Doting Billionaire Chapter 2289

Miss Cheng, how is it?”

Su Teng asked Cheng Qin if she wanted to go to Avenida Villa.

Cheng Qin first used her mobile phone to search for pictures related to the Avenida Villa, but the results were not searched.

“I want to see the pictures of Avenida Villa, how can I not search.”

“Definitely can’t search, that’s the mansion of the Battle family, the people of the Battle family all live in the mountain villa, how can they let everyone just take pictures? I can assure you, you guys will definitely not regret it if you go there.”

Cheng Qin thought that Su Teng had consulted Young Warrior, and she was indeed quite interested in the Battle Clan, so she agreed, “Then let’s take a trip, tomorrow, is it convenient for Mr Su? I want to bring the children over tomorrow.”

“Anytime is convenient, it’s not like I have to go back to the company every day. In the company, I’m also the one who speaks, I’m the one who decides everything, only I’m in charge of others, others can’t control me.”

Except for his parents.

There was really no one who could control him.

“What about the afternoon?”

Su Teng asked her.

Cheng Qin replied, “In the afternoon, I will take the children to walk in the nearby park, when we came back by car, we saw that there is a big park nearby, the park is lush with grass and trees, it can shade the sun.”

“There is a park nearby, then I’ll take you guys for a walk around the neighbourhood in the afternoon, and after strolling around the park, then I’ll take you to the food street, a street that sells food, guaranteed that you and the kids will love it.”

“Good, I briefly learned about Guancheng before coming over here, and I know that the food street exists, I just haven’t had the time to take a stroll.”

Day after day, she had to take her students to competitions and go out for a class to transform the Bone Dragon, and she didn’t dare to take twelve children around by herself.

With Su Teng accompanying her and helping to look after the Class 1 Bone Chemistry Dragon, Cheng Qin was also a little more at ease.

While the two of them were talking, the food was sent up one after another.

It filled up a table.

Cheng Qin said him, “Mr Su, you ordered too many dishes.”

“It’s fine, if we can’t finish it, we can pack it back and eat it when we’re hungry.”

Cheng Qin laughed, “Does Mr Su also pack? I thought you big CEOs, when you eat, you order a mountain of delicacies and don’t want them if you can’t finish them.”

I didn’t expect Su Teng to be so rich that when he went to a hotel to eat, he would also pack if he couldn’t finish.

This made Cheng U feel that Su Teng was very grounded and added another point to his goodwill.

“I usually eat alone in the hotel, only eat two dishes and one soup, the portions are just the amount for one person, so that it will not be wasted, or go directly to the buffet restaurant on the ground floor to eat, take whatever you want to eat, take it, you have to disc, never waste.”

“I am rich, but my money is not blown by the wind, it also needs me to work hard to struggle to have a return, I know that it is not easy to make money, so I won’t just waste it.”

Cheng Qin gave him a thumbs up.

She liked this kind of man.

“Let’s eat, kids, you can clip whatever dishes you like to eat.”

Su Teng greeted the twelve children.

The Bone Transformation Dragons all looked at Cheng Qin, who said, “Eat whatever you like, as much as you can.”

Only after she was the first to use her public chopsticks to clip a bit of the dish did her students start moving their chopsticks.

Su Teng paid attention to this.

He also pinched some food for himself, and after watching the children start eating, he said to Cheng Qin, “They all listen to Miss Cheng very well, and I’ve noticed that they will look at Miss Cheng first in everything they do.”

When he gave the children gifts, they also looked at Cheng Qin, and only when Cheng Qin signalled that they could accept them did they do so.

It was the same with eating.

Cheng Qin said, “It’s their parents who taught them well.”

Su Teng smiled, “I think, your Cheng family martial arts school, not only teaches people to practice martial arts, right, but also teaches the students on how to behave in the world, people who learn martial arts, isn’t it very much about martial arts virtue?”

“Yes, martial virtues are very important.”

“Mr Su, this dish tastes really good.”

“Guancheng Grand Hotel is the biggest and highest class hotel in Guancheng, you’ve eaten at the buffet, but the food from the buffet is still not as good as if you specifically order the food and have it burnt by a senior chef