Doting Billionaire Chapter 2309

After seeing Feng Qing into the hotel, Qiao Han said to the driver, “Go back to the old mansion side.”


Qiao Han leaned back on the car seat, thinking about Feng Qing.

The people who would calculate to trap Feng Qing, without having to ask, they knew that it was those family members of Feng Qing.

In the Feng family, the only people who really thought of letting Feng Qing rise to the top were probably the Feng family master and those in the side line.

The previous young master of the Feng family was Feng Ruo, but Feng Ruo was not the real daughter of the Feng family, so how could those side families of the Feng family be willing to let Feng Ruo rise to the top?

If Feng Qing couldn’t pick up the burden, those daughters from the side line would start to move.

Qiao Han felt that the person who did it was Feng Qing’s family, and it was possible that the people from the side line knew about it, but did not stop it.

Although Feng Qing was the real Phoenix family’s daughter, she did not grow up in the Phoenix family and failed to deal with the family from a young age, those Feng family members from the side line were worried that when Feng Qing came to the throne, she would be even more iron-faced than the Phoenix family head.

After all, Feng Qing did not have a deep friendship with them.

If Feng Ruo can’t get to the top, and Feng Qing can’t take on the big job, then they will have a chance in the side line.

The fight between the powerful families has always been brutal.

Think about the Feng family master in the beginning in order to get to the top, even close to the sister can be killed.

For the sake of name and profit, they can do anything.

By the Feng family’s secret struggle, waves, thought of the war family.

The war family has always been harmonious, brothers, uncles and nephews will not be for the name of the profit, fight fight fight, their family is also very important to education, each child is trained to become a talented person, each person’s preference is different, they have the ability to develop in their favourite industry.

They all have successful careers, even if they don’t take over the family company, they can also hold up their own piece of blue sky.

Qiao Han suddenly understands why her parents like War Hao Yu so much, in addition to the fact that War Hao Yu is indeed capable of being worthy of her, her parents are even more interested in the War family behind War Hao Yu.

Parents always hope that their daughters can marry a good in-laws.

Qiao Han thought about her future with War Hao Yu, lost in thought until the driver stopped the car and turned his head to remind her, “Young master, we’re home.”

Only then did Qiao Han come back to her senses.

Outside the car, the sky had long since darkened, and the streetlights in the courtyard of the Qiao family were on full blast.

War Hao Yu, who was waiting at the entrance of the house, saw that Qiao Han’s Maybach had stopped, and he smiled as he walked over, pulled open the door for Qiao Han, and laughed, “You’re in front of me, how come you’re coming back even later than me.”

This was said as if he was already a member of the Qiao family, treating the Qiao family as his home.

Qiao Han got out of the car, looked at him twice, then walked towards the main house, saying as she walked, “I met Feng Qing halfway, her car was tampered with, causing her car to break down halfway, she made an appointment to meet with an important client at my Guangyuan Hotel, she couldn’t afford to be late, so I sent her there.”

War Hao Yu walks alongside her, tries to hold her hand, she shrugs it off, she glares at him twice.

War Hao Yu touches his nose and laughs heatedly, “Holding a small hand won’t lose a piece of meat.”

“Fine, fine, don’t hold it, don’t glare at me, glaring at me all the time, leaving me with a shadow, sleeping at night and having nightmares, I will come to you to settle the score.”

“If I’m so scary that I can make Third Young Master War have nightmares, please Third Young Master War lift your hand and spare me, don’t even appear in front of me in the future, lest you have nightmares.”

“It’s only thrilling and exciting to have nightmares, I’m a person who likes thrilling and exciting the most.”

Qiao Han: “……”

War Hao Yu added: “Feng Qing’s car was tampered with and she didn’t have a car accident? That person didn’t want her to die?”

“You want her to die?”

“Her life and death has nothing to do with me, I do think that generally people who have their hands on other people’s cars are trying to create a car accident to kill the other person, rather than letting the car break down halfway.”

“Feng Qing’s brother and sister-in-law, and even her own father, have no feelings for her, not to mention Feng Ruo.”

“If they did it, they would definitely want Feng Qing’s life.”

Qiao Han looked at him, “Do you mean that this matter was moved by the Feng family master? To create a situation for Feng Qing and see how she solves it?”

War Hao Yu said, “There is this possibility, or it could be that those people are not yet afraid to take her life all at once, and this time is just a tentative move.”

Qiao Han was inclined towards the latter.