Doting Billionaire Chapter 2290

Cheng Qin acknowledged Suteng’s words.

The two ate and chatted like old acquaintances.

Young Lord Su’s personality was similar to Cheng Qin’s, so the two could chat.

Su Teng was secretly glad that God had arranged his destined daughter to suit him in every way.


Jun’s Group Feng Chen Group’s subsidiary in Guancheng.

All the big and small matters of the company were managed by Jun Ran, who was the president of the headquarters arranged over and stationed in Guancheng for a long period of time.

Jun Ran had only returned from the merchants in the afternoon when it was time to go to work.

Everyone noticed that their General Manager Jun was in a very different mood in the afternoon.

That charmingly handsome face also had an extremely serious expression.

Who had offended Chief Jun?

Jun Ran was the best-tempered one amongst the children of the Jun family, smiling when he saw people and speaking with a three-quarter smile, making people unknowingly unload their defences.

It was rare to see him with a taut face and a serious expression.

Could it be that something big has happened in the company?

Everyone was guessing, but did not dare to ask.

All of them work more seriously than usual, for fear that the company really has a big problem, need to lay off staff or something, the work is not serious will certainly be the first batch of layoffs.

Nowadays, it is hard to find a job, and it is even harder to find a good job.

They still cherish their jobs.

Jun’s Group’s welfare benefits can catch up with the War Group’s, and in Guancheng, being able to enter Jun’s Group to work is also a thing to be envied.

Jun Ran returned to his office, the secretary silently served him a cup of coffee, not daring to say a word, and retreated.

Jun Ran did not drink the coffee right away.

He sat on the black swivel chair for a few moments, then got up again, walked to the floor-to-ceiling window and looked at the blue sky and white clouds outside.

After a long time, he went back inside his desk and sat down on the black swivel chair.

Pulling out his mobile phone, he called his own big brother.

When Night Junbo answered the phone, he asked in a low voice, “Big brother, are you busy?”

“Well, quite busy, what’s wrong? Something wrong over there?”

Night Jun Bo asked with concern.

Jun’s Group’s matters, he had left them to Jun Ran to take care of, he, the headquartered family member rarely interfered, unless Jun Ran had a difficult problem that he couldn’t handle, then Night Junbo would step in to deal with it.

However, this situation was rare.

Jun Ran’s working ability was not inferior to that of Night Jun Bo, he just didn’t want to become the family member in charge.

“It has nothing to do with the company, it’s my personal, emotional matter.”

Business matters would not yet cause Jun Ran to fret.

Only his future with Shang Xiaofei kept him on edge every day.

Fearing that Shang Xiaofei would suddenly be snatched away by someone.

“You had a fight with Miss Shang?”Night Junbo thought that his brother had quarrelled with his girlfriend.

“Is it your fault or Miss Shang’s?”

Night Junbo was thinking about whether or not to pass on his bottomless programme of coaxing his wife to his brother.

“Neither of us is at fault. Big brother, today near noon, the Su family master and his wife went to Xiao Fei’s house with thick gifts and proposed marriage.”

Night Junbo: “……”