Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 113-114

Chapter 113

“You’re here.”

Seeing him come in, Su Xiaoqiao then reacted and a sweet smile appeared at the corner of her mouth.

“Can I not come, if I don’t come to see you again, it will be difficult to see you again after you become a big star.” Ye Xing laughed.

He fell down and sat down, trying not to show his parting dismay.

“No matter what I become in the future, as long as you are willing to come and see me, I will drop all my work to keep you company.” Su Xiaoqiao looked at him and said seriously, “Ye Xing, without you, there would be no Su Xiaoqiao for me today. I’d still be the country girl who worked as a maid at Wind and Snow Media and was looked down upon.”

“You worked hard enough on your own, even if I didn’t help you, you would have caught fire sooner or later. Unlike some people who are rotten to the core, it’s useless to burn more money.”

Su Xiaoqiao took out a bank card from inside her pocket and put it on the table.

“There’s five million in here, it’s the pre-signing fee for my signing, give it back to you.”

“What are you doing, I’m not short of money, I have lots and lots of money, so much that you can hardly think ……”

“I know you have a lot of money. But I have to return this money to you, otherwise I don’t feel comfortable in my heart.” When she said this, Su Xiaoqiao’s eyes reddened. “I don’t want anyone to misunderstand that I like you for your money.”

Ye Xing’s heart felt a little hard and his throat got a little stuck.

Xiao Qiao was a very good girl, so good that he was very reluctant to part with her.

He wanted her very much, but he knew very well that he could not give her a name.

Because, he had Murong Xue.

Forcing her to stay was very unfair to her.


Several times, these words wanted to come out of Ye Xing’s mouth, but he froze unable to say them.

“I’m sorry Xiao Qiao, I like you too, but …… I’m sorry.” Ye Xing bowed his head and said.

Once these words were said, Su Xiaoqiao was relieved instead.

The reason she came over today was because she was holding on to her last hope.

She hoped that he would choose himself.

But, he didn’t.

In that case, she could leave in peace.

“No matter what, you are the first man in my life that I have ever loved.”

“How about giving me a hug after you leave?”

Su Xiaoqiao stood up and put on a generous face.

Ye Xing also stood up and gave her a leaving hug.

“See you again sometime.”

Su Xiao Qiao finished. Leaving in big strides.

Ye Xing walked to the window and watched her get into a black Mercedes and leave far away.

The mood was very low for a moment.

“Leave Murong Xue, people like you are not qualified to be with her.”

Suddenly, a familiar voice came out.

Ye Xing turned around and found the beautiful woman, who looked somewhat similar to Murong Xue the last time he had seen her, standing behind him, looking at him with a contemptuous face.

Obviously, she had seen the two of them hugging each other just now.

“Who are you and why are you following me around in the shadows?”

Su Xiaoqiao left. Ye Xing was already upset, and now that this woman said that, he was even more upset.

“Why are you talking to madam, are you tired of living?”

The bodyguard, who had been following Mei Yan, suddenly stood out.

“Ah Biao, stand down.” The beautiful woman drank the bodyguard, her gaze this fell on Ye Xing and said coldly, “You are a married man, yet you are cuddling with a second woman in public, what decency, you are not worthy of Murong Xue at all.”

“It’s just a parting hug, are you thinking too much. Besides. Our affairs are none of your business, who are you to care?”

“Even if I’m an outsider, I’m qualified to care.”

“Do you care?”

“I’ve already taken a picture of your embrace and sent it to Murong Xue.”

The beautiful woman raised her phone, and on it was the very picture of him and Su Xiaoqiao embracing each other.

Ye Xing’s anger instantly erupted and his right hand snatched towards the beautiful woman’s hand.

Biao took a few steps forward and blocked in front of the beautiful woman.

“Weak chicken, you better not move. Or I’ll beat you to death.”

Biao pointed at his nose and warned.

At this moment, the phone rang, it was Murong Xue’s.

“Ye Xing, you’ve let me down too much.”

On the other side of the phone, Murong Xue threw down these words and immediately hung up the phone.

The anger in Ye Xing’s heart exploded in an instant.

He swept out with a blocking kick.

This kick contained Su Xiaoqiao’s reluctance to leave, his anger at being scorned, and also Murong Xue’s stifled anger at being misunderstood.

“Weak chicken, how dare you make a move.” Biao laughed coldly and blocked with his left fist horizontally.

An attack like this one. Helping his titillation wasn’t strong enough.


With a muffled sound, Biao’s body was like being hit by a car, falling out three or four metres and knocking over a few tables. Only then did it come to a halt.

Biao’s face changed drastically, his left hand was numb and he was half unconscious for a long time.

“You just said it was a weak chicken, say it again. Let’s see who beats who to death?” Ye Xing stared at him coldly.

Biao’s face was unspeakably ugly.

How could he not believe that after not seeing him for just a few days, this guy was so strong that he had reached this status.

No wonder he was able to kill Silver Killer Tu and exterminate the 30 loaded a*sa*sins of the Black Snake Squad.

He had underestimated the other party.

Ye Xing walked towards the beautiful woman with big steps.

“Don’t move, move one more time and I’ll kill you.”

Biao drew his gun quickly and pointed it at Ye Xing.

Being pointed at by the gun, Ye Xing’s face did not change as he continued to walk towards the beautiful woman.

“Don’t move, move again and I’ll shoot.” Biao roared.

“You can try, whether you shoot faster or I kill her faster.” Ye Xing said coldly.

It was not the first time he had been pointed at a gun.

“Biao, walk the gun down.” The beautiful woman commanded.

At this time, Ye Xing had already walked to her side.

The beautiful woman had stood still the whole time, even when Ye Xing walked up to her, she did not even blink her eyes.

So calm and collected, she was obviously a woman who had gone through a lot of hardships too.

Ye Xing reached out his hand and snatched her phone over.


The phone was slammed to the ground by him and shattered into a dozen pieces.

“I don’t care who you are or what status and background you have, in the future, if you dare to touch my scales again. I will make sure that you will not end up any better than this phone.”

Throwing down these words, Ye Xing raised his head and left.

Biao walked over to the beautiful woman and said awkwardly, “Madam, sorry, I didn’t expect him to be so strong. All kinds of information, it didn’t show.”

“I’ve been ignoring him, from today onwards, investigate deeply and find out his background to the letter, I want to know what he really is?”

The beautiful woman stared at Ye Xingliu’s back as she drove away and said coldly.

“Yes, madam.”

Biao touched his tingling left hand and returned.

Leaving the cafe, Ye Xing immediately called Murong Xue, the phone was in shutdown.

“F*ck you x.”

Ye Xing couldn’t help but burst out a foul mouth.

He was about to have a S*xually blessed life with Murong Xue, but in the middle there was such a trip.

If that beautiful woman did not look like Murong Xue and was afraid that there was something between her and Xue’er, he would have crippled her.

Back in the car, Ye Xing whistled away to Wind and Snow Media.

When he got there, Murong Xue was also not there, and when he asked the secretary, he also said he didn’t know.


Chapter 114

“It’s over, when a woman gets angry, she can do anything, what can I do now?”

Ye Xing was so anxious that he suddenly remembered Luo Xiaoyun, there was a possibility that he knew her whereabouts.

He hurriedly dialed Luo Xiaoyun’s phone number.

“Xiaoyun, where are you?”

“Where else can I be? I’m at work. You think everyone is like you, a big boss who doesn’t have to work!” Luo Xiaoyun said back.

“Did Xue’er look for you?”

“No, why would she look for me. You guys didn’t have a fight, did you?”

“A wonderful man like me, how could I have a quarrel with my wife.”

After Ye Xing finished speaking, he simply hung up the phone.

He didn’t even expect that he had been hit in the face.

Luo Xiaoyun. It was right next to Murong Xue.


Century City Mall.

Two tall and beautiful women stood out like cranes amidst the crowd, attracting the attention of many people.

Not only did the men stare, but even the women couldn’t help but look at them a few more times and then be ashamed of themselves.

The aura of the two women, too good!

“You really guessed it right, he really called me.” Luo Xiaoyun looked at Murong Xue and said.

“Next, he will definitely go to the company to look for me.” Murong Xue laughed.

It didn’t take long. Murong Xue’s phone conversation rang.

“Didn’t you turn off your phone?”

“I have two phones!”

Murong Xue took out her phone from inside her bag and picked up.

“Mr. Mu, Young Ye came to see you just now.”

“You didn’t tell him where I was, did you?”

“You instructed me, Mr. Mu, I didn’t say.”

“That’s good.”

After hanging up the phone, Murong Xue was smug.

“Xue’er, you don’t really think Ye Xing has cheated on you, do you?” Luo Xiaoyun asked.

“Cheating wouldn’t be in a cafe, he must have run off to a room. I just studied that photo, from all angles, it’s all about the neck, the chest position is far away, it’s kind of a parting hug!” Murong Xue said.

“Is that so, let me take a look.”

Luo Xiaoyun immediately opened her phone, which Murong Xue had just sent to her for easy viewing.

“Yeah, the chest is quite far away.” Luo Xiaoyun said after reading it.

It was a ritual hug.

“I just checked, Su Xiaoqiao left Huaijiang at exactly that time, so maybe he was looking for him to see what his final choice was.”

“Obviously, he chose you, that’s why Su Xiaoqiao chose to leave.” Luo Xiaoyun nodded and asked again, “If that’s the case, then you just called him and said that. Isn’t that making him anxious?”

“Xiaoyun, these days I’ve been thinking that women are too easy for men to get and men won’t cherish them.”

“When women are casual about everything, men will be even more casual; this time it’s just a parting hug, and next time there’s a chance they’ll casually sleep with a woman.”

“So, I must put out any bad hints of him, so that he knows that I am also a person with a temper and heavy feelings.”

After hearing these words from her, Luo Xiaoyun was impressed.

Before. She thought that this bestie was quite good at business, but in the direction of relationships, she should be quite weak.

After all, he was married to a fool.

Now, she realised that she had underestimated her.

“How did you come up with all this?” She asked.

“There’s no need to think, just take a look at Baidu, you’ll know.”

Luo Xiaoyun was instantly petrified.

The two women shopped for an afternoon.

During the shopping, Luo Xiaoyun noticed that Murong Xue kept looking at her phone, looking distracted.

“Alright, don’t condescend yourself, give him a call back!”

“Who’s condescending to herself. I’m fine.”

Murong Xue stuffed her phone into her bag and stopped looking at it.

“Why don’t we play it up a bit and go to a bar after dinner?” Luo Xiaoyun suggested.

“That’s not very nice, is it?” Murong Xue was a little hesitant.

“Don’t you want to show him that he’s wrong, this is the best way to make him not dare to betray you again in the future.” Luo Xiaoyun laughed.

“Alright, it’s a deal.” Murong Xue nodded her head.

“Let’s go on Baidu and see how to deal with men.”

The two of them muttered and were discussing something big.

On the other side.

Ye Xing searched for a long time but could not find Murong Xue. He was a bit angry in his heart.

He was sitting in the car when suddenly the phone rang.

He took it out and saw that it was Qiang Wei’s phone.

“Ye Xing, my sister and I have come to Huaijiang for a trip, find a place to treat us to dinner tonight.”

On the other side of the phone, Qiang Wei said straight away.

“No time.”

Ye Xing refused without even thinking about it.

Murong Xue hadn’t coaxed back yet, and still accompanying their sisters to dinner, when they were seen, they couldn’t even jump into the Yellow River to wash.

“Why are you like this, it’s just an invitation for a meal, do you consider us as friends anymore?”

On the other side of the phone, Qiang Wei saw that Ye Xing had refused so decisively. He was also angry.

When he had gone to the provincial capital, who had entertained him comfortably?

Not only did he accompany him to drink, but he almost slept with him.

“It’s not convenient today, my too aunt is here. Next time.”

Ye Xing finished speaking and simply hung up the phone.

“Man, where’s the great aunt coming from?”

On the other side of the phone, Qiang Wei was baffled.

Her heart was tied up with Murong Xue. Ye Xing didn’t even eat in the evening, until 8pm, when the phone rang this time.

“Ye Xing, Xue’er is now bubbling with me at the Night Bar, there are many handsome guys here oh.”

Luo Xiaoyun said, and hung up the phone straight away.

Sad woman, picking up a bar!

Isn’t this the best opportunity to take advantage of the situation when a man hunting in a bar has?

Ye Xing’s scalp exploded as he immediately drove and hurried towards the night bar.

When he got there, he called Luo Xiaoyun’s mobile phone, but the other party didn’t answer.

He had no choice but to look for them one by one by himself.

After searching for almost half an hour, he finally found it inside a luxurious private room.

There was a group of men and women inside, not only were Murong Xue and Luo Xiaoyun there, but even the Zhao sisters, whom he had refused to accompany to dinner tonight, were also there.

He had just entered. Inside the box, there was no one to greet him.

Murong Xue, Luo Xiaoyun, were all still angry with him.

Qiang Wei was also angry with him.

Haitang was an outsider, so naturally, he could not take the initiative to greet them; after all, men and women were different.

Of the others, he didn’t know any of them.

Ye Xing shrugged his head. Without saying a word, he walked straight to Murong Xue and sat down beside him.

“Wife, what happened today was really a misunderstanding.”

Ye Xing leaned closer to her and explained in a small voice.

Murong Xue’s heart had softened long ago, but when she thought of the tips on Baidu, her face collapsed at that moment.

“Let’s talk about what’s going on at home, I don’t want to talk about unhappy things tonight.”

“Fine, let’s talk about it at home.” Ye Xing nodded his head repeatedly.

Murong Xue picked up the coconut juice on the table and opened it, and was about to drink it.

Ye Xing snatched it away in a hurry and put it on the table.

“You are not fit to drink cold ones now, I will order a cup of hot milk for you.”

He stood up, walked to the door and shouted, “Waiter, a cup of hot milk.”

Murong Xue and Luo Xiaoyun looked at each other and both saw the same message in the other’s gaze.

Baidu, it really works.

This method was so useful against men.