood Rose’s pupils shrank and her eyes mimicked.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Blood Rose said in a noisy voice

“I thought at first that you wanted to go and deal with Uncle Lu, but then I thought about it, it’s impossible. An ordinary man like Uncle Lu can be killed by random people. There’s no need for you to do anything.”

“Today in Little Samuel Village, I was talking to Lu Lao about Lu Yuan’s sister, and that’s when I suddenly guessed that you were Lu Ting. I thought back to when you were peeking out of the window at Uncle Lu. Those eyes, without killing, were full of emotion.”

“Just now, you originally had the chance to kill me. But you hesitated. It was that hesitation that made me even more determined about who you are. You didn’t want to kill me because I helped your parents and you didn’t strike decisively.”

“You are the four-year-old girl who was abducted twenty years ago, Lu Ting.”

When he said these last few words, Ye Xing increased his tone.

“I don’t know what you are talking about, nah life.”

Lu Ting knelt down and quickly drew two thin blades from her boots and held them in her hands, the blades glinting with a cold aura.

“You had the chance to kill me just now, but you didn’t, and you won’t have the chance now.” Ye Xing said.

Lu Ting did not reply, and responded with a true plus harsh blade.

Ye Xing repeated the same technique, running his internal energy on the dagger, and after a few exchanges of blows. Once again, his opponent’s dagger was cut off.

The thin blade she was most proud of had become her weakness when she encountered an expert in internal energy like him, who was very experienced in fighting.

Hiss, Ye Xing’s dagger cut a slit on her body, almost injuring her skin.

It was because Ye Xing had shown mercy, otherwise, she would have been seriously injured.

“You showed mercy once, and I will show mercy once. Let’s get even, use whatever tactics you have!”

Lu Ting suddenly stepped back and fled quickly.

There was one rule for killers: if you can’t kill, run away quickly.

“Do you know who killed Lu Yuan?” Ye Xing shouted at her back.

Lu Ting stopped at once.

“Ask the person who sent you who did it, you want to kill me, I am always welcome, but are you going to take revenge on your own brother first.”

Inter Ting’s body paused for a moment, and with a few leaps, he instantly disappeared into the night.

Ye Xing touched his sticky neck and muttered, “Luckily I did a good deed, otherwise this little life would have been lost today.”

Sure enough, doing more good deeds would be rewarded.

If he hadn’t been guided by the Three Lives of Karma Sutra, he wouldn’t have been so eager to help Lu’s father, and Lu Ting wouldn’t have hesitated.


Returning home, he sat down on the sofa.

Ye Xing took out the token from his body once again.

“What exactly is this thing, and why does that organisation want it at any cost?”

Ye Xing touched the token and suddenly his body trembled.

It was as if there was something inside the token that was sensing with his own body.