Doting Billionaire Chapter 2313

Qiao Han: “……You are also evening the blessing of your grandmother, your grandmother found out that I am a woman, not you.”

War Hao Yu still heatedly smiled, “Yes, yes, yes, yes, I am evening the blessing of my grandmother, if not for my grandmother, indeed do not know that you are a woman, much less to pursue you.”

“When I first received my grandmother’s photo of you and handed it to me, telling me to pursue you and take you as my wife, I thought that my grandmother had a problem with me, targeting me and choosing a man for me as a wife, wanting me to become gay.”

“I didn’t even believe my grandmother when she said you were a woman, looking at your photos you are clearly a handsome man.”

“So, at first, I was very resistant.”

“Not wanting to pursue you for fear of people saying I was gay. Wasn’t I initially bent on dismantling your woman’s identity, but unfortunately I wasn’t that capable, you did disguise yourself as a man without a drop of water, I think my grandmother spent a lot of time investigating you in the first place and proving that you were a woman.”

Qiao Han drifted off, “No wonder, I just felt that you were always targeting me for a while, as if you suspected that I was a woman, and thought that it was impossible because we crossed paths so rarely in the past.”

“And then?”

Qohan asked curiously.

Having grown a bit attached to him and willing to gamble with him with her whole life, she then wanted to know about his mental journey and how he liked her a little bit.

After all, whoever faces her thinks she is a man.

Normal men, it is impossible to like her.

Crooked men, even if they will like her also dare not to start the pursuit of her.

War Hao Yu honestly said, “It was my love advisors who suggested that I directly start my pursuit of you, saying that if I spend any more time proving that you are a woman, I’m afraid that I won’t be able to chase you for the rest of my life, and that would be a waste of time.”

“Your love advisors?”

“My brothers, and my sister-in-law.”

Qiao Han: “……”

So that was it.

No wonder, all of a sudden, he confessed his love for her and said in a high profile that he would pursue her, causing a huge stir in Jiang Cheng.

Since that day, he had been pestering her endlessly, and she couldn’t keep her ears clean.

Oh no, compared to the past when she was pestered by many admirers, her ears are still a lot clearer, now the only suitor she faces is War Hao Yu.

Occasionally, Feng Ruo would come out to fight, Feng Ruo could be said to be powerless against War Hao Yu, probably so, and now Feng Ruo didn’t quite dare to show her face in front of her.

“The Great Young Grandmother will also act as your love advisor?”

“What’s so strange about that? Our brothers have a good relationship, sister-in-law married into my Battle Family and also integrated into my Battle Family, she is a part of my Battle Family, she naturally looks forward to my well being just like my brothers.”

“You should know the a city jun family’s great young grandma right, my sister-in-law and her personal relationship is extremely good, may be influenced by her, also especially love to eat us when the younger uncle love big melon.”

Qiao Han: “……The old saying is right, people have a heart for gossip.”

“I know the Jun family’s great young grandma, but I haven’t met her, your sister-in-law I did come into contact with, quite a comfortable person, just look at her and feel very comfortable.”

War Hao Yu smiled, “My grandmother’s vision won’t be bad. That’s why our brothers’ life events are all tossed around by my grandma, as long as grandma chooses a good target for us, we all believe that it will definitely be the right girl for us.”

“My grandma always scolds us pigs for not being able to arch cabbages, and wants her old man to find cabbages for us to arch, it’s obviously her old man who is anxious to hold a great-granddaughter, urging us to get married, and anxiously helping us look around for a target.”