Doting Billionaire Chapter 2299

But you’re different, your features are feminine and evil, pretending to be a man, always lacks a bit of masculinity, if you change into women’s clothes, you’re absolutely gorgeous, you’re originally a woman. Come on, let’s exchange clothes, I’m wearing this outfit for you but it’s too much.”

“You don’t need to waltz through the city in women’s clothes, you just need to change into women’s clothes in your lounge and show me what you look like in women’s clothes.”

Qiao Han: “……”

War Hao Yu actually wore women’s clothing.

And ran to her company in women’s clothing.

Qiao Han looked up and down at War Hao Yu, and after a long time, she couldn’t help but laugh and said, “Chief War looks pretty good in women’s clothes, just too masculine.”

“Because I’m a man, even if I dress up as a woman, I still look like a man, while you’re a woman, even if you dress up as a man for twenty years, you’re still a woman. Qiao Han, I’m not asking you to run around in women’s clothes like me, just in your lounge, let’s swap clothes and you show me how you look in women’s clothes, okay?”

“I do really want to know if you look good in women’s clothes.”

As War Hao Yu spoke, his eyes locked deeply on her with anticipation.

Qiao Han said with amusement, “War Hao Yu, I can’t possibly wear women’s clothes, I’m not used to it, you’re wearing women’s clothes now, do you feel comfortable? Comfortable?”

“You are definitely uncomfortable and uneasy, when you walk in high heels, do you want to take off your heels and run with your shoes?”

War Hao Yu was dumbfounded by her question.

He was indeed uncomfortable, uncomfortable, and especially wanted to throw away those high heels.

But he was a man.

“I admit, I’m a woman, no matter how many years I’ve been pretending to be a man, I’m still a woman, this is an indisputable fact that I can’t deny. But I’ve been pretending to be a man since I was a child, and I’ve been pretending to be a man for more than twenty years, so I’m used to living like this, dressing like this.”

“If you ask me to change into women’s clothes, wear high heels, wear fake long hair or grow long hair, I will definitely feel uncomfortable and uneasy as well.”

“War Hao Yu, if you really like me, you shouldn’t force me to do things I don’t like to do.”

After staring at her for a long time, War Hao Yu sighed and said, “Alright, it’s my fault, you don’t like to wear women’s clothes, you don’t want to wear high heels, and you like to dress up as a man, I respect your choice.”

“Can I borrow your lounge for a minute?”

“Change out of this outfit, I feel uncomfortable in this long dress and this wig.”

With those high heels under his feet, he was wanting to fling them out onto the street in a minute.

Qiao Han graciously said, “The door to the lounge is unlocked, so go in and change your clothes yourself, you brought your clothes over to change, right?”

War Hao Yu honestly said, “Brought them, I just wore them to show you. For you, I am truly capable of doing anything.”

Qiao Han smiled, “Then go in and change, change back into your men’s clothes, be more comfortable that way.”

War Hao Yu carried his clothes into Qiao Han’s lounge, he didn’t close the door when he went in, Qiao Han wouldn’t come over to see him anyway.

How was his body, she had already seen it when he took her to the bath that night.

While War Hao Yu went into the lounge to change his clothes, Qiao Han indeed didn’t go peeking.

She also didn’t work anymore, but instead leaned back on a black chair with deep thoughts on her handsome face.

When she had just seen War Hao Yu walk in wearing women’s clothes, Qiao Han was looking dumbfounded and couldn’t believe what she was seeing.

After understanding the reason why War Hao Yu wore women’s clothing, Qiao Han did not show on her face, but the emotional fluctuations in her heart were great.

For her, he was also desperate enough, daring to do anything.

Even wearing women’s clothing, what a sacrifice.

Thinking back to the days since War Hao Yu lived down in Jiangcheng, he brought her too much joy and sorrow, making her calm life set off stormy waves, but also enriched her life.

When angry, was really angry by him.