Doting Billionaire Chapter 2304

General Manager Ren also politely returned, he looked at War Hao Yu twice and then looked at Qiao Han, with sympathy for Qiao Han in the bottom of his eyes.

Qiao Han was the best young talent he had ever seen, and if he had a daughter of the right age, he would have wanted to set up his daughter with Qiao Han.

He didn’t think that Qiao Han would be unlucky enough to be pestered by War Hao Yu.

War Hao Yu is also cheeky enough, Qiao Han clearly said that he does not like the same sex, war Hao Yu still stalking.

I’ve heard that Qiao Han’s admirers can’t compete with War Hao Yu, and one by one, they all lose, mainly because they are not as shameless as War Hao Yu, and Qiao Han doesn’t give them any chance.

Therefore, those women who adored Qiao Han all hated War Hao Yu with a passion, but there was nothing they could do about him.

“Well, I’m waiting for General Manager Qiao to get off work and have dinner together tonight.”

War Hao Yu knew what Chief Ren’s eyes meant when he looked at him, and he didn’t care what others thought of him.

Everyone thought he was gay.

Without knowing that they were all fooled by Qiao Han.

“Ahan, I’ll wait in the VIP room next door, so I won’t disturb you and General Manager Ren talking about business.”

War Hao Yu thoughtfully said to Qiao Han, then walked out on his own and went to the VIP room next door.

After War Hao Yu left, Qiao Han invited General Manager Ren to sit down in front of the sofa.

The place where General Manager Ren sat happened to be where War Hao Yu had just sat.

The long dress as well as the high heels that War Hao Yu wore over were stuffed in a bag, which was also placed on the spot where he sat.

When Mr Ren sat like this, he saw the skirt and high heels in the bag.

Qiao Han hurriedly took the bag and casually tucked it under the coffee table.

“General Manager Qiao, I know that’s a private matter between you and Mr War, but I still have the cheek to say a few words, I think you’re still too lenient with Mr War, you’re a normal man and don’t like homosexuality, you have to resolutely reject it to the end, don’t give General Manager War any chance.”

General Ren said verbosely.

Qiao Han said with a bitter smile, “Mr Ren has never dealt with Chief War, he doesn’t know how pestering he is, it’s not that I haven’t tried to reject it to the end, the law doesn’t work ah.”

In the beginning, she was resolute in her refusal.

At that time, she didn’t know that she was the daughter-in-law candidate that Grandma War had picked for War Hao Yu.

Later on, when she learnt about it, she died that heart of refusal, mainly because she couldn’t refuse.

That guy was too difficult to deal with.

She hadn’t met a man who was that difficult.

There is another thing, her parents like war haoyu very much, know that she is grandma war fancy grandson daughter-in-law, rejoice very much.

A family of four, her parents as well as her younger brother were all on the side of War Hao Yu, and together they wanted to marry her off to him, so she was being attacked by both her family and War Hao Yu from the inside and the outside, and under these circumstances, how could she be a match for War Hao Yu?

After getting along for a long time, Qiao Han did not say on her lips, but in her heart, it is clear that she already has some feelings for War Hao Yu.

Otherwise, she wouldn’t have changed into a woman’s dress just now to satisfy War Hao Yu’s wish.

In addition to her childhood, even her parents have not seen her wear women’s clothing.

She was willing to change into women’s clothes for the sake of War Hao Yu, indicating that she liked War Hao Yu.

Mr Ren gave a tip and said, “If Mr Qiao wants to get rid of Mr War and make him die, the most useful method is for Mr Qiao to find a girlfriend, fall in love for a while, and then get married, then Mr War will die.”

“Mr Qiao always has many admirers, but Mr Qiao never gives them half a chance, Mr War will think that Mr Qiao doesn’t like women, so he won’t die of his heart, that’s why he keeps pestering Mr Qiao.”

After Qiao Han was silent for a long time, she smiled and said, “General Ren, let’s talk business.”

She was a woman, how could she fall in love with a woman?

Wouldn’t that be harmful?

War Hao Yu openly pursued her, letting the entire Jiang City know that she was pestered by War Hao Yu, and those girls who adored her, who couldn’t fight War Hao Yu, would slowly die to her.

When her identity as a woman is made public, those girls will not be sad, it is considered to save them a time.