Doting Billionaire Chapter 2293

Jun Ran still smiles, “I haven’t tried receiving grass yet, just waiting for you to satisfy me.”

“This is easy to do, next time I go to the vegetable farm, I will bring you back a sack of grass and give it all to you.”

“Should I go buy a cow and come back to raise it?”

Shang Xiaofei smiled daintily, “The grass I gave you, do you dare to feed it to the cow?”

“Don’t dare, don’t dare.”

Shang Xiaofei opened the bag again and took out two new sets of clothes from the bag, handing them to Junran, “Look at it, do you like it? All your clothes are of this brand, so I also bought you the same brand, shirt, blazer, all of them.”

Even Laodi bought a dozen for him, just too embarrassed to take them out, stuffed them in the bag of clothes, he’ll see them when he gets home and takes his clothes out.

Jun Ran put down the bouquet of flowers, took the clothes, looked through them and grinned, “The clothes you bought, of course I like them, the size is also just right for me.”

“Fool, the clothes given to you, of course you should buy clothes that fit.”

“There are also two ties.”

Shang Xiaofei took out two more ties.

Only in the end did she take out the watch.

She opened the gift box and took out that Rolex watch, gesturing Junran to extend his hand as she helped him put on the watch.

Jun Ran said, “This watch that I wear every day is also from you.”

He had given Shang Xiaofei many gifts, and Shang Xiaofei had given back to him.

She said that she wouldn’t let her boyfriend suffer, and that what others had, he would have.

What he has, others don’t necessarily have.

“Take turns wearing this watch, I think it looks a little better.”

Junran let her help him put it on, when it was done, he complimented, “Xiaofei, you have a good eye, the things you bought for me, are all nice and good looking, I like them.”

“That’s right, my vision is very good. Whether it’s the things or people I fancy, they are all excellent to the core.”

Shang Xiaofei was confident.

Her origin also gave her this strength.

With strength, comes confidence.

The man she used to fancy was War Yin.

Zhaoyin was not also excellent, although Zhaoyin did not belong to her, she would not deny Zhaoyin’s excellence.

Later, she likes Jun Ran, Jun Ran is also an excellent man.

A real quality man.

“Xiaofei, tell me, why are you suddenly giving me so many gifts again?”

Jun Ran’s dark eyes burned as he looked at her and said, “I’m a little panicked, afraid that you are sending me these things and then saying to me ‘Jun Ran, you’re very good, it’s me who’s not good enough, let’s break up’.”

Shang Xiaofei laughed, “Did you follow Xiaojun and watch? You’ve watched too much, don’t you, with such a rich imagination.”

“Those who read too much don’t necessarily have a rich imagination, but those who write must have a rich imagination, my sister-in-law used to write part-time, and she was still writing even after she married my brother, and then she finished a text, and then she recognised her biological parents, and there was too much going on, so she didn’t move her pen again.”

But his sister-in-law was always ready to start a text.

Always staring at them, the younger uncles, he seriously suspected that his sister-in-law was planning to write a history of the Jun family’s young master’s love affairs, a series of essays.

The cousins at the bottom were most afraid of being stared at by his sister-in-law.

They always felt that their sister-in-law was the embodiment of the Moon Lord, and as long as they were stared at by their sister-in-law, soon enough, their love would come knocking at their door.