Doting Billionaire Chapter 2310

Even if the Feng Family Lord created trouble for Feng Qing to gain experience in problem solving, he would not joke with Feng Qing’s life.

In case the car broke down when it was rear-ended and hit by another vehicle and there was a car accident, it was hard to guarantee that Feng Qing would not be injured.

On the surface, the Phoenix family head was still favouring Feng Ruo, treating Feng Qing, her own daughter, in a bad way, in reality, the Phoenix family head valued the bloodline, Feng Qing was her own daughter, it was not easy to switch back, she was even more ruthless, she would not hurt Feng Qing’s life even in the slightest.

“That’s Feng Qing’s business, let’s just watch the show, don’t care so much.”

If War Hao Yu had met Feng Qing halfway, he wouldn’t have extended a helping hand.

He was on his own sister-in-law’s side.

Feng Qing’s own mother was most likely the murderer of his sister-in-law’s own grandmother.

Qiao Han didn’t say anything.

She also knew where War Hao Yu stood.

“Has Qiao Xuan returned?”


War Hao Yu replied, “Uncle Qiao and Auntie aren’t at home either, so it’s just the two of us eating together tonight.”

Had he known that Uncle Qiao and Auntie had avoided it, he would have come over earlier to prepare a romantic candlelight dinner.

Qiao Han frowned.

She had all called home in advance and told her parents that she would be back for dinner, and they had answered well on the phone, but it turned out that when she was back, her parents ran out.

It wasn’t just to create an opportunity for her and War Hao Yu to be alone.

There were only servants in the house.

After the two people entered the house, soon after, the servants also exited.

On the dining table, many of Qiao Han’s favourite dishes were set out.

War Hao Yu smiled, “Ahan, let’s eat, after dinner, I’ll take you to a film?”

“I haven’t seen a film, I don’t have the time.”

“Then go see it tonight, let’s have a good date.”

War Hao Yu said and went to pull her hand again.

In her lounge, she was willing to change into women’s clothing once to show him, and War Hao Yu knew that Qiao Han had opened the door of her heart defence to him.

Although she was still cold on her face, her expression was still serious.

But she was becoming softer and softer towards him.

If you have no feelings, your heart will be cruel.

With love, the heart is easy to be soft.

Qiao Han was such a person.

This time, Qiao Han did not shake off War Hao Yu’s hand and let him lead her into the restaurant.

“It’s such a hot day, let’s go swimming.”

“Are you sure?”

The last time he coaxed her to go swimming, she ended up refusing to go into the water.

Qiao Han smiled, “Not sure.”

“Then I’ll help you make sure, let’s go swimming first, then go watch a film, after the film, then have a snack.”

After a moment of silence, Qiao Han said, “You arrange it. I, for one, haven’t made any appointments.”

Her words made War Hao Yu grin and grin.

She was a person who wouldn’t say things like like like, love you and so on.

Being willing to go on a date with him was a way for her to express her feelings.