Doting Billionaire Chapter 2303

Qiao Xuan laughed haphazardly, “Sister, look at him, you’re the main focus in everything.”

“Shut up!”

Qiao Han reprimanded his younger brother.

Qiao Xuan rubbed his nose and laughed, but he didn’t dare to laugh so recklessly.

Qiao Han also glared at War Hao Yu twice.

War Hao Yu laughed heatedly at her, letting her glare at him, he wasn’t angry.

“War Hao Yu, everyone says that you came here disguised as a woman, I don’t believe that you can do this for my sister, do you want to prove it with real actions?”

War Hao Yu looked at Qiao Han and replied, “I don’t need to prove it to you, as long as your sister believes in me.”

Qiao Xuan wrapped his arm around War Hao Yu’s shoulder and walked towards the sofa with his arm around him, saying as he walked, “I’m your future brother-in-law, wear it for me as well, it’s not like you’ll be missing a piece of meat, it’s too bad that everyone else saw it, but I didn’t, too bad.”

War Hao Yu removed his hand and sat himself down on the sofa, “You don’t have the blessing of the eyes, who’s to blame. Unless your sister wants to see it, I won’t even wear women’s clothes anymore.”

Qiao Han had already fulfilled his wish, and he wouldn’t pester her on the matter of wearing women’s clothing in the future.

No matter what Qiao Xuan said, War Hao Yu just wouldn’t agree to dress as a woman again.

Qiao Xuan asked his sister in a very begrudging manner, “Did sis film him when he was dressing up as a woman?”

Qiao Han sat back down at her desk and got busy again.

Hearing her brother’s question, she didn’t even raise her head and said indifferently and coldly, “No.”

The way he wore women’s clothing and a wig, she had already burned it into her heart.

There was no need to take pictures.

Unlike War Hao Yu who also had to take pictures to save them.

War Hao Yu was trying to save it because Qiao Han was a woman, and in the future, there was still a possibility that she would resume her womanhood.

He, however, was a real man, and Qiao Han didn’t take pictures to save it, so there might be other considerations, not wanting to leave him as a laughing stock.

“Sister, why don’t you take pictures, I want to see.”

Qiao Han was still light and cold, she said, “You have a whole lot of women outside, what kind of beauty don’t you want to see? Him dressing up as a woman is not beautiful at all, I’m afraid that if you look at it, it will affect your aesthetics.”

Qiao Xuan looks at War Hao Yu, “Being so handsome, it’s not pretty to dress up as a woman?”

War Hao Yu hemmed and hawed, “I’m masculine.”

Qiao Xuan was speechless.

His sister can be very handsome when she dresses up as a man, but when War Hao Yu dresses up as a woman, she may not be beautiful.

Unable to grind War Hao Yu to wear women’s clothes again, Qiao Xuan only returned in defeat.

War Hao Yu stayed in Qiao Han’s office.

Shortly after, the secretary knocked on the door and entered.

“Mr Qiao, Mr Ren is here.”

Ren was always an important client of Qiao’s, every time the two companies talked about project cooperation, Qiao Han personally came out, so it could be seen how much Qiao valued the cooperation with Ren.

“Quickly invite General Manager Ren.”

Qiao Han immediately stopped working and put down his pen, the person followed and got up, rounding out of the desk and striding towards the office door.

The secretary quickly invited General Manager Ren in along with his secretary.

“General Manager Qiao.”

“General Manager Ren.”

The two big presidents shook hands.

General Manager Ren saw War Hao Yu, who stood up at the right time and politely greeted him, “General Manager Ren.”

“Chief War is also here ah.”