Doting Billionaire Chapter 2305

By the time Qiao Han and General Manager Ren finished talking about business matters, it was already evening.

“General Manager Ren, happy cooperation.”

Qiao Han got up and shook hands with General Manager Ren.

General Manager Ren smiled as he shook her hand, “Happy cooperation.”

“General Manager Ren, have a meal together, my treat.”

Qiao Han looked at the time and invited General Manager Ren to dine together, but he politely declined.

He apologised, “Thank you General Manager Qiao, some other time, I need to go home for dinner tonight, it’s my fifteenth wedding anniversary with my wife.”

“That’s a need to go home and accompany your wife, I’ll invite Chief Ren for dinner another day.”

Qiao Han did not force herself, she personally escorted Chief Ren out of the office and to the ground floor.

“General Manager Qiao, there’s no need to send again, goodbye.”

General Manager Ren stopped at the entrance of the office building and did not allow Qiao Han to send him again.

Qiao Han stood there and watched Chief Ren leave.

Only after seeing Mr Ren’s car drive out of the Qiao Group did she turn around and walk back.

“General Manager Qiao.”

“General Manager Qiao.”

When it was time to get off work, everyone headed out, except for Qiao Han who was heading in.

Those who saw her greeted her respectfully.

I don’t know if it was an illusion or if she was just sensitive, Qiao Han always felt that when people greeted her, they looked at her with a bit of an odd look in their eyes.

Thinking of War Hao Yu, who was still waiting in the VIP room on the top floor, Qiao Han sighed in her heart.

It wasn’t strange at all that people would look at her like that.

It was all caused by War Hao Yu.

Dressing up as a woman and waving around to come to the company to look for her, and being seen by so many people, it would have already spread to every corner of the company, right?


Qiao Xuan happened to come downstairs.

Seeing his sister walking back, he stopped and called out.

“Chief Ren is gone?”

Qiao Xuan asked.

Qiao Han hmmm’d and saw that he had taken off his suit jacket and asked him, “Where are you going again tonight?”

“My confidante wants to go shopping and asked me to accompany her, just to be a free porter.”

The tone fell, and he was glared at by his sister.

Qiao Han lowly reprimanded his brother, “Have this idle mind, just find a good woman to get along with, don’t keep talking about confidant’s, it’s bad for your reputation, people outside say that you’re a playboy, and you don’t have love for those confidant’s, how wrong it is.”

Like her, she knew she was a woman and couldn’t accept the feelings of a girl.

No matter how noble the other person’s birth, she would not accept it, not giving the other person half a chance.

There was once an admirer whose family was of dark power.

Fancying her, she stalked her for a long time, even the other party’s father and brother put pressure on her, softening her up, even taking the Qiao Group, she resisted the enormous pressure and was not willing to give the other party a chance.

Because she was a woman.

Unable to take a woman as her wife.

“Brother, I’ll go first, so hurry up and go upstairs, don’t keep Chief War waiting.”

Qiao Xuan was most afraid of his sister nagging him about his long list of confidants.

As soon as his sister said him, he hurriedly ran away.

Qiao Han looked at his younger brother who ran away like he was fleeing for his life, his handsome face was black, but there was nothing he could do about his younger brother.

Emotional matters could not be forced.

Qiao Xuan had no love for those confidants, so it was useless to talk about him.

She helped her brother look at Feng Qing, and her brother didn’t like it.

Besides, Feng Qing didn’t have that kind of feeling towards her brother.

Ten minutes later.

Qiao Han returned to the top floor.